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The West Memphis (AR) varsity football team lost Friday's neutral playoff game against Benton (AR) by a score of 63-35.

This game is a part of the "2019 Centennial Bank State Football Playoffs - 2019 6A Football State Bracket " tournament.

West Memphis----35
Final score provided by K. Clark.
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Recap Video

Game Story

Arkansas High School Football - West Memphis drops to Benton

November 29, 2019: Benton, AR 72015

In Friday's non-league game, the Benton Panthers (Benton, AR) football team knocked off the visiting West Memphis Blue Devils (West Memphis, AR), by a final score of 63-35.

The Panthers (9-3) will now prepare for their game against Searcy (Searcy, AR). The Lions come into the non-league game with a 11-1 record. In their last game, Searcy toppled Greenwood (Greenwood, AR), 50-38, in a non-league game.

The Blue Devils now hold a 7-5 record.

Highlight Videos

  1. MaxPreps Staff

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  2. C. McNeil

    14-0 WM up at end of the first
  3. C. McNeil

    Touchdown panthers 14-7
  4. C. McNeil

    Touchdown WM 21-7 WM up 7 left in half
  5. C. McNeil

    Touchdown panthers 21-14 WM up 6:01 mins left in half
  6. C. McNeil

    Touchdown panthers
  7. C. McNeil

    21-21 3:31 left in half
  8. b. Armstrong

    Searcy lions number 1
  9. C. McNeil

    touchdown panthers
  10. J. Collier

    35-21 Searcy going into the half.
  11. C. McNeil

    28-21 Panther lead with 1:19 left in half
  12. C. McNeil

    28-21 Panthers lead at halftime, Benton will receive the kick after halftime
  13. J. Collier

    Looks like it will be Searcy vs Benton for the championship. Man this makes me sick.
  14. J. Collier

    So much for the west having the best teams.
  15. J. Collier

    41-21 Searcy at the half
  16. S. Willians

    28-21 is only 1 touchdown apart. Sure, Benton will receive the 2nd half kickoff but that doesn't mean they will score again.
  17. J. Collier

    Benton will run away with it in the 2nd half. Makes me sick that they will be playing Searcy for the championship.
  18. S. Willians

    The Blue Devil will regroup and come out reloaded. Get ready for a Blue Devil win! Let's go!
  19. J. Collier

    This whole season has been a massive disappointment.
  20. S. Willians

    This was expected. The Blue Devils usually start out slow then they hit another gear. That gear is call heart.
  21. S. Willians

    The 2nd half will be determined by the team that has heart. Blue Devil just need to dig deep down and play.
  22. J. Collier

    Yeah and they still won’t be the other championship team. It’s going to be Benton vs Searcy and most likely Searcy will win it all.
  23. E. Suckmore

    What’s the score
  24. J. Collier

    Like I said this whole season has been a complete failure.
  25. S. Willians

    Keep your head up! The Blue Devils season is not a failure. After all, we made it this far. Where is your faith?
  26. J. Collier

    Not in any of the other three teams. Makes me sick that Greenwood is losing and neither Benton or WM will get the job done.
  27. E. Suckmore

    Come on Blue Devils. Let’s make it an all East State playoff
  28. J. Collier

    Neither of these teams will get the job done.
  29. E. Suckmore

    Seymore win or lose. These four teams left. deserve some respect. they all did a great job
  30. J. Collier

    No they don’t but I agree Searcy is better since my son was kicked off the team. He deserves to be treated like trash. He is trash.
  31. J. Collier

    Hopefully someone kicks him in the mouth on Monday.
  32. C. McNeil

    Touchdown Benton 35-21 Benton up 10:25 mins left in 3rd
  33. J. Collier

    Searcy vs Benton. Wow
  34. E. Suckmore

    Your son was not kicked off the team. he quit
  35. J. Collier

    Either way he is and will always be garbage. He deserves to be treated as such.
  36. E. Suckmore

    If you would not run your mouth and said that Searcy should not be in the playoffs. he probably would’ve got bullied
  37. J. Collier

    I think he needs to be beaten within an inch of his life.
  38. J. Collier

    Hopefully one or most of the team stomps him into the ground before graduation.
  39. J. Kelly

    What’s the score?
  40. J. Collier

    35-21 Benton and 41-28 Searcy with Greenwood looking to score again.
  41. C. McNeil

    Touchdown Benton 42-21 Benton leads with 6:38 left in the 3rd
  42. J. Collier

    Well WM’s season is slowly coming to an end.
  43. J. Collier

    41-35 Searcy.
  44. C. McNeil

    Touchdown WM 42-28 Benton still leads 3:23 mins left in 3rd
  45. J. Collier

    So WM used up all their “heart” in the 1st half and have gave up 42 unanswered points. Good job.
  46. J. Collier

    Oh my mistake they just got a score.
  47. C. McNeil

    Touchdown 49-28 Benton up 55 seconds left in the 3rd
  48. J. Collier

    44-35 Searcy.
  49. J. Collier

    So Benton vs Searcy?
  50. C. Kretsch

    So who’s winning
  51. J. Collier

    Benton and Searcy are winning their respective games.
  52. C. McNeil

    49-28 Benton is up
  53. C. Kretsch

  54. C. McNeil

    End of the 3rd
  55. J. Collier

    Searcy turned the ball over on downs and now Greenwood has the ball on the Searcy 38.
  56. C. McNeil

    Touchdown WM 48-35 Benton is up 10:40 left in the 4th
  57. J. Collier

    44-38. Greenwood got a FG on their last drive.
  58. C. McNeil

    56-35 Benton leads
  59. J. Collier

  60. C. McNeil

    WM had a failed onside kick that Benton ran back for a touchdown
  61. J. Collier

  62. J. Collier

    50-38 Searcy
  63. J. Collier

    57-38 Searcy.
  64. C. McNeil

    63-35 Benton leads big with 4:32 left in the 4th
  65. D. Ashley

    Y’all some b*tches on bro
  66. J. Collier

    WM used up all their heart and have gotten beat like a rag doll.
  67. C. McNeil

    Panthers win 63-35
  68. J. Collier

    Benton vs Searcy.
  69. J. Collier

    Glad that Searcy got to the State Championship. All they had to do is get rid of my kid. He was what was holding them back.
  70. D. Clark

    Good job big blue devils y'all have a chance next year
  71. J. Collier

    No Searcy will stop them.
  72. E. Suckmore

    Seymore you ready need some Professional help. I can not believe what you said about your son. I feel so bad for him having to live you
  73. K. Clark

    63 - 35
    West Memphis
    Blue Devils
    Posted @ 12:12p

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