Fossil Ridge @ Loveland

Girls Varsity Swimming Winter 18-19 · 12/4/2018 4:00 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalResult
Fossil Ridge122W

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stAlexia DellingerFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final230.05
2ndOlivia BrockLoveland (CO)Final215.35
3rdAspen WarnygoraFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final206.85
4thPaige StraitLoveland (CO)Final192.85
5thLea DellingerFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final121.20
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50 Free

1stSummer SivertsFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:26.69
2ndJordan KeckLoveland (CO)Final00:26.96
3rdJordan ReichhardtLoveland (CO)Final00:27.07
4thMalena MassaroFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:27.60
5thShannon TylerLoveland (CO)Final00:27.91
6thLexi OvermanLoveland (CO)Final00:28.55
7thTaylor McBrideFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:28.92
8thAinsley TyreeFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:31.39
9thMaggie CarsonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:31.47
10thMadison WitmanLoveland (CO)Final00:31.90
11thLauren HouldsworthFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:32.32
12thJordi SpencerFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:32.89
13thOlivia SchneeLoveland (CO)Final00:33.47
14thKaelie SellersLoveland (CO)Final00:33.62
15thLilli Keenan-HarteLoveland (CO)Final00:33.69
16thHaley McBrideFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:33.96
17thGrace GouldLoveland (CO)Final00:37.04
18thAbigail GrellFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:37.33
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100 Free

1stSummer SivertsFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:57.13
2ndGeorgia EwerFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:57.45
3rdHadley NelsonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final00:58.17
4thAshley PeetLoveland (CO)Final00:59.35
5thJordan KeckLoveland (CO)Final01:02.06
6thCarlie WhitlockFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:06.46
7thCadence LappLoveland (CO)Final01:07.30
8thTaylor McBrideFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:10.13
9thMadison WitmanLoveland (CO)Final01:13.07
10thShea MorganLoveland (CO)Final01:13.77
11thHaley McBrideFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:17.18
12thOlivia SchneeLoveland (CO)Final01:18.46
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100 Back

1stErin LangLoveland (CO)Final00:58.21
2ndEmily RinkerFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:00.46
3rdRenee TrombleyFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:06.67
4thMegan ZupancicFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:07.91
5thJulia PetrinoFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:08.57
6thKara TrombleyFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:09.49
7thReagan JarnaginLoveland (CO)Final01:12.59
8thCallie KetnerLoveland (CO)Final01:13.56
9thAudrey BankesLoveland (CO)Final01:14.44
10thShannon TylerLoveland (CO)Final01:16.75
11thCadence LappLoveland (CO)Final01:17.01
12thJessica DenneyLoveland (CO)Final01:20.56
13thEmilee DahlseideFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:20.95
14thSydney BrownLoveland (CO)Final01:24.26
15thGrace GouldLoveland (CO)Final01:41.80
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100 Fly

1stEmma StahlFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:00.34
2ndJosie BrohardLoveland (CO)Final01:03.59
3rdHadley NelsonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:04.23
4thMia StrongFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:07.99
5thAlex HillFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:12.95
6thKylee RinkerFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:15.02
7thChloe CircenisLoveland (CO)Final01:15.03
8thEmily TimmonsFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:20.74
9thNatalie BaleLoveland (CO)Final01:24.63
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100 Breast

1stAshley PeetLoveland (CO)Final01:10.06
2ndRiley GreenFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:12.76
3rdDelaney McNallyLoveland (CO)Final01:15.47
4thElla PetersonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:15.63
5thEmma StahlFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:17.09
6thTrinity RobertsonLoveland (CO)Final01:23.84
7thTali HendricksonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:28.66
8thCarlie WhitlockFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:28.92
9thKaelie SellersLoveland (CO)Final01:36.19
10thChloe CircenisLoveland (CO)Final01:39.41
11thAbigail GrellFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:42.33
12thEmma MagruderLoveland (CO)Final01:47.29
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200 Free

1stElla PetersonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:11.71
2ndMalena MassaroFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:14.74
3rdCallie KetnerLoveland (CO)Final02:16.19
4thRenee TrombleyFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:20.75
5thReagan JarnaginLoveland (CO)Final02:21.58
6thAudrey BankesLoveland (CO)Final02:26.34
7thAbigail MorrisFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:30.26
8thNatalie BaleLoveland (CO)Final02:30.41
9thEmilee DahlseideFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:34.40
10thAinsley TyreeFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:36.52
11thSydney BrownLoveland (CO)Final02:43.25
12thJulia BankesLoveland (CO)Final02:50.26
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200 Individual Medley

1stEmily RinkerFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:16.57
2ndZara AlkaffFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:31.11
3rdKara TrombleyFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:31.81
4thTrinity RobertsonLoveland (CO)Final02:34.56
5thMia StrongFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:35.33
6thTali HendricksonFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:37.55
7thMegan ZupancicFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:38.23
8thMakyna SchmollingerLoveland (CO)Final02:44.87
9thJessica DenneyLoveland (CO)Final02:52.19
10thJulia BankesLoveland (CO)Final03:02.26
11thEmma MagruderLoveland (CO)Final03:26.86
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500 Free

1stJulia PetrinoFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final05:36.11
2ndRiley GreenFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final05:37.21
3rdJordan ReichhardtLoveland (CO)Final05:42.02
4thGeorgia EwerFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final05:46.33
5thDelaney McNallyLoveland (CO)Final05:58.62
6thZara AlkaffFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final06:03.19
7thKylee RinkerFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final06:11.73
8thMakyna SchmollingerLoveland (CO)Final06:34.81
9thAbigail MorrisFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final06:56.82
10thMaya McQuiggLoveland (CO)Final07:25.74
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:47.54
2ndRelay TeamLoveland (CO)Final01:48.52
3rdRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:51.56
4thRelay TeamLoveland (CO)Final01:53.00
5thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:56.90
6thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:01.30
7thRelay TeamLoveland (CO)Final02:03.76
8thRelay TeamLoveland (CO)Final02:11.13
9thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:16.44
10thRelay TeamLoveland (CO)Final02:16.71
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamLoveland (CO)Final01:50.91
2ndRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final01:55.02
3rdRelay TeamLoveland (CO)Final02:03.83
4thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:14.10
5thRelay TeamLoveland (CO)Final02:16.45
6thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:16.49
7thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:24.13
8thRelay TeamLoveland (CO)Final02:26.91
9thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final02:39.64
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final03:52.20
2ndRelay TeamLoveland (CO)Final03:59.61
3rdRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final04:06.49
4thRelay TeamLoveland (CO)Final04:20.48
5thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final04:25.59
6thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final04:26.31
7thRelay TeamLoveland (CO)Final04:46.58
8thRelay TeamFossil Ridge (Fort Collins, CO)Final04:49.57
9thRelay TeamLoveland (CO)Final05:24.99