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Lacrosse Videos

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  • Top 10 Plays of the Year // 2017-18
    Uploaded Thu, 5/24/201856,302 views(3:40)

    From football to volleyball to softball, check out the MaxPreps 10 best plays of 2017-18 from around the country in high school sports.

  • Top 5 Plays of the Week // Week 3
    Uploaded Mon, 5/21/20185,438 views(1:14)

    Check out the five best plays of the week for Week 3 of the spring high school sports season.

  • Top 5 Plays of the Week // Week 2
    Uploaded Mon, 5/7/201848,130 views(1:08)

    Check out the five best plays of the week for Week 2 of the spring high school sports season.

  • Top 10 Plays of the Week // Week 9
    Uploaded Mon, 3/12/201862,210 views(4:39)

    2018 continues with a bang as Steve Montoya and Chris Stonebraker break down the 10 best high school plays in the country from last weekend.

  • Behind-the-back lacrosse goal
    Uploaded Wed, 5/17/20171,782 views(0:33)

    Middle Creek's (NC) Jared Medawar dishes off a slick pass to Tanner Patrick for the behind-the-back goal. Courtesy - Sportsblock.net

  • Deer runs onto field during game
    Uploaded Tue, 5/16/20171,880 views(0:35)

    A deer interrupts a lacrosse game by running onto the field. Courtesy of Doug Cooper (@CoopWHS)

  • The Lacrosse over-the-no-looker
    Uploaded Wed, 4/19/2017454 views(0:33)

    Presented by The United States Coast Guard.

  • Incredible field-length lacrosse goal
    Uploaded Fri, 4/14/2017784 views(0:45)

    Evan Riss of Oakland Mills (Columbia, MD) somehow scores a goal from over 65-yards away. Was it skill or luck?

  • Over-the-shoulder no-look lacrosse goal
    Uploaded Thu, 4/13/2017251 views(0:48)

    There are many reasons why lacrosse is on the rise, and this play is one of them. Jason Intermesoli of Sayville (NY), seemingly being swarmed by defenders, somehow scores the over-the-shoulder, no-look goal.

  • Behind-the-back assist from behind the goal
    Uploaded Tue, 2/28/20171,086 views(0:46)

    High school lacrosse is on the rise because of plays like these. Brayden Duncan of St. Andrew's (Austin, TX) gets saucy with the assist to Will Ziebert. Courtesy: @CruAthletics

  • Perfectly Executed Hidden Ball Trick
    Uploaded Wed, 6/8/20162,330 views(0:42)

    You just have to tip your hat to MICDS Rams head boys lacrosse coach Andy Kay for being the genius behind this incredible, smooth, perfectly-executed trick play against Parkway West.

  • Ingenius Lacrosse Hidden Ball Trick
    Uploaded Thu, 6/2/20166,062 views(1:16)

    This is a trick play goal by Colin Minicus of Darien, Connecticut during FCIAC title game against New Canaan. Goalie sneakily hands ball off to Minicus on exchange.

  • Amazing LAX goal from 80 yards
    Uploaded Tue, 4/12/20162,892 views(0:38)

    Dublin Scioto's (OH) Evan Hutras makes one of the best lacrosse goals of the year.

  • Bentonville (AR) captures its second-straight MaxPreps Cup
    Uploaded Thu, 7/30/20154,105 views(1:18)

    Bentonville (AR) won 10 state titles this year to win its second-straight MaxPreps Cup, as Cardinal Gibbons (NC), Carmel (IN), St. Thomas Aquinas (FL) and Darien (CT) round out the top five.

  • Amazing coast to coast lacrosse goal
    Uploaded Tue, 6/2/2015951 views(0:35)

    Video is a game winner from the U17 championship game of the Summer Faceoff.

  • Ben Mattos scores LAX Goal from the other side of the field
    Uploaded Wed, 5/13/2015698 views(0:38)

    Ben Mattos scores a goal from 55-yards away.

  • LAX Rowing Goal Celebration
    Uploaded Tue, 5/5/20153,061 views(0:32)

    Team celebrating after a goal.

  • Chris Rolfing Amazing LAX Save
    Uploaded Wed, 4/29/2015499 views(0:31)

    G - Woodbury (MN)

  • Wyatt Wilson Scores LAX Goal Falling Down
    Uploaded Wed, 4/29/2015813 views(0:31)

    New Canaan (CT)

  • Game-Winning Lacrosse Goal
    Uploaded Mon, 4/6/20151,768 views(0:36)

    Harrison Fiveash launches a game winner from down the field.

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