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Plays Of The Week Videos

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  • Who Did It Better?
    Uploaded this month3,465 views(3:39)

    We leave it up to you to tell us if Marvin Bagley III, Bol Bol, Ira Lee, Shareef O'Neal or Zion Williamson produced the best block and dunk combination of the week.

  • LaMelo Ball's 92nd Point - Best Play of His Career? - Dreamers
    Uploaded this month4,339 views(0:32)

    LaMelo Ball went absolutely insane last night scoring 92 points. Here, is his last bucket of the night, which turned out to be his most impressive. Triple teamed he still manages to shake them off and hits a deepy behind the volleyball line…

  • LaMelo Ball drops 92 points
    Uploaded this month67,705 views(2:40)

    LaMelo Ball of Chino Hills (CA) is one of the top recruits in the country for a reason. And if he wasn't, I think 92 points in one game is good enough reason.

  • LaMelo's Ankle Breaker
    Uploaded this month2,517 views(0:20)

    LaMelo Ball crosses Oak Hill defender at the 2017 Nike Extravaganza.

  • Two monster slams Nike Extravaganza
    Uploaded this month1,124 views(0:46)

    These dunks made the crowd excited here at the 2017 Nike Extravaganza at Mater Dei HS.

  • INSANE windmill by Clyde Trapp
    Uploaded last month1,193 views(0:33)

    Clemson commit Clyde Trapp with one of the nastiest windmill posters you'll ever see! (via @itsovertime.com)

  • Overtime Top 10 Dunks of the Week in 30 Seconds
    Uploaded last month1,055 views(0:32)

    Who doesn't love jaw-dropping, bone crushing jams put together in just 30 seconds? Check out this week's Top 10 Dunks of the Week from itsovertime.com

  • RJ Barrett dunks over 2 defenders!
    Uploaded last month845 views(0:36)

    Top Sophomore RJ Barrett dunks over 2 defenders including McDonald's All American, Kevin Knox. (via itsovertime.com)

  • Top Plays of the Week in America
    Uploaded last month6,886 views(4:44)

    Here's the top plays from around the country this past week. All the viral epicness that you can handle.

  • Crossover Of The Year
    Uploaded last month929 views(0:32)

    Wofford commit Murphy Storm of Middleton (WI) breaks a defender's ankles and turns him completely sideways with a sick step back move. Courtesy of Bradan Allen

  • Behind the back and score
    Uploaded last month1,071 views(0:32)

    Alia Martin goes behind the back past the defender and scores and easy layup.

  • Ultimate Playground Move
    Uploaded last month486 views(0:31)

    Think this defender needs a map. Edward Turner of Foothills (Calif.) does a fake pass to turn the defender completely around - and then nails the three-pointer. Got him! Courtesy of Goant_Squid35

  • LaMelo Ball makes the nicest pass! Dreamers
    Uploaded last month6,056 views(0:33)

    With LiAngelo Ball sitting out with an ankle sprain, LaMelo Ball had to step up big to beat Etiwanda. He through icy dimes and made big shots down the stretch to accomplish this! Melo is not only turning into one of the best scorers in the…

  • Top Plays of the Week
    Uploaded last month6,348 views(3:56)

    Chris Stonebraker and Zack Poff break down the best of the best plays this week. #MPTopPlay

  • Top Plays of the Week - 1/7
    Uploaded last month7,927 views(6:10)

    Chris Stonebraker and Zack Poff break down the top 10 games from around the country this past week.

  • Top 10 Dunks from Slam Dunk to the Beach
    Uploaded Fri, 12/30/20164,585 views(1:32)

    The annual Slam Dunk to the Beach Basketball Tournament in Lewes, Delaware is one of the best high school showcases in the country. Check out some of the top dunks from some of the top recruits in the country. Courtesy: @SlamDunktoBeach

  • Top 10 Plays of the Year 2016
    Uploaded Wed, 12/28/20165,353 views(7:09)

    Steve Montoya and Chris Stonebraker break down the top 10 plays of the year.

  • Most Entertaining Player In The Country
    Uploaded Wed, 12/28/201621,674 views(0:45)

    Zion Williamson is packing the gym with his powerful, entertaining and high-flying style of play.

  • Top 5 Hits of the Year
    Uploaded Wed, 12/28/20162,386 views(1:45)

    Check out the biggest hits from around high school football in 2016.

  • Top 5 Runs of the Year
    Uploaded Tue, 12/27/20163,419 views(3:50)

    Steve Montoya and Chris Stonebraker break down the best runs of 2016.

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