Mountain Vista @ Highlands Ranch

Girls Varsity Swimming Winter 18-19 · 11/27/2018 4:00 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitTotalResult
Mountain Vista138L
Highlands Ranch148W

Best Times by Event

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50 Free

1stClaire BiglerHighlands Ranch (CO)Final00:26.74
2ndMackenzie LongMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final00:27.09
3rdKiersten WhitmoreMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final00:27.25
4thBryce JohansenHighlands Ranch (CO)Final00:27.43
5thLivvy BroukMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final00:28.19
6thMeghan McMullanMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final00:28.80
7thHayley SmithHighlands Ranch (CO)Final00:29.38
8thHannah DyerHighlands Ranch (CO)Final00:31.18
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100 Free

1stKiersten WhitmoreMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final00:59.39
2ndMari ToboHighlands Ranch (CO)Final00:59.46
3rdClaire BiglerHighlands Ranch (CO)Final01:00.41
4thMackenzie LongMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:01.71
5thMeghan McMullanMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:02.82
6thAditi NarwaneyMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:02.89
7thTaylor EastonHighlands Ranch (CO)Final01:09.10
8thAnna CowdenHighlands Ranch (CO)Final01:12.93
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100 Fly

1stAimee BurtonHighlands Ranch (CO)Final00:59.71
2ndAnna BeckMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:03.65
3rdJosie MartusMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:04.33
4thCarmen NollschHighlands Ranch (CO)Final01:07.73
5thAmber MartusMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:07.82
6thMallory ThompsonHighlands Ranch (CO)Final01:14.70
7thAshlyn GertieHighlands Ranch (CO)Final01:18.26
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100 Back

1stKeeley LaRiviereHighlands Ranch (CO)Final01:03.50
2ndCarol ChoMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:06.26
3rdAnna BeckMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:09.04
4thAditi NarwaneyMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:10.30
5thMallory ThompsonHighlands Ranch (CO)Final01:11.27
6thDrue GoodwinHighlands Ranch (CO)Final01:14.28
7thSkylar HennesseeMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:17.63
8thAlaina OscaiHighlands Ranch (CO)Final01:20.35
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100 Breast

1stJulia CappMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:13.08
2ndCarmen NollschHighlands Ranch (CO)Final01:16.41
3rdShanti KotliarskyHighlands Ranch (CO)Final01:16.64
4thEliza NollschHighlands Ranch (CO)Final01:17.61
5thMorgan ScherrerMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:18.65
6thMackenzie RauenMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:23.43
7thCarter HenryMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:29.20
8thJordan PazosHighlands Ranch (CO)Final01:29.28
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200 Free

1stDanielle RoneyHighlands Ranch (CO)Final02:03.26
2ndJulia CappMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final02:04.15
3rdShanti KotliarskyHighlands Ranch (CO)Final02:11.55
4thAllison JacobHighlands Ranch (CO)Final02:22.36
5thKori RustadMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final02:25.71
6thSara HessMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final02:31.88
7thAllie StockfordMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final02:31.94
8thAnna CowdenHighlands Ranch (CO)Final02:43.55
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200 Individual Medley

1stAimee BurtonHighlands Ranch (CO)Final02:15.38
2ndAmber MartusMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final02:26.05
3rdMari ToboHighlands Ranch (CO)Final02:26.57
4thCarol ChoMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final02:27.85
5thKeeley LaRiviereHighlands Ranch (CO)Final02:31.98
6thMackenzie RauenMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final02:37.64
7thJulia ReigrutHighlands Ranch (CO)Final02:49.58
8thApril MartusMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final02:50.43
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500 Free

1stDanielle RoneyHighlands Ranch (CO)Final05:39.52
2ndAlaina OscaiHighlands Ranch (CO)Final06:30.98
3rdApril MartusMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final06:34.60
4thAllison JacobHighlands Ranch (CO)Final06:39.86
5thJulia ReigrutHighlands Ranch (CO)Final06:44.05
6thAllie StockfordMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final07:01.39
7thSofia ThomsMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final07:10.64
8thAditi IyerMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final07:47.74
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:44.33
2ndRelay TeamHighlands Ranch (CO)Final01:47.37
3rdRelay TeamMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:54.16
4thRelay TeamHighlands Ranch (CO)Final01:56.75
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamHighlands Ranch (CO)Final01:55.66
2ndRelay TeamMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final01:57.59
3rdRelay TeamMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final02:01.88
4thRelay TeamMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final02:06.76
5thRelay TeamHighlands Ranch (CO)Final02:08.96
6thRelay TeamHighlands Ranch (CO)Final02:58.29
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamHighlands Ranch (CO)Final03:49.57
2ndRelay TeamMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final03:50.76
3rdRelay TeamMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final04:10.72
4thRelay TeamHighlands Ranch (CO)Final04:19.36
5thRelay TeamMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final04:21.37
6thRelay TeamMountain Vista (Highlands Ranch, CO)Final04:42.25
7thRelay TeamHighlands Ranch (CO)Final04:46.32