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Baseball Videos

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  • Photos of 7-foot-7 Robert Bobroczky
    Uploaded Thu, 12/8/20168,766 views(0:35)

    View images by photographer Jeff Harwell of 7-foot-7 SPIRE Institute (Ohio) center Robert Bobroczky.

  • High school's best all-around athlete
    Uploaded Thu, 11/3/20162,131 views(0:33)

    West Linn senior Tim Tawa is a three-sport athlete, though primarily football and baseball. He's a scholarship baseball player who accepted a full ride to Stanford as a sophomore.

  • Tim Tawa Hits a Go-Ahead Home Run
    Uploaded Thu, 11/3/2016378 views(0:45)

    In the first round of the state championship playoffs Lions bat comes alive in the fifth inning. Will Matthiessen follows Tawa's home run with a solo home run if his own. Lions score five runs in the fifth. Tawa goes three for five with two…

  • Home Run in First and Only At-Bat
    Uploaded Wed, 8/24/2016621 views(1:10)

    Alex Acevedo was never allowed to play due to health reasons. On senior day, he made is debut. Courtesy of Michael Filia

  • Peyton Glavine Highlights
    Uploaded Tue, 8/2/20166,251 views(0:38)

    Highlights of Blessed Trinity's (GA) Peyton Glavin, the son of Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Glavine.

  • 2015-16 MaxPreps Photos of the Year
    Uploaded Wed, 7/27/20169,368 views(1:15)

    View stellar images from the 2015-16 high school sports year taken by our network of professional photographers across the nation.

  • Fastest Feet in the World?
    Uploaded Wed, 7/27/20161,073 views(0:33)
  • Tim Wakefield Interview
    Uploaded Wed, 7/27/2016341 views(0:57)
  • Mountaintop Swing #Goals
    Uploaded Tue, 6/21/2016171 views(0:32)
  • Top 10 Plays Of The Year 2015-16
    Uploaded Tue, 6/21/201612,900 views(6:15)

    #MPTopPlay 2015-16

  • High School Baseball Throw of the Year?!?
    Uploaded Tue, 6/14/20161,739 views(0:43)

    Providence Catholic's (IL) Tom Kelley shows off his arm with this throw to third.

  • 7-Year Old Makes Unassisted Triple Play
    Uploaded Mon, 6/13/20161,162 views(0:32)

    7-year-old Cameron Huebner of Westerville (OH) makes an unassisted triple play in a little league game.

  • Dab after shot to midsection
    Uploaded Fri, 6/10/20161,259 views(0:48)

    Dan O'Reilly hits a foul ball into his private region

  • Mickey Moniak - MLB Draft Watch
    Uploaded Tue, 6/7/20163,865 views(1:03)

    La Costa Canyon (CA)

  • Riley Pint High School Highlights
    Uploaded Tue, 6/7/20162,493 views(2:52)

    Pitcher - Aquinas (Overland Park, KS)

  • Stealing Home and a Southern Section Title
    Uploaded Sun, 6/5/20162,297 views(0:34)

    Laguna Beach senior Zak Kovacic proves he's got guts with this incredible stealing of home as Laguna Beach charges to a 2-0 victory and its first Southern Section title.

  • Diving Catch Straight into Wall
    Uploaded Sun, 6/5/20167,255 views(0:42)

    Tyler Pettigrew sells out with no remorse on this high foul ball deep into the bullpen area during Henley's 3-2 victory in the Oregon 4A State Championship game.

  • Suicide Squeeze For The Win
    Uploaded Fri, 6/3/201661,942 views(0:40)

    A game-winning walk off suicide squeeze bunt by Johnathan Dewane of Bolles (FL) in extra innings to nab the state title with 1-0 win over Monsignor Pace. Video Courtesy of BHSN.

  • Pitcher Catches Line Drive Barehanded
    Uploaded Tue, 5/31/2016842 views(0:34)

    Chantilly High senior pitcher and third baseman Jared Dicesare snags this line drive bare-handed en route to the Chargers' 2-0 extra inning victory over West Potomac.

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