Cherry Creek @ Smoky Hill

Girls Varsity Swimming Winter 18-19 · 12/6/2018 5:00 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalResult
Cherry Creek202W
Smoky Hill168L

Athletes of the Meet

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stJaclyn SantiagoSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final11.1253.55
2ndChenoa WilliamsSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final185.10
3rdElizabeth RussoSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final184.70
4thCaroline ParentSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final148.80
5thGabriela KovalenkoSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final123.85
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50 Free

1stKristina DomashevichSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:26.59
2ndVeronica KeffSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:28.49
3rdJessiy SelbySmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:29.02
4thKatelyn VannSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:29.97
5thSydney MillerSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:29.99
6thIsabella DeedsSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:32.46
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100 Free

1stKatie PowerSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:57.64
2ndVeronica KeffSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:01.09
3rdMcKenna McElhineySmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:01.21
4thPiper NeelySmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:07.03
5thJordan MillerSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:07.46
6thCassie ScottSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:08.07
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100 Fly

1stAnnelise ThomasSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:01.20
2ndKristina DomashevichSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:05.03
3rdJessiy SelbySmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:11.76
4thAnnabel FuinaSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:21.18
5thAlexandra GurevichSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:21.48
6thIzzy MelvilleSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:38.63
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100 Back

1stAnnelise ThomasSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:03.59
2ndGabriella GorisSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:07.33
3rdKelly SaindonSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:09.77
4thSydney MillerSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:18.93
5thArissa PetreeSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:28.82
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100 Breast

1stMaggie RobbenSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:10.16
2ndKatie PowerSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:14.26
3rdKorin MoglerSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:17.30
4thCassie ScottSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:23.55
5thTira DurrellSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:29.67
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200 Free

1stBlythe IversonSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:07.17
2ndKendall BergstromSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:17.97
3rdGrace JonesSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:20.92
4thJordan MitchellSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:27.29
5thPiper NeelySmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:31.97
6thAlexa BurnsSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:34.70
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200 Individual Medley

1stMaggie RobbenSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:16.83
2ndKelly SaindonSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:28.77
3rdGabriella GorisSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:29.84
4thKorin MoglerSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:42.24
5thMaya VazquezSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:51.80
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500 Free

1stBlythe IversonSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final05:35.56
2ndKendall BergstromSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final06:14.43
3rdGrace JonesSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final06:24.45
4thJordan MitchellSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final06:41.45
5thAlexa BurnsSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final07:03.78
6thArissa PetreeSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final07:19.44
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:46.69
2ndRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:59.09
3rdRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:04.43
4thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:27.39
5thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:28.17
6thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:30.39
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:55.36
2ndRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:05.70
3rdRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:14.10
4thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:20.59
5thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:35.04
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final04:07.30
2ndRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final04:26.75
3rdRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final04:33.75
4thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final05:00.48
5thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final06:09.40