Pueblo Central @ Pueblo South

Girls Varsity Swimming Winter 17-18 · 1/9/2018 5:00 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalResult
Pueblo Central43L
Pueblo South130W

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stHaley HiblerPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final155.30
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50 Free

1stGia GenovaPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final00:27.25
2ndBrianna MontoyaPueblo Central (Pueblo, CO)Final00:30.47
3rdLacey CurtisPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final00:34.61
4thBrittany ChamberlinPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final00:35.13
5thMadalynn YarbroughPueblo Central (Pueblo, CO)Final00:37.00
6thSophia MauroPueblo Central (Pueblo, CO)Final00:46.72
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100 Fly

1stLainee JonesPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final00:59.44
2ndAllison KelleyPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final01:12.85
3rdLogan CastroPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final01:24.54
4thMadalynn YarbroughPueblo Central (Pueblo, CO)Final01:44.70
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100 Free

1stRachel HighfillPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final01:04.70
2ndBrianna MontoyaPueblo Central (Pueblo, CO)Final01:09.46
3rdJesse JohnsonPueblo Central (Pueblo, CO)Final01:24.32
4thMonroe QuintanaPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final01:32.32
5thKatelyn PalacioPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final01:36.01
6thMorgan ChavezPueblo Central (Pueblo, CO)Final01:47.85
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100 Breast

1stRachel HighfillPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final01:20.48
2ndMollie SchlossPueblo Central (Pueblo, CO)Final01:35.94
3rdMichayla DiRito-GoffPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final01:36.68
4thLacey CurtisPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final01:43.49
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100 Back

1stSarah FisherPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final01:24.35
2ndMariah PhillipsPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final01:27.52
3rdJesse JohnsonPueblo Central (Pueblo, CO)Final01:40.90
4thTiana MontezPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final01:53.03
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200 Free

1stSarah FisherPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final02:38.07
2ndBreanna BravoPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final02:38.62
3rdMallory MillerPueblo Central (Pueblo, CO)Final03:08.20
4thMackenzie TurnerPueblo Central (Pueblo, CO)Final03:33.00
5thHelena LengersPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final03:35.18
6thMorgan ChavezPueblo Central (Pueblo, CO)Final03:52.47
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200 Individual Medley

1stSayer GuerreroPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final02:41.39
2ndTalon KenyonPueblo Central (Pueblo, CO)Final03:12.14
3rdAlyssa SchreiberPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final03:17.93
4thMollie SchlossPueblo Central (Pueblo, CO)Final03:23.50
5thHannah DodgePueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final03:31.34
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500 Free

1stCatherine KottenstettePueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final05:46.32
2ndTalon KenyonPueblo Central (Pueblo, CO)Final07:28.55
3rdAnabella BerumenPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final08:23.34
4thCourtney LeePueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final09:52.90
5thMackenzie TurnerPueblo Central (Pueblo, CO)Final10:12.47
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final02:02.89
2ndRelay TeamPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final02:23.56
3rdRelay TeamPueblo Central (Pueblo, CO)Final02:35.42
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final02:08.85
2ndRelay TeamPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final02:14.23
3rdRelay TeamPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final02:41.97
4thRelay TeamPueblo Central (Pueblo, CO)Final02:51.01
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final03:55.48
2ndRelay TeamPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final05:06.34
3rdRelay TeamPueblo Central (Pueblo, CO)Final05:23.40
4thRelay TeamPueblo South (Pueblo, CO)Final06:04.28
5thRelay TeamPueblo Central (Pueblo, CO)Final06:36.38