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The Fort Dorchester (North Charleston, SC) varsity football team won Friday's home playoff game against Lexington (SC) by a score of 31-3.

This game is a part of the "2019 SCHSL Football State Championships - Class AAAAA Football" tournament.

Fort Dorchester----31
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Game Story

South Carolina High School Football - Lexington beaten by Fort Dorchester

November 8, 2019: North Charleston, SC 29420

The Fort Dorchester Patriots topped the visiting Lexington Wildcats football team by a final score of 31-3 in Friday's non-league outing.

With the win, Fort Dorchester improves its record to 10-0 on the season. The Patriots travel to Berkeley (Moncks Corner, SC) to confront the Stags in a non-league outing on Friday, November 15. The Stags go into the outing with a record of 8-2. Berkeley won 46-0 in their recent non-league outing against West Florence (Florence, SC)

With the loss, Lexington moves to 7-4 on the season.

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  1. MaxPreps

    Game Started
    0 - 0
    Posted @ 7:30p
  2. M. Herron

    LHS starts with the ball. Long run up the middle by LHS puts ball at FD 47
    Posted @ 7:34p
  3. c. furman

    Go Patriots
    Posted @ 7:34p
  4. M. Herron

    Defense makes a good stand and forces punt to FD 16
    Posted @ 7:35p
  5. M. Herron

    3 and out for FD forcing punt. Will type as long as I can feel my fingers. Lex to start at their 48
    Posted @ 7:37p
  6. c. furman

    Awesome ty for all the updates
    Posted @ 7:38p
  7. R. Freeman

    Go Wildcats!!
    Posted @ 7:39p
  8. M. Herron

    Screen pass on 3rd and long gives Lex 1st down at FD42, 7 min left in 1Q
    Posted @ 7:40p
  9. a. Wigley

    What's the score
    Posted @ 7:40p
  10. M. Herron

    FD forces another punt. FD to start on their own 14
    Posted @ 7:43p
  11. M. Herron

    Still 0-0 6 min left 1Q
    Posted @ 7:43p
  12. J. G

    Go Patriots!!
    Posted @ 7:44p
  13. M. Martinez

    Go Fort!!!!!
    Posted @ 7:45p
  14. R. Freeman

    Out numbered here
    Posted @ 7:47p
  15. M. Herron

    Lex defense doesnt allow much, forcing FD punt. Lex starts at midfield
    Posted @ 7:47p
  16. M. Herron

    FD needs a spark to get into a rhythm
    Posted @ 7:48p
  17. T. BELL

    Update please
    Posted @ 7:48p
  18. T. BELL

    Where's Jess
    Posted @ 7:49p
  19. M. Herron

    0-0, 3 min left. Lex at FD 38 1st down
    Posted @ 7:49p
  20. c. furman

    Let's go Patriots
    Posted @ 7:50p
  21. M. Herron

    Lex punter fumbles the snap, FD starts at midfield
    Posted @ 7:52p
  22. J. G

    Thanks for the updates!!
    Posted @ 7:53p
  23. M. Herron

    Spark! 3 plays and FD scores! PAT missed...6-0 FD, 1:36 left 1Q
    Posted @ 7:56p
  24. M. Herron

    Lex starts on their own 20
    Posted @ 7:57p
  25. M. Herron

    End of 1Q. 6-0 FD. Breeze is picking up...cold air to be a factor later?
    Posted @ 8:01p
  26. M. Herron

    Lex punts to FD....starting at Lex 36.
    Posted @ 8:03p
  27. J. G

    Let’s go Fort!!
    Posted @ 8:03p
  28. H. Carter

    Someone do the live scoring
    Posted @ 8:07p
  29. J. G

    Any updates?
    Posted @ 8:08p
  30. M. Herron

    FD drives down again scores with the "BIG" package. PAT snap/hold didnt end well again. 12-0 FD, 8:24 left in 2Q
    Posted @ 8:09p
  31. R. Freeman

    Lets go Lex
    Posted @ 8:11p
  32. H. Carter

    Come on Lexington, fight back
    Posted @ 8:12p
  33. M. Herron

    Lex starts at their own 20 and can't go anywhere. Good punt return by FD but flag by Lex (PF) allows FD to start on Lex 12
    Posted @ 8:13p
  34. J. G

    Go Fort!!
    Posted @ 8:13p
  35. R. Freeman

    Come on Lex. Get in the game
    Posted @ 8:14p
  36. M. Herron

    TO FD...4th and 8 on Lex 10
    Posted @ 8:17p
  37. R. Freeman

    Lets go Defense
    Posted @ 8:18p
  38. R. Freeman

    Wish it was live streamed
    Posted @ 8:18p
  39. M. Herron

    FD throws for TD. 2pt conversion no good. 18-0 FD, 5:37 left in 2Q. Still curious about PF on Lex during return earlier
    Posted @ 8:19p
  40. M. Herron

    KO return by Lex has them starting at their own 15
    Posted @ 8:20p
  41. R. Freeman

    Lets go
    Posted @ 8:21p
  42. M. Martinez

    Ok Fort...Show that " D "...
    Posted @ 8:22p
  43. c. furman

    Let's go fort
    Posted @ 8:23p
  44. M. Herron

    Lex had a big run to start the drive but now 4th down and 11 on their own 41
    Posted @ 8:23p
  45. T. BELL

    Posted @ 8:23p
  46. R. Freeman

    Come on. Lets go!!
    Posted @ 8:24p
  47. M. Herron

    Lex goes for it and fails to convert, turnover on downs. 18-0, 3 min left
    Posted @ 8:24p
  48. R. Freeman

    Posted @ 8:25p
  49. H. Carter

    Goodness, Hope Lex comes out of half with good adjustments
    Posted @ 8:26p
  50. M. Herron

    Lex is reading our screen passes well. Missed DPI and FD punts to Lex
    Posted @ 8:28p
  51. M. Herron

    Lex starts at their own 12
    Posted @ 8:28p
  52. R. Freeman

    Come on Lex. Need a score before half
    Posted @ 8:29p
  53. M. Herron

    2nd PF against Lex forces Lex punt, blocked by FD and TD!
    Posted @ 8:32p
  54. R. Freeman

    Posted @ 8:32p
  55. M. Herron

    2pt conversion fails again...24-0 FD, 21 sec left
    Posted @ 8:33p
  56. S. Cassidy

    Posted @ 8:33p
  57. J. G

    Go Fort!!
    Posted @ 8:34p
  58. M. Herron

    End of 1st half. FD leads 24-0.
    Posted @ 8:36p
  59. J. Reitmeier

    Love how dutch Fork gets the "practice" games for the first 2 weeks of the playoffs. Fort actually has to play good ball
    Posted @ 8:36p
  60. A. Haskins

    Look here DF has no business traveling anywhere again this year but to The Brice... They want DF to fail soooooo bad..
    Posted @ 8:39p
  61. F. Tallman

    What’s score?
    Posted @ 8:40p
  62. R. Head

    FD 24. LEX 0. half time
    Posted @ 8:45p
  63. M. Herron

    FD to start with the ball in 2nd half.
    Posted @ 8:55p
  64. M. Herron

    Long KO return by FD, starts at Lex 44
    Posted @ 8:56p
  65. M. Herron

    Long run by FD, now at Lex 11. Holding by FD as Lex is now stacking the box
    Posted @ 8:59p
  66. J. G

    Let’s g
    Posted @ 9p
  67. M. Herron

    Lex picks off FD. Lex to start at their 3 after Unsportsmanlike penalty
    Posted @ 9p
  68. M. Herron

    DPI by FD brings Lex out of the hole a bit, now at their own 18
    Posted @ 9:02p
  69. J. G

    Cmon Fort D!
    Posted @ 9:03p
  70. M. Herron

    Lex forced to punt from their 32..FD returns to Lex 40. Offsetting PF during play allows FD to keep the ball during punt?
    Posted @ 9:07p
  71. M. Herron

    1st and goal FD at the 7
    Posted @ 9:08p
  72. J. G

    Go Fort!!
    Posted @ 9:09p
  73. M. Herron

    TD and successful PAT by FD, 31-0, 5 min left
    Posted @ 9:10p
  74. s. staten

    Let's go fort!
    Posted @ 9:10p
  75. s. staten

    #51 t. Staten is ballin!
    Posted @ 9:13p
  76. M. Herron

    Lex starts at own 27
    Posted @ 9:13p
  77. M. Herron

    Lex converts 4th down on own 36 to keep drive alive
    Posted @ 9:15p
  78. M. Herron

    Maxpreps crashed...sorry.
    Posted @ 10:40p
  79. M. Herron

    Final 31-3
    Posted @ 10:41p
  80. MaxPreps

    3 - 31

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