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Baseball Videos

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  • Photos of 7-foot-7 Robert Bobroczky
    Uploaded last month8,270 views(0:35)

    View images by photographer Jeff Harwell of 7-foot-7 SPIRE Institute (Ohio) center Robert Bobroczky.

  • High school's best all-around athlete
    Uploaded Thu, 11/3/20161,688 views(0:33)

    West Linn senior Tim Tawa is a three-sport athlete, though primarily football and baseball. He's a scholarship baseball player who accepted a full ride to Stanford as a sophomore.

  • Tim Tawa Hits a Go-Ahead Home Run
    Uploaded Thu, 11/3/2016210 views(0:45)

    In the first round of the state championship playoffs Lions bat comes alive in the fifth inning. Will Matthiessen follows Tawa's home run with a solo home run if his own. Lions score five runs in the fifth. Tawa goes three for five with two…

  • Home Run in First and Only At-Bat
    Uploaded Wed, 8/24/2016493 views(1:10)

    Alex Acevedo was never allowed to play due to health reasons. On senior day, he made is debut. Courtesy of Michael Filia

  • Peyton Glavine Highlights
    Uploaded Tue, 8/2/20164,246 views(0:38)

    Highlights of Blessed Trinity's (GA) Peyton Glavin, the son of Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Glavine.

  • 2015-16 MaxPreps Photos of the Year
    Uploaded Wed, 7/27/20167,101 views(1:15)

    View stellar images from the 2015-16 high school sports year taken by our network of professional photographers across the nation.

  • Fastest Feet in the World?
    Uploaded Wed, 7/27/2016972 views(0:33)
  • Tim Wakefield Interview
    Uploaded Wed, 7/27/2016340 views(0:57)
  • Mountaintop Swing #Goals
    Uploaded Tue, 6/21/2016141 views(0:32)
  • Top 10 Plays Of The Year 2015-16
    Uploaded Tue, 6/21/201611,513 views(6:15)

    #MPTopPlay 2015-16

  • Catcher Hits in Full Gear and Bat Upside Down
    Uploaded Tue, 6/14/20161,164 views(0:34)

    Churchland's (VA) Joshua Reeder had some fun when it was too foggy to play as he bats with his catcher's gear on and uses the bat upside down. Video courtesy of Wyatt Fly.

  • High School Baseball Throw of the Year?!?
    Uploaded Tue, 6/14/20161,671 views(0:43)

    Providence Catholic's (IL) Tom Kelley shows off his arm with this throw to third.

  • 7-Year Old Makes Unassisted Triple Play
    Uploaded Mon, 6/13/20161,086 views(0:32)

    7-year-old Cameron Huebner of Westerville (OH) makes an unassisted triple play in a little league game.

  • Dab after shot to midsection
    Uploaded Fri, 6/10/2016785 views(0:48)

    Dan O'Reilly hits a foul ball into his private region

  • Mickey Moniak - MLB Draft Watch
    Uploaded Tue, 6/7/20162,984 views(1:03)

    La Costa Canyon (CA)

  • Riley Pint High School Highlights
    Uploaded Tue, 6/7/20161,961 views(2:52)

    Pitcher - Aquinas (Overland Park, KS)

  • Stealing Home and a Southern Section Title
    Uploaded Sun, 6/5/20161,889 views(0:34)

    Laguna Beach senior Zak Kovacic proves he's got guts with this incredible stealing of home as Laguna Beach charges to a 2-0 victory and its first Southern Section title.

  • Diving Catch Straight into Wall
    Uploaded Sun, 6/5/20161,204 views(0:42)

    Tyler Pettigrew sells out with no remorse on this high foul ball deep into the bullpen area during Henley's 3-2 victory in the Oregon 4A State Championship game.

  • Suicide Squeeze For The Win
    Uploaded Fri, 6/3/201614,920 views(0:40)

    A game-winning walk off suicide squeeze bunt by Johnathan Dewane of Bolles (FL) in extra innings to nab the state title with 1-0 win over Monsignor Pace. Video Courtesy of BHSN.

  • Pitcher Catches Line Drive Barehanded
    Uploaded Tue, 5/31/2016521 views(0:34)

    Chantilly High senior pitcher and third baseman Jared Dicesare snags this line drive bare-handed en route to the Chargers' 2-0 extra inning victory over West Potomac.

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