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The St. Louis (Honolulu, HI) varsity football team won Friday's home non-conference game against Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas, NV) by a score of 31-19.

Game Details: Aloha Football Classic, Aloha Stadium

Bishop Gorman076619
St. Louis7147331
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Box Score Stats

Bishop Gorman (19-20)

St. Louis (19-20)

Total Plays
First Downs
Penalty Yards

Game Stats

Bishop Gorman


#Athlete NameCompAttYdsC %AvgTDIntLngQB Rate
Team Totals1221162.57113.52023113.6
1Micah Bowens (Sr)1221162.57113.52023113.6
Bishop Gorman


#Athlete NameCarYdsAvgLngTD
Team Totals221074.9191
1Micah Bowens (Sr)8475.9161
3Cam Barfield#3 (So)9404.419
9Z. Branch (Fr)155.05
20Jadyn Ott (So)4153.86
Bishop Gorman


#Athlete NameRecYdsAvgLngTD
Team Totals1216213.5272
3Cam Barfield#3 (So)23417.027
4Rome Odunze (Sr)610717.8232
9Z. Branch (Fr)3155.09
20Jadyn Ott (So)166.06
Bishop Gorman

Off. Fum and Pnk Blks

#Athlete NameFumLostPnk Blk
Team Totals41
1Micah Bowens (Sr)10
3Cam Barfield#3 (So)10
20Jadyn Ott (So)21
Bishop Gorman

All Purpose Yards

#Athlete NameRushRecKRPRIRTotal
Team Totals107162990368
1Micah Bowens (Sr)4747
3Cam Barfield#3 (So)403474
4Rome Odunze (Sr)107107
5Zion Branch (So)1212
9Z. Branch (Fr)51520
20Jadyn Ott (So)15687108
Bishop Gorman

Total Yards

#Athlete NamePassRushRecTotal
Team Totals162107162269
1Micah Bowens (Sr)16247209
3Cam Barfield#3 (So)403474
4Rome Odunze (Sr)107107
9Z. Branch (Fr)51520
20Jadyn Ott (So)15621
Bishop Gorman


#Athlete NameSoloAsstTot TcklsTFL
Team Totals4432764.0
5Zion Branch (So)9110
7Jaden Hicks (Jr)11
8Fabian Ross (So)33
10L. Tuioti-mariner (Sr)7181.0
11Cyrus Moss (So)336
15Dahlin Mesake (Sr)11
17Travis Meyer (Jr)11
18Gabriel Howe (Jr)11
21Ammonte Beverly (Sr)112
24Bryan Certain (Sr)448
25Dj Herman (Jr)257
30Ishe Smith jr (Sr)3362.0
31Kodi Decambra (Fr)11
42C. Charles (Jr)448
52Palaie Faoa (Fr)22
57Tafao Amataga (Jr)112
58Connor Fryar (Sr)3361.0
80Bradley Johnson (Jr)11
Bishop Gorman


#Athlete NameSacksYdlHurs
Team Totals1.024
15Dahlin Mesake (Sr)2
30Ishe Smith jr (Sr)2
58Connor Fryar (Sr)1.02
Bishop Gorman


#Athlete NameIntInt YdsAvgPD
Team Totals100.02
7Jaden Hicks (Jr)2
42C. Charles (Jr)100.0
Bishop Gorman


#Athlete NameKOYdsAvgLngTB
Team Totals316555.0560
41B. Michael (So)316555.0560
Bishop Gorman


#Athlete NamePYdsAvgLngIn 20
Team Totals622737.851
41B. Michael (So)622737.851
Bishop Gorman

Kickoff Returns

#Athlete NameRetsYdsAvgLng
Team Totals69916.525
5Zion Branch (So)11212.012
20Jadyn Ott (So)58717.425
Bishop Gorman

Punt Returns

#Athlete NameRetsYdsAvgLngFCKR Yds
Team Totals199
4Rome Odunze (Sr)1
5Zion Branch (So)12
20Jadyn Ott (So)87
Bishop Gorman


#Athlete NameTDTD PtsConvSKick PtsTot Pts
Team Totals318119
1Micah Bowens (Sr)166
4Rome Odunze (Sr)21212
43Dylan Hamika (Sr)11
Bishop Gorman

PATs and Field Goals

#Athlete NamePATAtt%FGAtt%LngTot
Team Totals12.51
43Dylan Hamika (Sr)12.51
Bishop Gorman


Team Totals123
1Micah Bowens (Sr)11
4Rome Odunze (Sr)22
St. Louis has not entered stats for this game.

Recap Video

Game Story

Hawaii High School Football - Bishop Gorman beaten by St. Louis

August 30, 2019: Honolulu, HI 96816

St. Louis Crusaders (Honolulu, HI) fans left the game satisfied Friday as they observed their football team run past the visiting Bishop Gorman Gaels (Las Vegas, NV), 31-19 in a non-league test.

With the win, St. Louis improves its record to 3-0 on the season. The Crusaders travel to Kamehameha Kapalama (Honolulu, HI) to confront the Warriors in a Oahu Open test on Friday, September 6. The Warriors go into the test with a record of 1-2. Kamehameha Kapalama won 29-8 in their recent non-league test against Fagaitua (American Samoa) (, )

With the loss, Bishop Gorman moves to 1-1 on the season. The Gaels host Servite (Anaheim, CA) to confront the Friars in a non-league test on Saturday, September 7. The Friars go into the test with a record of 1-0. Servite won 48-7 in their recent non-league test against JW North (Riverside, CA)

Coaches Summary

First Quarter

STL --Roman Wilson 31-yard passfrom Jayden de Laura(Lason Napuunoa Kick), 6:50, 1st.

Second Quarter

STL --Koali Nishigaya 10-yard pass from Jayden de Laura(Lason Napuunoa Kick), 9:54, 2nd.
STL --Kaohu Kamakawiwoole 5-yard run(Lason Napuunoa Kick), 5:40, 2nd.
BG --Rome Odunze 12-yard pass from Micah Bowens(Dylan Hamika Kick), 3:17, 2nd.

Third Quarter

BG --Micah Bowens 11-yard run(Kick Failed), 4:15, 3rd.
STL --Nicholas Herbig 11-yard fumble recovery(Lason Napuunoa Kick), 0:19, 3rd.

Fourth Quarter

STL --Lason Napuunoa 32-yard field goal, 5:02, 4th.
BGM --Rome Odunze 19-yard pass from Micah Bowens(Run Failed), 3:34, 4th.

Matt KessmanGaels Reporter
Clint SouzaCrusaders Reporter
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  1. Check In

    The scorer has checked in.
    Posted @ 6:35p
  2. Game Attendance

    Attendance Over 5,000
    Posted @ 6:36p
  3. Field Conditions

    Field Conditions Dry
    Posted @ 6:36p
  4. Weather Conditions

    Weather Conditions Muggy
    Posted @ 6:36p
  5. Commentary

    The Gaels are warming up!!
    Posted @ 6:38p
  6. Commentary

    Posted @ 6:38p
  7. 0 - 0

    Start of Game

    St. Louis1st Quarter
    St. Louis kicking off to Bishop Gorman.
    Posted @ 7:39p
  8. 0 - 0


    St. Louis1st Quarter ~10 minutes to go
    Bishop Gorman has punted to St. Louis. St. Louis has the ball. BGHS 0, St. Louis 0
    Posted @ 7:42p
  9. 0 - 6

    Passing Touchdown

    St. Louis1st Quarter ~7 minutes to go
    St. Louis - Pass completed for a TD. BGHS 0, St. Louis 6
    Posted @ 7:49p
  10. 0 - 7

    Made Point After

    St. Louis1st Quarter ~7 minutes to go
    St. Louis - PAT Good. BGHS 0, St. Louis 7
    Posted @ 7:49p
  11. 0 - 7

    Possession Update - Kickoff

    Bishop Gorman1st Quarter ~6 minutes to go
    St. Louis kicked off to Bishop Gorman. Bishop Gorman has the ball. BGHS 0, St. Louis 7
    Posted @ 7:51p
  12. 0 - 7

    End of 1st Quarter

    2nd Quarter
    BGHS 0, St. Louis 7
    Posted @ 8:05p
  13. 0 - 13

    Passing Touchdown

    St. Louis2nd Quarter ~10 minutes to go
    St. Louis - Pass completed for a TD. BGHS 0, St. Louis 13
    Posted @ 8:13p
  14. 0 - 14

    Made Point After

    St. Louis2nd Quarter ~10 minutes to go
    St. Louis - PAT Good. BGHS 0, St. Louis 14
    Posted @ 8:13p
  15. 0 - 14


    St. Louis2nd Quarter ~8 minutes to go
    Bishop Gorman has punted to St. Louis. St. Louis has the ball on their own 40-yard line. BGHS 0, St. Louis 14
    Posted @ 8:18p
  16. 0 - 20

    Rushing Touchdown

    St. Louis2nd Quarter ~5 minutes to go
    St. Louis - Rushing TD. BGHS 0, St. Louis 20
    Posted @ 8:25p
  17. 0 - 21

    Made Point After

    St. Louis2nd Quarter ~5 minutes to go
    St. Louis - PAT Good. BGHS 0, St. Louis 21
    Posted @ 8:26p
  18. 6 - 21

    Passing Touchdown

    Bishop Gorman2nd Quarter ~3 minutes to go
    Bishop Gorman - Pass completed for a TD. BGHS 6, St. Louis 21
    Posted @ 8:32p
  19. 7 - 21

    Made Point After

    Bishop Gorman2nd Quarter ~3 minutes to go
    Bishop Gorman - PAT Good. BGHS 7, St. Louis 21
    Posted @ 8:32p
  20. Commentary

    2nd Quarter
    Stop of game due to injury on the field. 2:55 left in the half
    Posted @ 8:43p
  21. 7 - 21


    BGHS 7, St. Louis 21
    Posted @ 10:06p
  22. 7 - 21

    Start of 3rd Quarter

    Bishop Gorman3rd Quarter
    Bishop Gorman to kick off to St. Louis.
    Posted @ 10:06p
  23. 7 - 21

    End of 3rd Quarter

    4th Quarter
    BGHS 7, St. Louis 21
    Posted @ 10:06p
  24. 7 - 27

    Passing Touchdown

    St. Louis4th Quarter ~11 minutes to go
    St. Louis - Pass completed for a TD. BGHS 7, St. Louis 27
    Posted @ 10:06p
  25. 7 - 28

    Made Point After

    St. Louis4th Quarter ~11 minutes to go
    St. Louis - PAT Good. BGHS 7, St. Louis 28
    Posted @ 10:06p
  26. 13 - 28

    Rushing Touchdown

    Bishop Gorman4th Quarter ~11 minutes to go
    Bishop Gorman - Rushing TD. BGHS 13, St. Louis 28
    Posted @ 10:07p
  27. 13 - 28

    Missed Point After

    Bishop Gorman4th Quarter ~11 minutes to go
    Bishop Gorman - PAT Missed. BGHS 13, St. Louis 28
    Posted @ 10:07p
  28. 19 - 28

    Passing Touchdown

    Bishop Gorman4th Quarter ~2 minutes to go
    Bishop Gorman - Pass completed for a TD. BGHS 19, St. Louis 28
    Posted @ 10:37p
  29. 19 - 28

    Rushing Two Point Conversion Failed

    Bishop Gorman4th Quarter ~2 minutes to go
    Bishop Gorman - 2Pt Conversion Failed. BGHS 19, St. Louis 28
    Posted @ 10:37p
  30. 19 - 28

    End of Game

    BGHS 19, St. Louis 28
    Posted @ 10:41p

Highlight Videos

  1. M. Pyne

    Kickoff yet?
    Posted @ 7:31p
  2. S. Fernandez

    Let’s go Crusaders!
    Posted @ 7:36p
  3. D. Pascual

    Anyone know if this is televised?
    Posted @ 7:37p
  4. R. Martinez

    GATA Lets Go Gaels!!
    Posted @ 7:37p
  5. t. knapp

    Please let bishop gorman lose.
    Posted @ 7:37p
  6. T. Chandler

    Not televised.
    Posted @ 7:38p
  7. J. Seu

    Not televised
    Posted @ 7:42p
  8. T. Moss

    That’s really wack they choose not to televise it for ticket sale. What about the families on the main land...BS
    Posted @ 7:42p
  9. J. Seu

    I agree
    Posted @ 7:43p
  10. B. See

    This is one of the biggest games of High School Football this week. It should be televised but whatever...
    Posted @ 7:44p
  11. T. Chandler

    I think it's how they help pay for the team to come down. I could be wrong though.
    Posted @ 7:45p
  12. J. Seu

    I listening to it on the radio
    Posted @ 7:46p
  13. R. Martinez

    Sucks for all that couldn’t travel to see our boys play! Show em’ who we are BG
    Posted @ 7:47p
  14. J. Seu

    Roughing the passer on BG. First down for St. Louis on BG 42
    Posted @ 7:47p
  15. T. Moss

    What radio station?
    Posted @ 7:47p
  16. J. Seu

    CBS sports 1500 am in Honolulu
    Posted @ 7:48p
  17. J. Seu

    TD St. Louis 31 yard pass
    Posted @ 7:50p
  18. B. See

    Yeah let's hope BGHS can strike back but we'll see.
    Posted @ 7:50p
  19. J. Seu

    I’m actually a Kahuku fan, but cheering for these Hawaii kids
    Posted @ 7:51p
  20. B. See

    Oh yeah, you guys don't like us at all.
    Posted @ 7:52p
  21. A. Soakai

    Let’s Go Bishop Gorman!!!
    Posted @ 7:53p
  22. J. Seu

    We don’t like St. Louis either lol
    Posted @ 7:53p
  23. J. Seu

    BG punting
    Posted @ 7:54p
  24. T. Chandler

    STL all the way@
    Posted @ 7:54p
  25. J. Seu

    Posted @ 7:54p
  26. W. Plimmer

    Where can I live stream the game
    Posted @ 7:55p
  27. M. Sir

    Let’s go BGHS
    Posted @ 7:55p
  28. B. See

    Yeah we aren't nearly as strong as when we played Kahuku back in the 2016-17 season.
    Posted @ 7:55p
  29. J. Seu

    17 yard pass by STL
    Posted @ 7:55p
  30. B. See

    The games on the radio. CBS Sports 1500 Honolulu.
    Posted @ 7:56p
  31. B. See

    Crusaders QB overthrows the WR. 4th down coming up.
    Posted @ 8p
  32. A. Esene

    Posted @ 8p
  33. D. Lo

    Any live streams?
    Posted @ 8:10p
  34. B. See

    No, but it's on the radio. CBS Sports 1500 Honolulu.
    Posted @ 8:14p
  35. J. Seu

    What’s going on with BG?
    Posted @ 8:18p
  36. G. Pizarro

    They aren't as strong this year like the previous years from what I've heard
    Posted @ 8:20p
  37. B. See

    Our coach keeps calling run plays. We need to throw the ball to compete with this team.
    Posted @ 8:20p
  38. B. See

    You're right, we're not. We lost a lot of key players from the past couple years.
    Posted @ 8:21p
  39. J. Seu

    24 yard gain STL
    Posted @ 8:21p
  40. G. Pizarro

    Well you guys did take it to Orem and they usually aren't pushovers
    Posted @ 8:22p
  41. B. See

    Not going to lie I'd love to hear some non-native Hawaiians try and pronounce these last names.
    Posted @ 8:23p
  42. B. See

    Yeah but that was at our house and in our timezone. Today they're playing a game at 8:24 pm and they're used to 11:24 pm.
    Posted @ 8:24p
  43. R. Mamea

    And I love to see any Hawaiians pronounce those Samoan names. They always jacked it up
    Posted @ 8:25p
  44. t. knapp

    Posted @ 8:26p
  45. J. Seu

    First n goal STL
    Posted @ 8:26p
  46. J. Seu

    TD STL
    Posted @ 8:26p
  47. B. See

    These radio commercials are pretty funny on the radio.
    Posted @ 8:27p
  48. J. Seu

    Posted @ 8:27p
  49. t. knapp

    Oh I hope it’s a long flight home for bishop, from Vegas and can’t stand the school who RECRUITS players. Please beat BGHS!
    Posted @ 8:27p
  50. J. Seu

    Will the BG get shut out?
    Posted @ 8:28p
  51. B. See

    But Bishop Gorman is playing horribly. Kenny Sanchez better throw the ball or we're going to be down 56-0 at halftime.
    Posted @ 8:28p
  52. B. See

    Hey, man don't be making fun of my school. Although I do hate our coach. He beats his wife.
    Posted @ 8:29p
  53. J. Seu

    Maybe Orem is trash
    Posted @ 8:30p
  54. B. See

    They aren't trash, they just weren't good.
    Posted @ 8:30p
  55. t. knapp

    I’m not making fun of anyone, I’m just saying, I’m from Vegas and I’m glad to see them losing. It’s gonna be a long flight back home.
    Posted @ 8:30p
  56. B. See

    Yeah, that flight is at least 6-8 hours.
    Posted @ 8:31p
  57. t. knapp

    B. Yeah I just did that flight, twice in the last month. It’s gonna be fun for those kids... but bad for coaches wife
    Posted @ 8:32p
  58. J. Seu

    I’d say 5-6 hrs
    Posted @ 8:32p
  59. G. Pizarro

    6 hours...Sometimes a little less depending on weather
    Posted @ 8:32p
  60. J. Seu

    Uh oh, they gonna score?
    Posted @ 8:33p
  61. G. Pizarro

    You guys scored
    Posted @ 8:33p
  62. B. See

    Finally, we scored. And all it took was Micah Bowens not listening to our head coach.
    Posted @ 8:34p
  63. S. Faiga

    Good luck to both
    Posted @ 8:34p
  64. J. Seu

    Last I heard Liberty was leading Mililani by 10
    Posted @ 8:35p
  65. B. See

    Hold on isn't the team they're playing good?
    Posted @ 8:35p
  66. S. Faiga

    Crusaders too good. I watched The Orem game last week. I told everyone , no worry St Luis will will smash them next week.
    Posted @ 8:36p
  67. J. Seu

    Mililani is #2 behind STL
    Posted @ 8:36p
  68. B. See

    Dang, and we're better than Liberty, too. We've never lost to them in our history as a football team.
    Posted @ 8:37p
  69. G. Pizarro

    Yeah Liberty up 19-7 3rd qtr
    Posted @ 8:37p
  70. t. knapp

    Hey B, How do you think Bishop would do against Pahranagat Valley?
    Posted @ 8:38p
  71. B. See

    I think we'd beat them, but that's just me.
    Posted @ 8:40p
  72. J. Seu

    Hope the kid is OK
    Posted @ 8:40p
  73. B. See

    The way they described the hit reminds me of Tommy Armstrong against Ohio State.
    Posted @ 8:41p
  74. G. Pizarro

    I wanna see next week's game against Servite, my cousins boy Tetairoa McMillan is a stud receiver for Servite only a Soph too
    Posted @ 8:41p
  75. B. See

    I think Bishop Gorman can beat Servite, but it'll be pretty tough for sure.
    Posted @ 8:43p
  76. S. Faiga

    Then they play Lone Peak in Utah after Servite
    Posted @ 8:44p
  77. B. See

    People are saying that Servite is going to be really good next year because D.J. Uiagalelei and Bryce Young will be gone.
    Posted @ 8:45p
  78. B. See

    Welp, an ambulance is coming onto the field right now.
    Posted @ 8:46p
  79. S. Faiga

    Who is Hurt?? Gorman or St. LOUIS player
    Posted @ 8:49p
  80. M. Manley

    Bishop Gorman player
    Posted @ 8:57p
  81. M. Manley

    Bg lineman got hit in the head
    Posted @ 8:58p
  82. B. See

    Bishop Gorman player went down. Supposedly it's a neck injury.
    Posted @ 8:58p
  83. G. Amina

    What # got gurt
    Posted @ 9:01p
  84. M. Manley

    Field clear, game back on
    Posted @ 9:01p
  85. B. See

    Not sure on the player, I'm trying to figure it out right now.
    Posted @ 9:04p
  86. C. Chavarria

    Which number got hurt
    Posted @ 9:04p
  87. J. Owens

    27-19 Mililani over Liberty in the 4th. Big turn of events
    Posted @ 9:06p
  88. T. Chandler

    Posted @ 9:06p
  89. B. See

    I believe #43 got hurt. He's the kicker and his name is Dylan Hamika.
    Posted @ 9:06p
  90. S. Faiga

    Mililani good job
    Posted @ 9:06p
  91. B. See

    Oh wait, nevermind it is #15, he's right.
    Posted @ 9:07p
  92. T. Chandler

    Posted @ 9:07p
  93. J. Owens

    Mililani now up 27-19 early in the 4th
    Posted @ 9:07p
  94. B. See

    Poor guy, man. He's in my math class, too. I hope I see him back in class and with his friends soon.
    Posted @ 9:08p
  95. J. Owens

    It’s gonna go down to the wire
    Posted @ 9:18p
  96. B. See

    I kind of want to see Liberty beat that team not going to lie.
    Posted @ 9:20p
  97. M. Wilson, Jr.

    Any update on that Bishop Gorman player who was injured? I see St. Louis up 21-7 at the half.
    Posted @ 9:22p
  98. J. Owens

    Punahou is playing Long Beach Poly in CA tomorrow. Their Senior QB went down with an injury, so they’re rolling with a Freshman
    Posted @ 9:22p
  99. B. See

    People on snapchat are saying that he's in the hospital right now. Still don't know for sure what it is but it is probably a neck injury.
    Posted @ 9:24p
  100. J. Akiyama

    @B, u got a vid of the hit?
    Posted @ 9:25p
  101. B. See

    I don't have a video. Somebody in this chat might though
    Posted @ 9:26p
  102. M. Wilson, Jr.

    Found video of the game and the sequence how St. Louis went up 21-0... Crusaders had a dominant 2nd quarter prior to the late score from BG
    Posted @ 9:27p
  103. M. Wilson, Jr.

    All I have are videos of the TD's from both teams
    Posted @ 9:29p
  104. B. See

    Can I the Bishop Gorman one? I'd like to see it.
    Posted @ 9:31p
  105. J. Owens

    Mililani might pull this out after being down 16-0 in the 1st Quarter
    Posted @ 9:31p
  106. B. See

    Yeah Liberty definitely choked.
    Posted @ 9:32p
  107. J. Owens

    The radio call just reported the BG player gave the “double thumbs up” when leaving the field.....
    Posted @ 9:33p
  108. B. See

    Yeah I know. Last time I listened to a broadcast and the people calling it weren't nice at all. These two guys are really cool.
    Posted @ 9:34p
  109. M. Wilson, Jr.

    The kid from Bishop Gorman who was injured is Dahlin Mesake, here's the pic of him giving the thumbs off as he was carried off the field
    Posted @ 9:35p
  110. B. See

    12:36 am for the people in Nevada. Not good for the BGHS players either.
    Posted @ 9:36p
  111. t. knapp

    When did BG fly to Hawai’i
    Posted @ 9:38p
  112. M. Manley

    Bishop Gorman flew Wednesday night
    Posted @ 9:39p
  113. B. See

    On Thursday. That isn't really a lot of time to adjust to their time.
    Posted @ 9:39p
  114. M. Manley

    They flew Wednesday I was on same flight coming back from Vegas
    Posted @ 9:41p
  115. B. See

    Yeah, late-night flight and arrived on Thursday their time.
    Posted @ 9:41p
  116. B. See

    Oh seriously? Dang, the school said they arrived on Thursday...
    Posted @ 9:42p
  117. M. Manley

    They left Vegas 6 pm got to Hawaii pm Hawaii time
    Posted @ 9:43p
  118. B. See

    Oh so technically around 11 pm our time and 8 Hawaii time? Yeah I can see why they told the students Thursday
    Posted @ 9:44p
  119. M. Manley

    Yeah the time change would make it Thursday in Vegas
    Posted @ 9:45p
  120. B. See

    I'm so glad our coach decided to allow Bowens to pass the ball.
    Posted @ 9:47p
  121. J. Seu

    Nice score BG
    Posted @ 9:48p
  122. J. Akiyama

    atown_media on ig is live-streaming from the stadium if y’all wanna watch
    Posted @ 9:48p
  123. B. See

    Ok, our coach actually has some brain cells now. Thank god.
    Posted @ 9:49p
  124. J. Seu

    21-13 STL
    Posted @ 9:49p
  125. B. See

    It says atown_media isn't live at the moment.
    Posted @ 9:50p
  126. M. Wilson, Jr.

    Based on what I'm reading here... dare I say Bishop Gorman starting to gain some momentum?
    Posted @ 9:50p
  127. B. See

    I'd think so. This happened when they played St. John Bosco back in 2014. They won that game so fingers crossed.
    Posted @ 9:51p
  128. J. Akiyama

    @B idk y it says that for u, 200 people watching rn
    Posted @ 9:52p
  129. J. Akiyama

    Posted @ 9:53p
  130. B. See

    Yeah I see it now, this is really good.
    Posted @ 9:54p
  131. B. See

    Bro thank god for atown_media...
    Posted @ 9:56p
  132. J. Simonson

    What’s link to view game. Bg
    Posted @ 9:57p
  133. M. Wilson, Jr.

    can't find it on p-scope... dang it
    Posted @ 9:57p
  134. J. Akiyama

    @B no, @J search up “atown_media” on instagram
    Posted @ 10p
  135. J. Akiyama

    Posted @ 10p
  136. M. Wilson, Jr.

    Found it, thanks!
    Posted @ 10:03p
  137. B. See

    What was the final score in the Mililani and Liberty game.
    Posted @ 10:04p
  138. M. Wilson, Jr.

    Disastrous for BG. BG throws a pass out to the RB who drops it and thinks the play is over but it was actually backwards pass...
    Posted @ 10:06p
  139. M. Wilson, Jr.

    ... St. Louis defender picks up the ball for a scoop and score. St. Louis now leads 28-13
    Posted @ 10:07p
  140. M. Wilson, Jr.

    Mililani defeated Liberty 34-22.
    Posted @ 10:08p
  141. J. Owens

    Da Saints gonna go deep and put a quick one up...they don’t like guys giving em cheap shots. That’s usually
    Posted @ 10:09p
  142. B. See

    Dang, that guy just did a soccer trip on that BGHS defender...
    Posted @ 10:11p
  143. M. Wilson, Jr.

    St. Louis scores again via FG. St. Louis now leads Bishop Gorman 31-14 in the 4th. Game should be 35-14 St. Louis tbh, if not for penalty
    Posted @ 10:23p
  144. M. Wilson, Jr.

    Excuse me 31-13, my bad
    Posted @ 10:24p
  145. M. Wilson, Jr.

    Quick drive from Bishop Gorman leads to a TD. BG 2-point try fails, St. Louis now leads Bishop Gorman 31-19 w/3:34 to go in the 4th quarter
    Posted @ 10:27p
  146. A. Esene

    Mahalo atown_media!
    Posted @ 10:28p
  147. J. Seu

    This game is getting crazy
    Posted @ 10:28p
  148. J. Seu

    They need to let cool heads prevail
    Posted @ 10:30p
  149. J. Seu

    31-19 STL
    Posted @ 10:30p
  150. M. Wilson, Jr.

    Almost for Bishop Gorman on that onside kick
    Posted @ 10:31p
  151. M. Wilson, Jr.

    1st down St. Louis... this game is as good as over.
    Posted @ 10:38p

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