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Basketball Videos

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  • Zion Williamson scores 31 in return
    Uploaded this month10,482 views(3:39)

    High school basketball phenom Zion Williamson returns to the court after injury. Out since Nov. 21, the senior highlight king pumps in 31 points in win for Spartanburg Day.

  • How does Robert Bobroczkyi do this?
    Uploaded this month847 views(1:01)

    7-foot-7 high school basketbal player Robert Bobroczkyi shows MaxPreps host Chris Stonebraker how he gets into an economy rental car.

  • Catching up with world's tallest teenager
    Uploaded this month100,307 views(6:00)

    Last month, MaxPreps host Chris Stonebraker returned to Ohio to follow-up with the Class of 2020 prospect. As it turns out, there is a whole lot more to 7-foot-7 Robert Bobroczkyi than basketball.

  • Top 10 Plays of the Week // Week 1
    Uploaded this month34,348 views(4:17)

    2018 starts off with a bang as Steve Montoya and Chris Stonebraker break down the 10 best high school plays in the country from last weekend.

  • Xcellent 25 Boys Basketball rankings presented by the Army National Guard
    Uploaded this month20,307 views(2:34)

    This week's Xcellent 25 boys basketball rankings are presented by the Army National Guard.

  • Catch a body
    Uploaded this month480 views(0:31)

    Somebody sign Tramon Mark of Dickinson (TX) for a dunk contest. Mark drives to the hoop, catches a body, and finishes with authority for the #MPTopPlay.

  • Clears defender for poster
    Uploaded this month109 views(0:31)

    Isaiah Joe of Northside (AR) literally leaps up and over a defender for the poster jam. Perhaps that defender immediately regretted getting in the way of the beast of Isaiah Joe.

  • Going up strong is an understatement
    Uploaded this month119 views(0:31)

    Somebody in the crowd told Thomas Hickman of Westerville (OH) to go up strong. Well, it is safe to say Hickman passed the test.

  • Get that weak sauce out of here
    Uploaded this month223 views(0:31)

    While showtime dunks are always fun, exciting blocked shots are just as exhilarating. Talen Horton-Tucker of Simeon (Chicago, IL) is an Iowa State Cyclone commit, and he shows off his length with this swat. Courtesy of overtime.com

  • Around the back 3-pointer
    Uploaded this month120 views(0:33)

    Was this skillful or just flat lucky? Danner Purkett of Park (MT) loses the ball on the baseline and before going out of bounds, flings it behind his back and the ball somehow finds nylon.

  • Look out below
    Uploaded this month396 views(0:33)

    Not only does Thomas Atkins of Hanover (KS) break a kids ankles, he finishes it off with an absolute poster. Look out below because Thomas Atkins is cleared for takeoff.

  • 5-star channels inner-Lebron James
    Uploaded this month156 views(0:36)

    RJ Hampton of Little Elm (TX) is the No. 3 overall recruit in the Class of 2020 and this is why. Hampton pins a block shot against the backboard, turns the other direction and finishes the play with an alley oop.

  • Game-clinching ferocious dagger
    Uploaded this month81 views(0:44)

    Running out the clock is boring. Why not finish off the game with style? After his teammate forces a turnover, John Boucher of Stow-Munroe Falls (OH) flies high for the one-handed alley oop to seal the victory.

  • He's only a freshman
    Uploaded this month628 views(0:31)

    Brett Bosley of Paoli (IN) may only be a freshman, but the kid can flat out jam. Bosley slams this fast break dunk over a defender with authority.

  • This dunk broke the gym
    Uploaded this month29,704 views(0:34)

    Casey Bauman of Nooksack Valley (WA) is a Montana State football commit and he shows off his strength right here. Bauman goes up for the jam and completely breaks the rim and shatters the backboard.

  • Backboard shattering jam
    Uploaded this month376 views(0:37)

    Hopefully Merrill West (CA) has insurance on their basketball hoops because Michael Hayes absolutely destroys one. Hayes takes the fast break jam to a whole other level by breaking the rim and shattering the backboard.

  • 5-star hits game-winner from half court
    Uploaded last month1,113 views(0:38)

    Ranney's (NJ) 5-star guard Bryan Antoine hit this game-winning shot from half court at the buzzer at the City of Palms.

  • City of Palms Dunk Contest
    Uploaded last month8,145 views(5:42)

    Scottie Lewis (Ranney, NJ), CJ Walker (Orlando Christian Prep, FL), Cole Anthony (Archbishop Molloy (NY), Robb Carmody (Mars, PA), Lior Berman (Mountain Brook, AL) and Matthew Patterson (Wesleyan Christian Academy, NC) competed in the 2017…

  • Trae Young - First Team All-American
    Uploaded last month862 views(2:15)

    Oklahoma freshman spoke with MaxPreps during the 2017 McDonald's All American game. Trae Young just tied the NCAA D-1 record with 22 assists in a game. Leads nation in both assists and scoring.

  • Basketball Rankings 2017-2018
    Uploaded last month9,943 views(1:02)

    This week's Xcellent 25 high school basketball rankings are presented by the Army National Guard.

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