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Baseball Videos

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  • Video of 6-foot-11 pitcher Trevor Koenig
    Uploaded last week106 views(0:49)

    Highlights of 6-foot-11 pitcher Trevor Koenig of St. Cloud Tech (MN). Koenig was drafted in the 40th round by the Milwaukee Brewers.

  • Center fielder has bunnies
    Uploaded this month96 views(0:30)

    It's too bad track an field season takes place during baseball season because Ben Egenolf of Cardinal Ritter (Indianapolis, IN) would be quite the option to compete in the high jump.

  • Top 10 Plays of the Year
    Uploaded this month25,855 views(3:25)

    Zack Poff and Myckenna Guerrero take a look at the top 10 plays from the 2016-17 season.

  • Cleared for takeoff
    Uploaded this month183 views(0:39)

    Jack Kratcha of Waunakee (WI) flies through the air and reels in this catch in deep right-center field. Somebody clear that man for takeoff on the runway.

  • Walk-off grand slam sends team to state championship
    Uploaded this month14,312 views(0:37)

    Do you believe in miracles? Down by three runs with three outs left in their season, Hayden Hoiness of the La Crescent Lancers (MN) cranked a walk-off grand slam to go to the state championship.

  • Willie Mays catch 2.0
    Uploaded this month143 views(0:36)

    Remember the famous catch deep in centerfield by Willie Mays of the New York Giants at The Polo Grounds back in the 1954 World Series? If you don't, let Ben Piripavel refresh your memory.

  • Diving grab starts triple play
    Uploaded this month1,106 views(0:44)

    Diving plays are special. Diving plays that start a triple play are nearly unheard of. Led by pitcher John Thibeault, the South Burlington Rebels (VT) tallied the first out via pop-up, the next via putout at second base, and the third via p…

  • San Diego State commit is too smooth
    Uploaded this month2,554 views(0:31)

    Casey Schmitt of Eastlake (Chula Vista, CA) is too smooth. The San Diego State baseball commit tattoos this ball into the San Ysidro Mountains and proves he has done it before.

  • Videobombing hits the high school diamond
    Uploaded this month352 views(0:34)

    Should somebody let Mitchell Bagby know that his teammates are completely ruining his spotlight? The Righetti Warriors (Santa Maria, CA) have brought the videobomb to the high school baseball diamond.

  • Michael Jordan's Space Jam baseball catch
    Uploaded last month106 views(0:34)

    Presented by The United States Coast Guard.

  • Great diving catch in center
    Uploaded last month9,157 views(0:36)

    Pompano Beach's (FL) Mike Schuler makes a big-time catch vs. Bolles (FL) in the class 5A semifinals.

  • If Space Jam became a baseball movie
    Uploaded last month652 views(0:37)

    Remember the scene in the original Space Jam when Michael Jordan fictionally stretches his arm from half-court and jams it home? Perhaps, if Space Jam ever became a baseball movie, this full-extension, diving catch by Zak Trim might earn hi…

  • Walk-off home run in regional semifinals
    Uploaded last month520 views(0:42)

    Mark Sommers of Yorkville (IL) ended this Illinois regional semifinal game with one swing of the bat. Down by one in the bottom of the seventh, Sommers launches a ball over the right field fence to send his Foxes to the regional championshi…

  • Potential MLB first-rounders face off
    Uploaded last month547 views(0:37)

    Both Philip Clarke of Christ Presbyterian Academy (Nashville, TN) and Spencer Strider of Christian Academy of Knoxville (TN) are on the list of Top 100 High School Baseball Prospects. Check out who gets the best of who in this possible futu…

  • Fans storm field after walk-off home run
    Uploaded last month2,623 views(1:04)

    So you're saying there's a chance? Matthew Campbell puts the crowd into a frenzy after a walk-off two-run home run in the bottom of the eighth inning sent his Pleasant Hill Roosters (MO) to the Final 4 of the MSHSAA Class 4 State Championsh…

  • How did he catch this?
    Uploaded last month371 views(0:45)

    Sports never fails to amaze. This is especially true with this lunging grab by Jake Alston of Sterling (IL).

  • Trick play executed to perfection
    Uploaded last month3,318 views(0:42)

    This trick play executed by the Huntingdon Bearcats (PA) in their district semi-final contest will have your mind wondering how they did it. Don't worry, MaxPreps breaks down the play and will leave you tipping your hat, rather than scratch…

  • Plays of the Year - The Potentials Ep.1
    Uploaded last month24,038 views(0:32)

    Going through the potential 2017 Top Plays of the Year.

  • Is this celebration too much?
    Uploaded last month435 views(0:42)

    Bat flips are always controversial. This bat flip definitely falls under the category. While losing 7-4, this prep player stares at his long home run, tosses his bat in the air, and takes 26.12 seconds to round the bases. The average home r…

  • Handshake goals
    Uploaded last month338 views(0:38)

    Dominique Gates and Warren King of O'Dea (Seattle, WA) have one of the best handshakes ever seen. Unofficially, they landed the handshake on the first try.

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