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  • Broadcast call of the year
    Uploaded last month4,272 views(0:48)

    Sound up! Grant Howard of Pebblebrook (GA) hits the clutch buzzer-beater to win the Regional Championship, and the broadcasters go absolutely berserk.

  • 5-star North Carolina commit nasty putback jam
    Uploaded last month278 views(0:32)

    Nassir Little of Orlando Christian Prep (FL) is one of the top recruits in the country for the Class of 2018. Want to know why? Well, why don't you just see for yourself. Courtesy of overtime.com.

  • New York recruit got bunnies
    Uploaded last month308 views(0:31)

    Where is this jam by Austin James of Canisius (Buffalo, NY) going to land on our #MPTopPlays of the week? James shows off his athleticism with this monster jam through a defender.

  • He called game
    Uploaded last month2,181 views(0:38)

    From the free throw line on the other side of the court, Javen Flowers-Smith of Redan (GA) called game. Not only was it remarkable, the shot came in a playoff game! Clutch.

  • Must-watch dunk show by Georgetown commit
    Uploaded last month7,830 views(0:38)

    Mac McClung of Gate City (VA) is just flat entertaining. The Georgetown commit is pulling off windmills, reveres, and everything in between. In this game, McClung dropped 40 points and every one was electrifying. Courtesy of overtime.com.

  • No. 1 ranked shooting guard tallies 44 points
    Uploaded last month1,134 views(1:04)

    Whoever lands Romeo Langford of New Albany (IN) is getting somebody truly special. Langford put up a saucy 44 points in their victory over Columbus East (IN).

  • 5-foot-5 TJ Boykins is just like his daddy
    Uploaded last month2,452 views(1:34)

    Earl "TJ" Boykins of Douglas County (Castle Rock, CO) is the son of former NBA star Earl Boykins, the second-shortest player to ever play in the association. Standing at the same height as his daddy, TJ is just 5-foot-5, but his skills on t…

  • Xcellent 25 Boys Basketball rankings presented by the Army National Guard
    Uploaded last month20,311 views(1:35)

    This week's Top 25 boys basketball rankings are presented by the Army National Guard.

  • Top recruit breaks New York scoring record
    Uploaded Wed, 1/31/20183,839 views(1:14)

    Joseph Girard of Glens Falls (NY) set the career scoring record for the state of New York after a pair of made free throws. Here's the catch, he's only a junior. The 3-star recruit passed Lance Stephenson for No. 1 on the list all-time.

  • Xcellent 25 Boys Basketball Rankings presented by the Army National Guard
    Uploaded Mon, 1/29/201818,323 views(1:48)

    This week's Xcellent 25 boys basketball rankings are presented by the Army National Guard.

  • Top 10 Plays of the Week // Week 3
    Uploaded Mon, 1/29/201874,704 views(4:45)

    2018 continues with a bang as Steve Montoya and Chris Stonebraker break down the 10 best high school plays in the country from last weekend.

  • This is why we love sports
    Uploaded Sun, 1/28/2018922 views(0:56)

    Nick Johnson of Edmonson County (KY) was told by doctors that he would never walk or talk after suffering a stroke while his mother was pregnant. Johnson has defied the odds ever since. Here, Johnson hits three consecutive three-pointers in…

  • Candidate for MaxPreps jam of the year
    Uploaded Sun, 1/28/20181,751 views(0:31)

    Romeo Langford of New Albany (IN) is already a candidate for player of the year. With this dunk, Langford just cemented his name as a candidate for play of the year with this ferocious DeAndre Jordan-eque jam. Courtesy of overtime.com.

  • Team wins with only two players on the court
    Uploaded Sat, 1/27/201825,395 views(1:38)

    This might be the wildest sports story of this young year. The Marion County (GA) varsity basketball team came into the game with six active players on their roster. After four players fouled out, they somehow found a way to come out victor…

  • Off the heezy poster
    Uploaded Fri, 1/26/2018787 views(0:32)

    Just throw the ball somewhere towards the rim and Mac McClung of Gate City (VA) will find a way to slam it home. This time, McClung takes the pass off the backboard and slams it home over a defender. Courtesy of overtime.com.

  • Consider this backboard shattered
    Uploaded Fri, 1/26/2018481 views(0:31)

    Somebody has to tell Shaun Wahlstrom of Estrella Foothills (AZ) to chill out because now they can't play anymore. Wahlstrom goes up for the two hand slam and ends up shattering the entire backboard.

  • Predicting the Field: 2018 Dick's Nationals
    Uploaded Thu, 1/25/20183,774 views(0:56)

    Dick's Sporting Goods High School Nationals - Predicting the Field for the 2018 National Tournament in March

  • Shareef O'Neal faces Cassius Stanley
    Uploaded Tue, 1/23/20182,077 views(1:07)

    After the controversial McDonald's All-American snub, Shareef O'Neal of Crossroads (CA) faces off with 5-star recruit Cassius Stanley of Sierra Canyon (CA). Courtesy of overtime.com.

  • Sierra Canyon tops Crossroads in SoCal Battle
    Uploaded Tue, 1/23/20181,795 views(2:40)

    Sierra Canyon (CA), featuring players like 5-star Cassius Stanley, Scotty Pippen Jr, Kenyon Martin Jr, and many other big time names, faced off against Shareef O'Neal and the Crossroads Roadrunners (Santa Monica, CA) in one of the best matc…

  • Zion Williamson's most electrifying game yet
    Uploaded Tue, 1/23/20183,106 views(1:11)

    With the amount of highlights Zion Williamson of Spartanburg Day (SC) puts together, it's difficult to claim any single game as the best ever. However, the Duke commit's 37 points, mixed in with #MPTopPlay dunks may be a strong enough argum…

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