Multi Teams @ Kings Mountain HS (Meet 2) (Kings Mountain, NC)

Girls Varsity Swimming Winter 19-20 · 1/10/2020 6:00 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitTotalPlace
South Point3431
East Gaston2043
East Rutherford1335
R-S Central686

Best Times by Event

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50 Free

1stMacie WagnerSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final00:26.64
2ndMary WalkerSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final00:27.05
3rdMary SmallwoodSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final00:32.62
4thChloe HamiltonSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final00:34.25
5thBrooke VillemagneSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final00:34.32
6thElisa CastelliSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final00:34.75
7thBrooke CoxSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final00:35.40
8thBao PhanSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final00:35.88
9thSierra HullanderSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final00:36.97
10thEmma WhiteSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final00:37.42
11thAlyson HorneSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final00:38.21
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100 Back

1stAvery LesterSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final01:10.97
2ndSarah AxtellSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final01:23.60
3rdRyleigh ButlerSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final01:31.03
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100 Fly

1stAvery LesterSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final01:11.43
2ndMary WalkerSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final01:15.82
3rdAnna HuffsticklerSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final01:29.52
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100 Free

1stAvery BoydSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final01:12.34
2ndMary SmallwoodSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final01:14.24
3rdChloe HamiltonSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final01:18.14
4thElisa CastelliSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final01:20.23
5thBrooke CoxSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final01:23.14
6thBao PhanSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final01:23.77
7thBrooke VillemagneSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final01:24.14
8thEmma WhiteSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final01:24.55
9thAlyson HorneSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final01:26.14
10thSierra HullanderSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final01:26.47
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100 Breast

1stMacie WagnerSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final01:15.22
2ndAnna HuffsticklerSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final01:25.11
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200 Free

1stAbby LongSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final02:29.29
2ndAvery BoydSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final02:43.46
3rdRyleigh ButlerSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final02:51.42
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200 Individual Medley

1stSydney LesterSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final02:33.21
2ndCara TargonskiSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final02:55.53
3rdKailee McAlisterSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final03:09.63
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500 Free

1stSydney LesterSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final06:00.89
2ndSarah AxtellSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final06:35.29
3rdAbby LongSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final07:00.11
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final01:51.51
2ndRelay TeamSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final02:10.73
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final02:04.75
2ndRelay TeamSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final02:39.33
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final04:32.50
2ndRelay TeamSouth Point (Belmont, NC)Final04:58.94