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  • Check the bend on this game-winner
    Uploaded Sun, 1/14/20181,667 views(0:33)

    Luiz Morales of Irving (TX) puts the moves on his defenders and unleashes a bullet towards the net. The bend on this kick turned out to be the game-winning goal in their victory over McKinney.

  • Is this the #MPTopPlay of the week?
    Uploaded Sun, 1/14/2018518 views(0:31)

    Is this monstrous jam by Jonathan Cenescar of Cambridge Rindge & Latin (MA) the #MPTopPlay of the week? You be the judge.

  • 5-star point guard pours in saucy 34 points
    Uploaded Sun, 1/14/20183,352 views(1:06)

    While very impressive, most 34-point performances wouldn't garner all that much attention. However, this game by 5-star Vanderbilt commit Darius Garland of Brentwood Academy (TN) is just flat entertaining. Courtesy of @larrieulenz and @poin…

  • Georgetown commit drops 47 points
    Uploaded Sun, 1/14/2018690 views(0:38)

    If Mac McClung of Gate City (VA) keeps having performances like this one, he will continue to gain on Zion Williamson for being the most entertaining high school basketball player in the country. McClung dropped 47 points and grabbed 10 reb…

  • Off-hand slama jama
    Uploaded Sun, 1/14/2018147 views(0:31)

    That whole dominant hand concept must be a myth. Trey Miller of Clinton (MO) leaps as far as he can, reaches back with his left hand, and slams it home with his off-hand.

  • Leaps over defender for poster
    Uploaded Sun, 1/14/2018244 views(0:35)

    If a photographer could have captured this moment from the baseline, they would have seen Amari Cooper of Wakefield (VA) literally leap over a defender as he jams one home.

  • Get out of this man's way
    Uploaded Sun, 1/14/2018220 views(0:31)

    Apparently nobody gave the defender the memo that nobody is going to slow down Javon Swinton of North Stafford (VA). Swinton flies through the defender for the big time slam.

  • Storm the court worthy play
    Uploaded Fri, 1/12/2018653 views(0:36)

    If any play deserves a court storm, it is this incredible three-point heave by Justin Hardy of St. Charles East (IL). Hardy grabs the loose ball, turns around and chucks up the game-winner. Then, absolute madness occurs.

  • One-handed long range buzzer beater
    Uploaded Fri, 1/12/2018348 views(0:33)

    Was this luck or skill? Either way, this shot by Brian Batts of LBJ Austin (TX) is just flat out ridiculous.

  • 3-star finishes off the backboard alley oop
    Uploaded Fri, 1/12/2018695 views(0:34)

    Joseph Girard III of Glens Falls (NY) is one talented athlete as he has Division I offers for both basketball and football. Here, Girard flushes home this alley oop off the backboard.

  • Which is better: the dunk or crowd's reaction?
    Uploaded Fri, 1/12/2018415 views(0:39)

    The poster dunk by Anthony Ruffin of Bourgeois (LA) is special, but how about the crowd's reaction? The crowd literally could not keep their emotions intact.

  • The 70-foot buzzer beater
    Uploaded Fri, 1/12/2018394 views(0:31)

    Buzzer beaters are always entertaining. How about a buzzer beater at the Tournament of Champions from over 70 feet away? Now that is special.

  • Zion Williamson scores 31 in return
    Uploaded Thu, 1/11/201812,666 views(3:39)

    High school basketball phenom Zion Williamson returns to the court after injury. Out since Nov. 21, the senior highlight king pumps in 31 points in win for Spartanburg Day.

  • Top 10 Plays of the Week // Week 1
    Uploaded Mon, 1/8/201861,630 views(4:17)

    2018 starts off with a bang as Steve Montoya and Chris Stonebraker break down the 10 best high school plays in the country from last weekend.

  • Catch a body
    Uploaded Sun, 1/7/2018574 views(0:31)

    Somebody sign Tramon Mark of Dickinson (TX) for a dunk contest. Mark drives to the hoop, catches a body, and finishes with authority for the #MPTopPlay.

  • Clears defender for poster
    Uploaded Sun, 1/7/2018149 views(0:31)

    Isaiah Joe of Northside (AR) literally leaps up and over a defender for the poster jam. Perhaps that defender immediately regretted getting in the way of the beast of Isaiah Joe.

  • Going up strong is an understatement
    Uploaded Sun, 1/7/2018126 views(0:31)

    Somebody in the crowd told Thomas Hickman of Westerville (OH) to go up strong. Well, it is safe to say Hickman passed the test.

  • Get that weak sauce out of here
    Uploaded Sun, 1/7/20181,451 views(0:31)

    While showtime dunks are always fun, exciting blocked shots are just as exhilarating. Talen Horton-Tucker of Simeon (Chicago, IL) is an Iowa State Cyclone commit, and he shows off his length with this swat. Courtesy of overtime.com

  • Around the back 3-pointer
    Uploaded Sun, 1/7/2018137 views(0:33)

    Was this skillful or just flat lucky? Danner Purkett of Park (MT) loses the ball on the baseline and before going out of bounds, flings it behind his back and the ball somehow finds nylon.

  • Look out below
    Uploaded Sat, 1/6/2018569 views(0:33)

    Not only does Thomas Atkins of Hanover (KS) break a kids ankles, he finishes it off with an absolute poster. Look out below because Thomas Atkins is cleared for takeoff.

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