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The Zebulon B. Vance (Charlotte, NC) varsity football team won Friday's home playoff game against Richmond (Rockingham, NC) by a score of 38-7.

This game is a part of the "2019 Football State Championships - 4AA" tournament.

Zebulon B. Vance3721738
Final score provided by C. England.
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Game Stats



#Athlete NameCompAttYdsC %AvgTDIntLngQB Rate
Team Totals727103.25914.733.4
5Caleb Hood (Jr)62487.25014.527.5
7Kellan Hood (So)11161.00016.0137.5
12Noah Altman (Sr)020.00010.0


#Athlete NameCarYdsAvgLngTD
Team Totals32712.21
5Caleb Hood (Jr)21412.01
31Jaron Coleman (Jr)22412.0
33J. Covington (Sr)960.7


#Athlete NameRecYdsAvgLngTD
Team Totals710314.7
1Tremel Jones (Jr)35317.7
4Jakolbe Baldwin (Jr)33411.3
5Caleb Hood (Jr)11616.0

All Purpose Yards

#Athlete NameRushRecKRPRIRTotal
Team Totals711038010264
1Tremel Jones (Jr)531669
4Jakolbe Baldwin (Jr)3434
5Caleb Hood (Jr)411657
25Jah'meek Harden (Jr)1212
31Jaron Coleman (Jr)245276
33J. Covington (Sr)61016

Total Yards

#Athlete NamePassRushRecTotal
Team Totals10371103174
1Tremel Jones (Jr)5353
4Jakolbe Baldwin (Jr)3434
5Caleb Hood (Jr)874116144
7Kellan Hood (So)1616
31Jaron Coleman (Jr)2424
33J. Covington (Sr)66


#Athlete NameSoloAsstTot TcklsTFL
Team Totals5025758.0
9Joerail White (Sr)22
10Jaleak Gates (So)2131.0
11Zyier Baldwin (Sr)224
17Xavion Lindsey (Sr)415
20D. Barringer (Sr)94131.0
21D. Harrington (Sr)22
24Cj Tillman (Jr)83111.0
25Jah'meek Harden (Jr)111.0
35D'andre Bethea (Sr)5271.0
40Omarion Mason (Sr)3251.0
41D. Covington (Sr)11
42Gavin Russell (Sr)56111.0
44Derek Allred (Sr)11
45Javon Little (Sr)3361.0
47Kaleel Brown (Jr)11
95Jd Lampley (So)112


#Athlete NameSacksYdlHurs
Team Totals5.08
20D. Barringer (Sr)1.0
24Cj Tillman (Jr)1.0
35D'andre Bethea (Sr)1
40Omarion Mason (Sr)1.02
42Gavin Russell (Sr)1.01
45Javon Little (Sr)1.03
99X. Harrington (Sr)1


#Athlete NameIntInt YdsAvgPD
Team Totals13
11Zyier Baldwin (Sr)1
21D. Harrington (Sr)3

Fumbles and Blocks

#Athlete NameFmb RecFR YdsCausBlk PntsBlk FGs
Team Totals1
24Cj Tillman (Jr)1


#Athlete NameKOYdsAvgLngTB
Team Totals211557.51
86Trevor Moss (Jr)211557.51


#Athlete NamePYdsAvgLngIn 20
Team Totals312341.052
80Drew Davis (Sr)312341.052

Kickoff Returns

#Athlete NameRetsYdsAvgLng
Team Totals58016.0
1Tremel Jones (Jr)11616.0
25Jah'meek Harden (Jr)11212.0
31Jaron Coleman (Jr)35217.3

Punt Returns

#Athlete NameRetsYdsAvgLngFCKR Yds
Team Totals11010.090
1Tremel Jones (Jr)16
25Jah'meek Harden (Jr)12
31Jaron Coleman (Jr)52
33J. Covington (Sr)11010.010


#Athlete NameTDTD PtsConvSKick PtsTot Pts
Team Totals1617
5Caleb Hood (Jr)166
86Trevor Moss (Jr)11

PATs and Field Goals

#Athlete NamePATAtt%FGAtt%LngTot
Team Totals111.01
86Trevor Moss (Jr)111.01


Team Totals11
5Caleb Hood (Jr)11
Zebulon B. Vance has not entered stats for this game.

Game Story

North Carolina High School Football - Zebulon B. Vance defeats Richmond

December 6, 2019: Charlotte, NC 28262

In Friday's non-league match, the host Zebulon B. Vance Cougars football squad scored a good 38-7 victory over the Richmond Raiders.

In their next game, the Cougars clash with the Leesville Road Pride (Raleigh, NC) in a non-league match, on Saturday, December 14. Zebulon B. Vance will attempt to move on its 12-2 season record. The Pride enter the match with a 13-0 record after their 21-10 non-league win over Wake Forest (Wake Forest, NC).

William PayneCougars Reporter
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  1. Check In

    4th Quarter
    7 - 31 The scorer has checked in. Richmond 7, ZBVHS 31
    Posted @ 9:55p
  2. Scorer Dropped Out

    4th Quarter
    Posted @ 10:16p
  3. Check In

    7 - 38 The scorer has checked in. Richmond 7, ZBVHS 38
    Posted @ 10:16p
  4. 7 - 38

    End of Game

    Richmond 7, ZBVHS 38
    Posted @ 10:16p

Highlight Videos

Game Photos

Photos by Matthew Plyler
  1. s. sewell

    Posted @ 7:40p
  2. s. sewell

    Any score
    Posted @ 7:40p
  3. s. sewell

    Go Dutch fork Tommy knotts
    Posted @ 7:43p
  4. Q. Morrow

    Let’s Go Vance
    Posted @ 7:50p
  5. A. Armstrong

    Let’s go Vance please keep us updated with everything
    Posted @ 7:52p
  6. R. Richardson

    LETS GO VANCE!!!!!
    Posted @ 7:52p
  7. R. Burton

    Lets Go VANCE!!
    Posted @ 7:53p
  8. R. Ingram

    Go raiders
    Posted @ 7:54p
  9. l. bartell

    Is there any score yet
    Posted @ 8p
  10. s. q

    Posted @ 8:04p
  11. S. Nemeth

    Area update Scotland 7 Cardinal Givens 15 New Hanover 0 Lee County 6 End of 1st
    Posted @ 8:06p
  12. M. Gaudy

    1st Quarter
    3 - 7
    Posted @ 8:07p
  13. M. Gaudy

    Hi, for those attending the game, you can go to the matchup tab and be the official scorer now
    Posted @ 8:08p
  14. k. gilliam

    7 3 Richmond up but they just fumbled it. 1st down Vance on Richmond 35.
    Posted @ 8:09p
  15. k. gilliam

    847 left in 1st. 1st n 10 Vance at the 17
    Posted @ 8:10p
  16. k. gilliam

    1st n goal Vance at the 6. Back to back runs by Grier.
    Posted @ 8:11p
  17. k. gilliam
    Posted @ 8:11p
  18. k. gilliam

    1 n goal from 20 after a flag on Vance.
    Posted @ 8:12p
  19. R. Burton

    K Gilliam can we listen to game on link y ou posted?
    Posted @ 8:18p
  20. k. gilliam

    TD Vance. XP good 10 to 7 Vance with 723 left in the first.
    Posted @ 8:19p
  21. Q. Harris

    Yeah you can
    Posted @ 8:19p
  22. k. gilliam

    R. Burton, yes. I am out of state today and that is how I am posting updates
    Posted @ 8:19p
  23. M. Gaudy

    1st Quarter
    10 - 7
    Posted @ 8:20p
  24. R. Burton

    I went to do i find game
    Posted @ 8:21p
  25. k. gilliam

    Should have a stream. It looks like some Christmas special but it's the game. R Burton.
    Posted @ 8:24p
  26. R. Burton

    Found it Thanks!!
    Posted @ 8:25p
  27. M. Rogers

    Score still 10/7
    Posted @ 8:33p
  28. C. Bivens

    Scotland score
    Posted @ 8:56p
  29. K. Roscoe

    Scotland is tied @ 15
    Posted @ 8:58p
  30. D. Rayy

    15-15 scots score
    Posted @ 8:58p
  31. m. sessoms

    15 to 15 Scotland score 3rd quarter
    Posted @ 8:58p
  32. s. q

    Posted @ 9:06p
  33. P. Lowery

    score ?
    Posted @ 9:07p
  34. Q. Harris

    17-7 vance
    Posted @ 9:07p
  35. B. DeVane

    Q. Harris, Vance 17 Richmond 7 right
    Posted @ 9:09p
  36. Q. Harris

    Posted @ 9:09p
  37. C. Quick

    Who's winning the game?
    Posted @ 9:09p
  38. s. sewell

    Go Tommy knotts desiple
    Posted @ 9:10p
  39. l. bartell

    What's the score
    Posted @ 9:11p
  40. B. DeVane

    3rd qtr right
    Posted @ 9:11p
  41. m. sessoms

    22 to 15 cardinal Gibbons over Scotland 3rd quarter
    Posted @ 9:12p
  42. s. q

    score update
    Posted @ 9:12p
  43. D. Cline

    Tune left in third?
    Posted @ 9:13p
  44. M. Rogers

    Come on Richmond
    Posted @ 9:14p
  45. s. q

    come on raiders let’s get through this
    Posted @ 9:14p
  46. H. Herndon

    Come on richmond!!!
    Posted @ 9:15p
  47. s. q

    Posted @ 9:16p
  48. M. Rogers

    Coach should have let it all out
    Posted @ 9:18p
  49. B. DeVane

    Hi is it the 3rd qtr right
    Posted @ 9:18p
  50. c. Anderson

    What is the score against
    Posted @ 9:18p
  51. c. Anderson

    What’s the score again
    Posted @ 9:18p
  52. M. Rogers

    Defense don't turn around
    Posted @ 9:18p
  53. S. Pope

    Come Raiders
    Posted @ 9:19p
  54. G. Tatum

    Vance on a mission!
    Posted @ 9:19p
  55. M. Rogers

    I knew it's gone be a lot of bad couching
    Posted @ 9:20p
  56. M. Rogers

    Get outside the box
    Posted @ 9:21p
  57. R. Harden

    What's the score?
    Posted @ 9:21p
  58. s. q

    score update
    Posted @ 9:21p
  59. M. Rogers

    Score. Losing
    Posted @ 9:22p
  60. D. Sewell

    This is sad
    Posted @ 9:23p
  61. M. Rogers

    What quarter
    Posted @ 9:23p
  62. M. Rogers

    Poor coaching same plays over n over
    Posted @ 9:24p
  63. A. Mejia

    Who winning ?
    Posted @ 9:24p
  64. M. Rogers

    What is the score
    Posted @ 9:25p
  65. C. Hunter

    24-7 Vance
    Posted @ 9:26p
  66. M. Rogers

    What's the score
    Posted @ 9:30p
  67. s. q

    let’s go raiders
    Posted @ 9:30p
  68. M. Rogers

    What's score w how many minutes
    Posted @ 9:32p
  69. J. Harper

    They are reporting different scores. It says Richmond winning but on that chat y’all say Vance winning.
    Posted @ 9:32p
  70. J. Harper

    Who is winning the game? I am getting conflicting scores
    Posted @ 9:33p
  71. M. Rogers

    Vance winning
    Posted @ 9:33p
  72. m. sessoms

    Vance winning
    Posted @ 9:34p
  73. D. Sewell

    Vance is winning big time lol
    Posted @ 9:35p
  74. R. Burris

    Who winning?
    Posted @ 9:35p
  75. d. skinner

    31-7 Vance - start of 4th QTR
    Posted @ 9:37p
  76. Q. Morrow

    Don’t the score Reverse
    Posted @ 9:37p
  77. J. Harper

    Is anyone at the game. On Richmond sure it says Richmond 31-7
    Posted @ 9:42p
  78. s. q

    what’s the score
    Posted @ 9:42p
  79. J. Harper

    This says Richmond winning
    Posted @ 9:43p
  80. m. sessoms

    Posted @ 9:43p
  81. D. Wallace

    Vance actually winning
    Posted @ 9:44p
  82. D. Cline

    Time left in 4th?
    Posted @ 9:45p
  83. P. Church

    31 to 7 Vance leading Raiders driving 4th down & 15 from the Raiders’ yardline Pass intercepted in end zone Ball goes back to Vance
    Posted @ 9:45p
  84. P. Church

    Under 9 minutes left
    Posted @ 9:46p
  85. m. sessoms

    Cardinal Gibbons 22 Scotland 15 Final
    Posted @ 9:46p
  86. P. Church

    7:50 left
    Posted @ 9:47p
  87. Q. Morrow

    Who is wining I want to know
    Posted @ 9:47p
  88. D. Sewell

    Not richmond lol
    Posted @ 9:48p
  89. R. Anderson

    Posted @ 9:48p
  90. m. sessoms

    Vance winning Scoreboard is wrong
    Posted @ 9:48p
  91. C. Hunter

    31-7 Vance
    Posted @ 9:48p
  92. Q. Morrow

    Wats the score
    Posted @ 9:48p
  93. m. sessoms

    Scotland and Richmond lose tonight
    Posted @ 9:49p
  94. R. Anderson

    Posted @ 9:49p
  95. D. Cline

    Is it over?
    Posted @ 9:53p
  96. J. Harper

    Can someone give me a final score yet?
    Posted @ 10p
  97. d. skinner

    Vance now up 38-7 6 min left 4th QTR
    Posted @ 10:01p
  98. D. Cline

    38 - 7 Vance. 6 minutes left
    Posted @ 10:02p
  99. J. Harper

    What in the world happened to Richmond tonite?
    Posted @ 10:03p
  100. J. Cranford

    Good old fashioned whipping tonight
    Posted @ 10:04p
  101. J. Harper

    Can someone explain what happened to Richmond tonite? They were scoring at will on everyone but tonite they can’t score
    Posted @ 10:05p
  102. J. Harper

    Wow and Wake Forest lost as well
    Posted @ 10:06p
  103. s. q

    no hate richmond they came this far
    Posted @ 10:06p
  104. H. Herndon

    Richmond came a long way, they don’t need anyone’s negativity tonight. They had a lot of pressure on them within this game
    Posted @ 10:08p
  105. H. Herndon

    Vance lost 2 games.. Richmond went undefeated until this game. No need for the trash talk.
    Posted @ 10:11p
  106. J. Pressley

    That's right. We had a great season.
    Posted @ 10:22p
  107. J. Helms

    Way to go Vance!! Seems like karma bit someone on the but tonight!!!
    Posted @ 10:24p
  108. J. Helms

    Oh Richmond can dish it out but they can’t take it!!
    Posted @ 10:26p
  109. D. Rayy

    undefeated season really don’t mean a whole lot if ya can’t finish it out try again next year
    Posted @ 10:26p
  110. H. Herndon

    Seems like only thing Vance fans can do is talk trash? Have a bit of respect. Richmond played their hearts out tonight.
    Posted @ 10:28p
  111. J. Helms

    Richmond you don’t have the right to talk about somebody talking trash!! Cause y’all did the exact same thing last week!!! Boo boo!!!
    Posted @ 10:31p
  112. H. Herndon

    Vance has only put negativity and smart remarks on here. Very rude. Richmond has went a long way regardless!
    Posted @ 10:34p
  113. M. Ingram

    I can’t believe some of you are on a forum for HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS talking about literal CHILDREN the way you are. Both great teams, so unnec
    Posted @ 10:34p
  114. H. Herndon

    Completely agree! Both teams did their best tonight.
    Posted @ 10:35p
  115. Q. Morrow

    They did I have mad respect for Richmond
    Posted @ 10:37p
  116. Q. Morrow

    I’m a Vance fan and I’m telling the rest of the Vance fan on here stop talking trash
    Posted @ 10:40p
  117. D. Rayy

    yes at the end of the day it’s 2 great teams balling out for their city congrats to both teams best of luck to Vance in the championship
    Posted @ 10:41p
  118. C. Hill

    Two great teams! Much respect to Richmond, you’ve been dominant for years... glad to see you guys back in the rankings! Vance all the way!
    Posted @ 10:42p

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William PayneCougars Reporter

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Richmond (19-20)

OverallConferenceHomeAwayNeutralWin %Conference %PFPA

Zebulon B. Vance (19-20)

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Zebulon B. Vance

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RichmondZebulon B. Vance
224.4Rushing Yards Per Game8.7
164.5Passing Yards Per Game44.6
388.9Total Yards Per Game53.3
63.3Tackles Per Game-
2.6Sacks Per Game-
39.8Points Per Game-

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RichmondZebulon B. VanceNational Avg.
#33 Jahiem Covington92.4Rushing Yards Per Game#2 Austin Grier65.521.4
#5 Caleb Hood155.4Passing Yards Per Game#2 Austin Grier334.550.4
#5 Caleb Hood226.7Total Yards Per Game#2 Austin Grier400.037.2
#24 Cj Tillman8.1Tackles Per Game
#45 Javon Little0.5Sacks Per Game
#33 Jahiem Covington10.7Points Per Game

Common Opponents

SchoolCommon Opp. Rec.SchoolCommon Opp. Rec.
Richmond2-0Zebulon B. Vance1-1
9/6/19David W. ButlerRichmond(W) 42-1411/15/19Zebulon B. VanceDavid W. Butler(W) 21-0
11/22/19HoughRichmond(W) 36-2711/8/19Zebulon B. VanceHough(L) 41-28

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Richmond (19-20)

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