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Football Videos

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  • Crazy Tennessee Strip And Lateral For TD
    Uploaded yesterday82 views(0:35)

    Meigs County (TN) CB Griffin Mcdowell strips a ball carrier at the goal line. He then runs up the right sideline and laterals the ball over his head at midfield to teammate Aaron Swafford who takes it to the house. Crazy 99 yard TD.

  • Washington recruit breaks at least 10 tackles
    Uploaded yesterday127 views(0:53)

    Thomas Gardner of Bishop Blanchet (Seattle, WA) has got moves. Gardner breaks tackles left and right, spinning and weaving his way into the end zone.

  • QB passes for 824 yards!
    Uploaded yesterday9,791 views(1:25)

    It's impressive to break one national passing record. Breaking three national passing records in a single contest, now that's just incredible. Alex Huston of Glendale (Springfield, MO) broke national high school records in passing yards (82…

  • Female QB in Florida makes history
    Uploaded yesterday191 views(1:15)

    Holly Neher of Hollywood Hills (FL) made history earlier this season by becoming the first female to throw a touchdown pass in Florida state history. In her latest accomplishment, Neher became the first female to start at quarterback in Bro…

  • Texas A&M commit ties Texas touchdown record
    Uploaded yesterday108 views(1:08)

    Grant Gunnell of St. Pius X (Houston, TX), a Texas A&M commit, threw 10 touchdown passes against Chavez (TX), tying the Texas state record for most passing touchdowns in a single contest.

  • #12 Miami Central @ #2 IMG Academy
    Uploaded 2 days ago1,616 views(0:42)

    View images by photographer Mike Janes of No. 12 Miami Central @ No. 2 IMG Academy in Florida.

  • Trick play of the year for the win
    Uploaded 2 days ago833 views(0:32)

    Jackson Byrd of Father Ryan (TN) scored his fourth touchdown of the night. Father Ryan was down by three with four seconds left they went ahead and faked the field goal on final play for the win.

  • Is this broken trick play legal?
    Uploaded 2 days ago960 views(0:47)

    This play started off wild and ended even wilder. A lateral pass gets fumbled around, which makes the throw itself legal. However, the pass was caught by an offensive lineman, which is an ineligible man downfield. Is this legal or not?

  • Somersault over pile for the touchdown
    Uploaded 2 days ago95 views(0:33)

    Senior Brock Bushfield of Billings Skyview (MT) barrel rolls and somersaults over a pile of defenders for the touchdown.

  • Was this really incomplete?
    Uploaded 2 days ago68 views(0:36)

    Senior wide receiver Malik Crandle of Davidson (AL) has an incredible one handed toe tap touchdown, but the referees disagree. Officials ruled Crandle's catch incomplete, but instant replay shows different.

  • Christian McCaffrey played 3 sports
    Uploaded 2 days ago45,205 views(3:42)

    Christian McCaffrey was a 3-sport star back at Valor Christian High School in Colorado.

  • Top 2020 RB rushes for nearly 300 yds. & 4 TDs
    Uploaded 2 days ago164 views(0:56)

    Buchanan's (CA) 4-star running back Kendall Milton rushed for 248 yards and four scores in last week's 34-28 win over Liberty (CA).

  • Facebook Live - Games of the Week
    Uploaded 2 days ago1,230 views(22:43)

    Steve Montoya and Zack Poff break down all the big games this weekend including No. 12 Miami Central @ No. 2 IMG Academy, No. 6 St. John Bosco @ No. 17 St. John's, No. 1 Mater Dei vs. St. Mary's, No. 23 Mission Viejo vs. Santa Margarita and…

  • Texas - Top 5 Plays - Sept. 21
    Uploaded 2 days ago453 views(1:44)

    Check out the top plays in high school football from down south in the Lone Star state of Texas.

  • Top 5 Catches of the Week
    Uploaded 2 days ago242 views(1:19)

    Check out this weeks edition of top catches of the week from around the country in high school football.

  • Georgia - Top 5 Plays - Sept. 21
    Uploaded 2 days ago573 views(1:30)

    Check out the top plays in high school football from the state of Georgia.

  • Top 5 Hits of the Week
    Uploaded 2 days ago329 views(1:03)

    Check out who laid the wood from this week's edition of top hits of the week from around the country in high school football.

    Uploaded 3 days ago117 views(8:14)

    On Friday, September 15th the Manvel Mavericks hosted the Pearland Oilers in their annual rivalry game, which is arguably the biggest high school football rivalry in the entire state of Texas.

  • Top Recruits from California
    Uploaded 3 days ago2,299 views(3:38)

    Highlights from this past week featuring some of the top recruits from California.

  • Legends of the Game
    Uploaded 3 days ago1,908 views(0:43)

    High School football's winningest coaches

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