Hamilton Heights @ Oak Hill

Girls Varsity Swimming Winter 18-19 · 11/12/2018 6:00 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalResult
Hamilton Heights82L
Oak Hill103W

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stBailey HaworthHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final187.80
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50 Free

1stTara HolderHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final00:26.14
2ndCarlie FlintoffHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final00:29.21
3rdGen TreseHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final00:30.41
4thMaria MitchellHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final00:30.66
5thIzze KossHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final00:32.25
6thEmily BonebrakeHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final00:35.12
7thCora CainHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final00:38.51
8thAllyson DinwiddieHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final00:38.86
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100 Free

1stTara HolderHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final00:56.60
2ndMady HutchersonHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:04.70
3rdGen TreseHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:08.24
4thHayden HoughHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:10.55
5thMolly BrysonHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:19.35
6thAllyson DinwiddieHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:28.08
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100 Back

1stRachel SanqunettiHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:00.90
2ndAbigail MayoHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:26.00
3rdAlaina StohlerHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:26.19
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100 Fly

1stRyleigh PoeHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:05.74
2ndKat CoxHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:17.01
3rdKat CoxHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:17.01
4thCarlie FlintoffHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:17.39
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100 Breast

1stEmily LesterHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:17.68
2ndKennedy WeaverHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:24.45
3rdKat CoxHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:26.43
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200 Free

1stRachel SanqunettiHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final02:01.96
2ndAlaina StohlerHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final02:26.39
3rdErin ZuchristianHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final02:39.22
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200 Individual Medley

1stEmily LesterHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final02:31.65
2ndKennedy WeaverHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final02:45.39
3rdAnna WheatHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final03:12.31
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500 Free

1stRyleigh PoeHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final05:43.67
2ndAbigail MayoHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final06:53.80
3rdMaria MitchellHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final06:55.70
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final01:58.57
2ndRelay TeamHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final02:16.39
3rdRelay TeamHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final02:27.37
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final02:00.24
2ndRelay TeamHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final02:11.97
3rdRelay TeamHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final02:24.75
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final03:56.99
2ndRelay TeamHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final04:32.27
3rdRelay TeamHamilton Heights (Arcadia, IN)Final04:42.07