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The Montgomery Catholic (Montgomery, AL) varsity football team lost Thursday's home non-conference game against Fyffe (AL) by a score of 21-16.

This game is a part of the "2020 AHSAA State Football Championships - 3A AHSAA Football Championships" tournament.

Montgomery Catholic----16
Final score provided by L. Martin.
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Game Stats

Fyffe has not entered stats for this game.
Montgomery Catholic


#Athlete NameCompAttYdsC %AvgTDIntLngQB Rate
Team Totals1323212.56516.3216698.5
1Caleb Mccreary (Fr)1323212.56516.3216698.5
Montgomery Catholic


#Athlete NameCarYdsAvgLngTD
Team Totals271154.335
1Caleb Mccreary (Fr)5112.212
6T. Dudley (Jr)331.02
23Jeremiah Cobb (So)191015.335
Montgomery Catholic


#Athlete NameRecYdsAvgLngTD
Team Totals1421215.1662
2DJ Carter (Sr)44611.514
14Myles Butler (Sr)612420.7662
15J. Rhoden (Jr)11515.015
23Jeremiah Cobb (So)100.00
25Justin Rose (So)22713.516
Montgomery Catholic

All Purpose Yards

#Athlete NameRushRecKRPRIRTotal
Team Totals11521212611464
1Caleb Mccreary (Fr)1111
2DJ Carter (Sr)4665111
3Kylon Griffin (Jr)611172
6T. Dudley (Jr)33
14Myles Butler (Sr)124124
15J. Rhoden (Jr)1515
23Jeremiah Cobb (So)1010101
25Justin Rose (So)2727
Montgomery Catholic

Total Yards

#Athlete NamePassRushRecTotal
Team Totals212115212327
1Caleb Mccreary (Fr)21211223
2DJ Carter (Sr)4646
6T. Dudley (Jr)33
14Myles Butler (Sr)124124
15J. Rhoden (Jr)1515
23Jeremiah Cobb (So)1010101
25Justin Rose (So)2727
Montgomery Catholic


#Athlete NameSoloAsstTot TcklsTFL
Team Totals4349925.0
3Kylon Griffin (Jr)5510
4Jourdan Thomas (Jr)5510
5Marcus Dees (Sr)5381.0
6T. Dudley (Jr)77141.0
8Zach Underwood (So)2351.0
9Patrick Ryan (Jr)82101.0
13Ethan Binns (Jr)145
15Lj Green (So)257
16Javen Augustus (Jr)2681.0
17J. Augustus (Jr)011
18Spencer Bach (Sr)358
19W. Belsterling (So)112
27Jc Hardigree (Sr)224
Montgomery Catholic


#Athlete NameSacksYdlHurs
Team Totals1.08
8Zach Underwood (So)1.08
Montgomery Catholic


#Athlete NameIntInt YdsAvgPD
Team Totals1
3Kylon Griffin (Jr)1
Montgomery Catholic


#Athlete NameKOYdsAvgLngTB
Team Totals528056.059
35Gabe Russo (So)528056.059
Montgomery Catholic


#Athlete NamePYdsAvgLngIn 20
Team Totals13030.030
35Gabe Russo (So)13030.030
Montgomery Catholic

Kickoff Returns

#Athlete NameRetsYdsAvgLng
Team Totals412631.565
2DJ Carter (Sr)16565.065
3Kylon Griffin (Jr)36120.324
Montgomery Catholic

Punt Returns

#Athlete NameRetsYdsAvgLngFCKR Yds
Team Totals11111.011137
2DJ Carter (Sr)65
3Kylon Griffin (Jr)11111.01172
Montgomery Catholic


#Athlete NameTDTD PtsConvSKick PtsTot Pts
Team Totals212416
14Myles Butler (Sr)21212
40Judd Osten (Sr)44
Montgomery Catholic

PATs and Field Goals

#Athlete NamePATAtt%FGAtt%LngTot
Team Totals12.5111.0264
40Judd Osten (Sr)111.0111.0264
56Callan Gadhille (So)01.00
Montgomery Catholic


Team Totals22
14Myles Butler (Sr)22

Recap Video

Game Story

Alabama High School Football - Montgomery Catholic can't get by Fyffe

December 3, 2020: Montgomery, AL 36116

The Fyffe Red Devils held off the host Montgomery Catholic Knights football team by a count of 21-16 in Thursday's non-league outing.

With the win, Fyffe upgrades its record to 16-0 on the season.

With the loss, Montgomery Catholic moves to 12-3 on the season.

Larry MartinRed Devils Reporter
Makayla CooperKnights Reporter
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  1. Check In

    2nd Quarter
    6 - 16 The scorer has checked in. Fyffe 6, MCHS 16
    Posted @ 10:59a
  2. Game Attendance

    2nd Quarter
    Attendance Hundreds
    Posted @ 10:59a
  3. Field Conditions

    2nd Quarter
    Field Conditions Dry
    Posted @ 10:59a
  4. Weather Conditions

    2nd Quarter
    Weather Conditions Fair
    Posted @ 10:59a
  5. 6 - 16


    Fyffe 6, MCHS 16
    We noticed it's halftime, please enjoy this video while you wait for the action to resume.
    Posted @ 11:17a
  6. 6 - 16

    Start of 3rd Quarter

    Montgomery Catholic3rd Quarter
    Montgomery Catholic to kick off to Fyffe.
    Posted @ 11:50a
  7. 6 - 16


    Fyffe3rd Quarter ~6 minutes to go
    Montgomery Catholic has punted to Fyffe. Fyffe has the ball on their own 25-yard line. Fyffe 6, MCHS 16
    Posted @ 11:51a
  8. 6 - 16

    End of 3rd Quarter

    4th Quarter
    Fyffe 6, MCHS 16
    Posted @ 12:01p
  9. 6 - 16

    Red Zone Alert

    Fyffe3rd Quarter ~11 minutes to go
    Fyffe is inside Montgomery Catholic's 20. Fyffe 6, MCHS 16
    Posted @ 12:01p
  10. 12 - 16

    Rushing Touchdown

    Fyffe3rd Quarter ~11 minutes to go
    Fyffe - #4 Ike Rowell with a Rushing TD. Fyffe 12, MCHS 16
    Posted @ 12:03p
  11. 7 - 16

    Made Point After

    Fyffe3rd Quarter ~11 minutes to go
    Fyffe - PAT Good. Fyffe 7, MCHS 16
    Posted @ 12:04p
  12. 13 - 16

    Score Correction

    Fyffe3rd Quarter
    Score correction for Fyffe in 3rd Quarter. Fyffe 13, MCHS 16
    Posted @ 12:04p
  13. 13 - 16

    End of 3rd Quarter

    4th Quarter
    Fyffe 13, MCHS 16
    Posted @ 12:04p
  14. 13 - 16

    Possession Update - Kickoff

    Montgomery Catholic4th Quarter ~10 minutes to go
    Fyffe kicked off to Montgomery Catholic. Montgomery Catholic has the ball. Fyffe 13, MCHS 16
    Posted @ 12:06p
  15. 13 - 16


    Fyffe4th Quarter ~9 minutes to go
    Fyffe intercepts a Montgomery Catholic pass. Fyffe 13, MCHS 16
    Posted @ 12:07p
  16. 13 - 16


    Fyffe4th Quarter ~6 minutes to go
    Fyffe - 3rd down, ~6 minutes to go, ball on Montgomery Catholic's 1-yard line. Fyffe 13, MCHS 16
    Posted @ 12:13p
  17. 15 - 16


    Fyffe4th Quarter ~3 minutes to go
    Fyffe - Safety. Fyffe 15, MCHS 16
    Posted @ 12:29p
  18. 15 - 16


    Fyffe4th Quarter ~2 minutes to go
    Montgomery Catholic has punted to Fyffe. Fyffe has the ball on Montgomery Catholic's 33-yard line. Fyffe 15, MCHS 16
    Posted @ 12:30p
  19. 15 - 16

    Red Zone Alert

    Fyffe4th Quarter ~2 minutes to go
    Fyffe is inside Montgomery Catholic's 20. Fyffe 15, MCHS 16
    Posted @ 12:33p
  20. 21 - 16

    Rushing Touchdown

    Fyffe4th Quarter ~1 minute to go
    Fyffe - Rushing TD. Fyffe 21, MCHS 16
    Posted @ 12:34p
  21. 21 - 16

    Rushing Two Point Conversion Failed

    Fyffe4th Quarter ~1 minute to go
    Fyffe - 2Pt Conversion Failed. Fyffe 21, MCHS 16
    Posted @ 12:34p
  22. 21 - 16

    End of Game

    Fyffe 21, MCHS 16
    Posted @ 12:42p

Highlight Videos

  1. g. pool

    has game started yet?
    Posted @ 10:07a
  2. z. rileh

    is it still 0-0
    Posted @ 10:14a
  3. D. Brown

    Im wondering the same thing
    Posted @ 10:17a
  4. C. Conoly

    Knights:3 Red Devils:0
    Posted @ 10:20a
  5. C. Conoly

    Knights:9 Red Devils:0
    Posted @ 10:27a
  6. z. rileh

    who has the ball
    Posted @ 10:31a
  7. z. rileh

    is it still first quarter
    Posted @ 10:32a
  8. B. M

    Sack by the Knights. 4th and 8 for Fyffe, getting ready to punt.
    Posted @ 10:32a
  9. B. M

    TD Catholic! Knights up 16-0 with seconds left in the 1st quarter
    Posted @ 10:34a
  10. J. Leonard

    Wats the score now
    Posted @ 10:39a
  11. z. rileh

    Posted @ 10:41a
  12. T. Easterling

    16-0 Knights
    Posted @ 10:41a
  13. z. rileh

    Posted @ 10:42a
  14. B. M

    Catholic about to punt, time out on the field with 7:02 to play in the half. Catholic still up 16-0.
    Posted @ 10:47a
  15. D. Brown

    Where'd they get 19-0 from then ?
    Posted @ 10:48a
  16. B. M

    No idea.
    Posted @ 10:49a
  17. B. M

    Fyffe with the ball at their own 36.
    Posted @ 10:49a
  18. B. M

    Fyffe with a big run, out of bounds at the Catholic 45 yd line.
    Posted @ 10:51a
  19. B. M

    I think you transposed some numbers. It's still 16-0.
    Posted @ 10:52a
  20. B. M

    1st down Fyffe at the Catholic 33. Approaching 4 minutes to play in the half.
    Posted @ 10:53a
  21. B. M

    Fyffe pass down to the Catholic 20 caught. Pass interference penalty on the play declined. 1st down.
    Posted @ 10:54a
  22. B. M

    1st and goal from the Catholic 9 yard line for Fyffe.
    Posted @ 10:55a
  23. B. M

    TD Fyffe, PAT missed. 2 1/2 mins left in the half. Catholic leads 16-6
    Posted @ 10:57a
  24. D. Brown

    How... @t.payne
    Posted @ 10:58a
  25. B. M

    Ignore t.payne.
    Posted @ 10:59a
  26. z. rileh

    montgomery catholic gotta bring this one home
    Posted @ 10:59a
  27. B. M

    Catholic with the ball, pass out to their 35 yard line, followed by a 14 yard run. First down at the Catholic 48, 1:45 left.
    Posted @ 11a
  28. D. Brown

    Catholic is playing their heart out
    Posted @ 11a
  29. B. M

    Catholic for 9 yards. Followed by another pass down to the Fyffe 29 yd line. 1:16 left
    Posted @ 11a
  30. B. M

    Timeout Catholic. 1:04 in the half.
    Posted @ 11:01a
  31. B. M

    t.payne is just making things up. I'm listening to the live radio broadcast and updating as I can.
    Posted @ 11:02a
  32. T. Williamson

    Ok thanks for the correct information
    Posted @ 11:03a
  33. B. M

    Catholic pass to the Fyffe 23 and out of bounds. 3rd and 3
    Posted @ 11:03a
  34. B. M

    First down Catholic to the 18 yd line. 48 seconds... Spiked the ball to stop clock with 42 seconds
    Posted @ 11:04a
  35. B. M

    Pass to the 8 yard line. Measuring to see if it's a first down.
    Posted @ 11:04a
  36. B. M

    3rd and inches at the 8 yd line. Catholic run to the 4 yd line, 1st and goal. Catholic runs hurry up and catches Fyffe offside.
    Posted @ 11:06a
  37. B. M

    1st and goal at the 2 yd line, 13 seconds left.
    Posted @ 11:07a
  38. B. M

    2nd and goal at the 2 yd line. Timeout Catholic.
    Posted @ 11:07a
  39. z. rileh

    whats the score
    Posted @ 11:10a
  40. T. Williamson

    Did they score
    Posted @ 11:11a
  41. T. Easterling

    Posted @ 11:11a
  42. B. M

    FG blocked. Fyffe returns it 96 yards for a TD. But apparently the play clock was at zero before the kick. Play comes back, no TD.
    Posted @ 11:14a
  43. B. M

    Catholic bringing the offense back out. Ball at the Fyffe 7 yd line. Caught but out of bounds. Catholic leads 16-6 at the half.
    Posted @ 11:16a
  44. T. Easterling

    So end of 2nd quarter?
    Posted @ 11:17a
  45. C. Conoly

    16-6 halftime
    Posted @ 11:17a
  46. L. Martin

    Fyffe playing against the refs too
    Posted @ 11:30a
  47. z. rileh

    nah its about time somebody else win it
    Posted @ 11:32a
  48. z. rileh

    is halftime over
    Posted @ 11:37a
  49. B. M

    Fyffe to receive the kickoff to start the 2nd half
    Posted @ 11:41a
  50. B. M

    Fyffe goes 3 and out, has to punt. Catholic with a short return, Catholic ball at the Catholic 29 yard line, 1st and 10.
    Posted @ 11:44a
  51. B. M

    Pass for about 20 yds. 1st down Catholic. 2 yd run on next play, 2nd and 8.
    Posted @ 11:46a
  52. B. M

    Pass to the Fyffe 42 yd line, 1st down Knights.
    Posted @ 11:46a
  53. B. M

    Offsides Fyffe. 1st and 5, Catholic
    Posted @ 11:47a
  54. B. M

    Pass complete to the Fyffe 29, 1st down Catholic
    Posted @ 11:47a
  55. B. M

    Incomplete pass followed by a 3 yd run. 3rd and 7 at the 26.
    Posted @ 11:49a
  56. B. M

    Fyffe gets the sack. 4th and 20. Snap over punter's head but punter gets to the ball and kicks, out of bounds at Fyffe 25 yd line.
    Posted @ 11:50a
  57. B. M

    Narrowly avoided disaster there again. 6:25 left in the 3rd quarter.
    Posted @ 11:52a
  58. B. M

    5 yard loss on 1st down for Fyffe. 2nd and 15 at their own 20.
    Posted @ 11:52a
  59. B. M

    QB keeper for 10 yds. 3rd and 5
    Posted @ 11:53a
  60. B. M

    Fyffe QB keeper, about a half yard short, just inside the Fyffe 35. Fyffe goes for it and makes 5 yds. 1st down Fyffe.
    Posted @ 11:54a
  61. B. M

    Long pass for Fyffe down to the Catholic 24 yd line. 1st and 10, Fyffe
    Posted @ 11:55a
  62. B. M

    5 yard run. 2nd and 5.
    Posted @ 11:56a
  63. B. M

    about 4 yds on the play. 3rd and a bit over 1 yd to go.
    Posted @ 11:57a
  64. B. M

    1st down Fyffe actually, at the 14 yd line
    Posted @ 11:57a
  65. B. M

    1:40 in the 3rd quarter, ball at the 14 yd line. 5 yard run. 2nd and 5 now.
    Posted @ 11:59a
  66. B. M

    QB keeper, 1 yd gain. 3rd and 4 at the 8 yd line.
    Posted @ 11:59a
  67. B. M

    QB keeper, 1st and goal at the 4 yd line
    Posted @ 12p
  68. B. M

    Time runs out in the 3rd quarter. Catholic leads 16-6, Fyffe with the ball 1st and goal at the 4.
    Posted @ 12:01p
  69. B. M

    2nd and goal at the 3.
    Posted @ 12:03p
  70. B. M

    QB keeper - TD Fyffe. PAT is good. Catholic leads 16-13
    Posted @ 12:04p
  71. B. M

    Catholic takes the kickoff out to their 27 yd line, 1st and 10 Knights
    Posted @ 12:06p
  72. B. M

    No gain. 2nd and 10
    Posted @ 12:06p
  73. B. M

    INT on long pass. Fyffe ball at their own 28 yd line.
    Posted @ 12:07p
  74. B. M

    1 yd gain on 1st. 2nd and 9 for Fyffe
    Posted @ 12:08p
  75. B. M

    No gain. 3rd and 9
    Posted @ 12:09p
  76. B. M

    QB keeper for 20+ yds. 1st down at the 49
    Posted @ 12:09p
  77. B. M

    1 yd gain. 2nd and 9 at midfield.
    Posted @ 12:10p
  78. B. M

    Pass complete at the 7 yd line for Fyffe, 1st and goal
    Posted @ 12:10p
  79. B. M

    7:27 to play. 6 yd run. 2nd and goal at the 1 yd line
    Posted @ 12:11p
  80. B. M

    QB keeper stuffed no gain. 3rd and goal at the 1
    Posted @ 12:12p
  81. B. M

    Timeout Catholic.
    Posted @ 12:13p
  82. B. M

    QB keeper stopped just outside the goal line. Timeout Fyffe. 5:26 to play. 4th down and maybe 1/2 a yard or less
    Posted @ 12:16p
  83. j. haraway

    what quarter is it
    Posted @ 12:16p
  84. T. Williamson

    Posted @ 12:17p
  85. C. Lucas

    Did they stop it
    Posted @ 12:17p
  86. G. S

    4th qtr
    Posted @ 12:17p
  87. B. M

    GOAL LINE STAND! Catholic ball inside their own 1 yd line.
    Posted @ 12:18p
  88. j. haraway

    how much timeis left in the game
    Posted @ 12:19p
  89. B. M

    Catholic runs for 3 yds. 2nd and 7. under 5 mins to play
    Posted @ 12:20p
  90. B. M

    Tackle for loss, ball inside the 1 yard line again. 3rd and 10.
    Posted @ 12:21p
  91. B. M

    Run to the 5 yd line. Catholic to punt. 3:36 left
    Posted @ 12:21p
  92. B. M

    Snap is high on the punt, punter gets it off but replay shows he stepped out of bounds. Safety for Fyffe. Catholic leads 16-15.
    Posted @ 12:23p
  93. H. Wiggins

    Posted @ 12:25p
  94. j. haraway

    how much time is left
    Posted @ 12:25p
  95. B. M

    Fyffe returns kick to the 33 yd line. 1st and 10
    Posted @ 12:26p
  96. J. Davis

    Posted @ 12:26p
  97. B. M

    Posted @ 12:26p
  98. B. M

    Long pass to the Catholic 33 yd line. 1st down Fyffe
    Posted @ 12:27p
  99. B. M

    Timeout Fyffe.
    Posted @ 12:27p
  100. B. M

    2:21 left
    Posted @ 12:29p
  101. A. Wells

    Is it 15-16?
    Posted @ 12:29p
  102. j. haraway

    Posted @ 12:30p
  103. B. M

    Fyffe is out of timeouts
    Posted @ 12:30p
  104. C. Perry

    Posted @ 12:31p
  105. E. Dunsford

    both teams are bad
    Posted @ 12:32p
  106. B. M

    Fyffe passes to down to the 4 yd line. 1st and goal. 2:14 to play
    Posted @ 12:32p
  107. J. Davis

    How much time is left
    Posted @ 12:33p
  108. B. M

    QB keeper to the 2. 2nd and goal.
    Posted @ 12:33p
  109. H. Smith

    Shut up
    Posted @ 12:33p
  110. E. Dunsford

    boy bye
    Posted @ 12:34p
  111. B. M

    TD Fyffe. 1:03 to play.
    Posted @ 12:34p
  112. H. Smith

    B.M is the plug
    Posted @ 12:34p
  113. B. M

    Two point conversion is no good. 21-16 Fyffe. 1:03 left
    Posted @ 12:35p
  114. J. Barnes

    Yeah B.M is a GOAT fr
    Posted @ 12:35p
  115. C. Cobb

    Posted @ 12:36p
  116. D. Brown

    Didn't expect it to be immature children in this chat
    Posted @ 12:36p
  117. E. Dunsford

    someone mad
    Posted @ 12:37p
  118. B. M

    Catholic ball out to the 33 yd line. 1st down - Catholic pass to the flat, knee down. 38 seconds left. Ball spiked.
    Posted @ 12:37p
  119. M. Cox

    What’s the score
    Posted @ 12:37p
  120. H. Smith

    "D brown shut your mouth you fr are probably 45 years old hoping to find a gf"
    Posted @ 12:38p
  121. C. Perry

    Don’t be mad Mr. Brown. Just a bunch of guys tryna tune into the game!!
    Posted @ 12:38p
  122. B. M

    Catholic pass out to the 44 yd line, 1st down. Out of bounds. Next play, QB run to the 44 of Fyffe. Timeout Catholic
    Posted @ 12:39p
  123. C. Perry

    How much time?
    Posted @ 12:39p
  124. B. M

    Catholic pass 10 yd gain. Timeout Catholic. 6 seconds to play.
    Posted @ 12:41p
  125. B. M

    Check that, 4 seconds to play.
    Posted @ 12:41p
  126. B. M

    Pass to the end zone - it is......INCOMPLETE. Fyffe wins 21-16
    Posted @ 12:42p
  127. C. Perry

    Oh no!!! Come on Knights!! STAND UP KNIGHT NATION!!!
    Posted @ 12:42p

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Larry MartinRed Devils Reporter
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Fyffe (20-21)

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-Sacks Per Game1.8
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Rushing Yards Per Game#23 Jeremiah Cobb134.222.8
Passing Yards Per Game#1 Caleb Mccreary203.355.5
Total Yards Per Game#1 Caleb Mccreary225.739.4
Tackles Per Game#9 Patrick Ryan10.53.0
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