Thomas Jefferson @ Denver North

Girls Varsity Swimming Winter 18-19 · 1/9/2019 4:15 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalResult
Thomas Jefferson133W
Denver North34L

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stHanna ChannellThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final218.75
2ndHolly FewellThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final169.30
3rdDenise HanselmanThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final166.65
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50 Free

1stGeorgia HartleyThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final00:30.45
2ndIsabella WentlandDenver North (Denver, CO)Final00:30.49
3rdAddie McLainThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final00:32.56
4thFaith TonerThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final00:33.80
5thLucy CaldwellDenver North (Denver, CO)Final00:36.58
6thMorrhyssey BenzThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final00:36.60
7thBreanna GonzalesDenver North (Denver, CO)Final00:41.10
8thMary ScottThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final00:41.94
9thTyhaunnie HarperDenver North (Denver, CO)Final00:44.08
10thJazmin MarquezDenver North (Denver, CO)Final00:45.85
11thNataly MirandaThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final00:46.50
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100 Free

1stHanna ChannellThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final01:03.64
2ndKatie HarrisonDenver North (Denver, CO)Final01:04.39
3rdGabriella DeMariaThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final01:08.43
4thAddie McLainThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final01:15.91
5thLaura ZelenkaThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final01:16.07
6thMaya PadillaDenver North (Denver, CO)Final01:24.10
7thLucy CaldwellDenver North (Denver, CO)Final01:26.66
8thMylee MartinezDenver North (Denver, CO)Final01:29.25
9thIsabella EllertsonDenver North (Denver, CO)Final01:32.60
10thCamila CruzThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final01:33.35
11thIsabella SequeraThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final01:41.38
12thAnastasiya GarciaDenver North (Denver, CO)Final02:01.25
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100 Back

1stPhoebe BrineyThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final01:13.40
2ndKatie HarrisonDenver North (Denver, CO)Final01:17.27
3rdGabriella DeMariaThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final01:19.77
4thIsabella PittThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final01:20.21
5thLucy LoJaconoThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final01:32.80
6thNoelani RaelDenver North (Denver, CO)Final01:36.63
7thZoe KerrDenver North (Denver, CO)Final01:42.05
8thMary ScottThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final01:48.50
9thCarlene BeatonDenver North (Denver, CO)Final01:49.67
10thBreanna GonzalesDenver North (Denver, CO)Final01:53.85
11thCamila CruzThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final02:00.82
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100 Fly

1stIsabella WentlandDenver North (Denver, CO)Final01:24.30
2ndAlice LarmThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final01:27.90
3rdNataly MirandaThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final02:09.07
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100 Breast

1stAvery LoJaconoThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final01:27.28
2ndAlice LarmThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final01:27.55
3rdBrynn RobertsThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final01:31.55
4thFaith TonerThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final01:45.01
5thCeCe Prime-MoralesThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final01:48.80
6thMylee MartinezDenver North (Denver, CO)Final01:57.15
7thPriscilla BroomandiDenver North (Denver, CO)Final02:15.57
8thAspen CoatesDenver North (Denver, CO)Final02:18.50
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200 Free

1stLucy LoJaconoThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final02:35.64
2ndAvery LoJaconoThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final02:35.88
3rdLilly LemmeDenver North (Denver, CO)Final02:36.60
4thIsabella PittThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final02:48.00
5thBrynn RobertsThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final03:05.20
6thCarlene BeatonDenver North (Denver, CO)Final03:36.40
7thAshley RobinsonDenver North (Denver, CO)Final03:38.40
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200 Individual Medley

1stPhoebe BrineyThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final02:38.48
2ndLaura ZelenkaThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final03:28.14
3rdHope BristowThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final03:49.00
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500 Free

1stLilly LemmeDenver North (Denver, CO)Final07:08.58
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final02:12.91
2ndRelay TeamThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final02:22.40
3rdRelay TeamThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final02:42.13
4thRelay TeamDenver North (Denver, CO)Final02:45.78
5thRelay TeamDenver North (Denver, CO)Final02:50.96
6thRelay TeamDenver North (Denver, CO)Final02:56.05
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final02:16.17
2ndRelay TeamDenver North (Denver, CO)Final02:31.70
3rdRelay TeamThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final02:33.31
4thRelay TeamThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final02:56.28
5thRelay TeamDenver North (Denver, CO)Final03:06.12
6thRelay TeamDenver North (Denver, CO)Final03:08.35
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final04:47.54
2ndRelay TeamThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final04:51.84
3rdRelay TeamDenver North (Denver, CO)Final05:04.43
4thRelay TeamDenver North (Denver, CO)Final06:19.19
5thRelay TeamThomas Jefferson (Denver, CO)Final06:24.18