Lincoln East @ Lincoln Northeast

Girls Varsity Swimming Winter 18-19 · 1/29/2019 5:30 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalResult
Lincoln East149W
Lincoln Northeast31L

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stErin BigelowLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final290.89
2ndMacy MertesLincoln Northeast (Lincoln, NE)Final278.10
3rdBlake Pruss-HansenLincoln Northeast (Lincoln, NE)Final273.55
4thJordyn RoggeLincoln Northeast (Lincoln, NE)Final255.80
5thEmily MalousekLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final0.00
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50 Free

1stElizabeth JurichLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final00:25.99
2ndAlaina AgnewLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final00:26.34
3rdAria FeitLincoln Northeast (Lincoln, NE)Final00:27.12
4thJordanna FrenchLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final00:27.20
5thKyana HubbardLincoln Northeast (Lincoln, NE)Final00:28.09
6thPaige HoffLincoln Northeast (Lincoln, NE)Final00:28.64
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100 Free

1stMolly LienemannLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final00:56.20
2ndPayton KollmorgenLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final00:58.94
3rdClaire GriffinLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final00:58.98
4thAria FeitLincoln Northeast (Lincoln, NE)Final00:59.45
5thTarin VocasekLincoln Northeast (Lincoln, NE)Final01:00.26
6thPaige HoffLincoln Northeast (Lincoln, NE)Final01:02.75
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100 Fly

1stAva WinjumLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:04.49
2ndAlexa ReinersLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:06.35
3rdRiley SchultzeLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:10.33
4thNatalie RobbinsLincoln Northeast (Lincoln, NE)Final01:19.85
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100 Back

1stMarusha AtherLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:05.47
2ndClaire GriffinLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:06.79
3rdKenly KottmeyerLincoln Northeast (Lincoln, NE)Final01:15.29
4thAnnaliese KohrellLincoln Northeast (Lincoln, NE)Final01:18.37
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100 Breast

1stHattie VyhlidalLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:12.15
2ndElizabeth JurichLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:13.10
3rdAlaina AgnewLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:13.15
4thTarin VocasekLincoln Northeast (Lincoln, NE)Final01:13.79
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200 Free

1stPayton KollmorgenLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final02:01.68
2ndMolly LienemannLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final02:03.16
3rdRianna MuellerLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final02:13.48
4thMychaela CookLincoln Northeast (Lincoln, NE)Final02:22.70
5thLilly UhlmannLincoln Northeast (Lincoln, NE)Final02:31.20
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200 Individual Medley

1stMarusha AtherLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final02:12.43
2ndJillian AltmaierLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final02:17.54
3rdAubrey FornanderLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final02:30.20
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500 Free

1stElla WinjumLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final05:44.68
2ndAva HuntLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final05:58.62
3rdTaylor FindlayLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final06:10.33
4thMychaela CookLincoln Northeast (Lincoln, NE)Final06:25.35
5thLilly UhlmannLincoln Northeast (Lincoln, NE)Final06:57.88
6thNicole BuettnerLincoln Northeast (Lincoln, NE)Final07:46.42
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:43.26
2ndRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:50.09
3rdRelay TeamLincoln Northeast (Lincoln, NE)Final01:50.67
4thRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:56.40
5thRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final02:01.05
6thRelay TeamLincoln Northeast (Lincoln, NE)Final02:02.67
7thRelay TeamLincoln Northeast (Lincoln, NE)Final02:25.63
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:54.78
2ndRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:59.33
3rdRelay TeamLincoln Northeast (Lincoln, NE)Final02:06.42
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final03:53.16
2ndRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final04:04.84
3rdRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final04:16.50
4thRelay TeamLincoln Northeast (Lincoln, NE)Final04:17.40