Lincoln Southwest @ Lincoln East

Girls Varsity Swimming Winter 18-19 · 11/29/2018 5:00 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalResult
Lincoln Southwest0107W
Lincoln East063L

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stAleni StoakesLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final197.40
2ndElissa MillerLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final161.77
3rdPayton MayfieldLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final161.39
4thPeyton PrussaLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final159.44
5thRayegan KentLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final151.04
6thEmily DruseLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final125.09
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50 Free

1stAnna HeinrichLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:25.02
2ndJillian AltmaierLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final00:25.45
3rdSydney MooreLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final00:26.08
4thEdyn AlstromLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:26.37
5thAlaina AgnewLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final00:26.41
6thBrady ReichmuthLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:26.93
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100 Free

1stAllie HathawayLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:55.67
2ndReanne ReidaLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:55.72
3rdSydney MooreLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final00:57.62
4thMolly LienemannLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final00:58.31
5thCaiya KhammalyLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:58.91
6thHayley PiippoLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:02.52
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100 Back

1stAllie HathawayLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final00:59.04
2ndClaire GriffinLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:04.84
3rdCaiya KhammalyLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:07.48
4thZoe Machmer FrederickLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:07.72
5thSophia HeinrichLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:08.88
6thHayley PiippoLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:08.93
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100 Fly

1stMarusha AtherLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final00:59.87
2ndMarti WalstadLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:01.41
3rdJordanna FrenchLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:05.07
4thAva WinjumLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:05.74
5thBrady ReichmuthLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:06.89
6thHadley HiattLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:09.87
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100 Breast

1stMarusha AtherLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:07.86
2ndAnna HeinrichLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:08.13
3rdPeri HeyenLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:12.33
4thReanne ReidaLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:13.49
5thAlaina AgnewLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:14.68
6thAva HuntLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:14.83
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200 Free

1stIsabella MoralesLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:01.86
2ndLanyon MlinekLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:03.36
3rdMolly LienemannLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final02:04.04
4thPayton KollmorgenLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final02:05.64
5thRianna MuellerLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final02:07.97
6thSophia HeinrichLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:10.80
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200 Individual Medley

1stBerkeley LivingstonLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:10.59
2ndMarti WalstadLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:17.92
3rdClaire GriffinLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final02:22.39
4thPeri HeyenLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:24.74
5thAva HuntLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final02:26.83
6thAlexa ReinersLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final02:30.44
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500 Free

1stBerkeley LivingstonLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final05:13.97
2ndIsabella MoralesLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final05:24.59
3rdPayton KollmorgenLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final05:30.86
4thLanyon MlinekLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final05:43.06
5thRianna MuellerLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final05:48.41
6thAva WinjumLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final06:00.13
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:43.70
2ndRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:44.61
3rdRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:49.64
4thRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:49.80
5thRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:58.42
6thRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:12.05
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:50.97
2ndRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:55.62
3rdRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final01:57.43
4thRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final01:58.70
5thRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final02:05.89
6thRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final02:16.47
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final03:45.37
2ndRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final03:57.71
3rdRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final03:58.46
4thRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final04:13.99
5thRelay TeamLincoln East (Lincoln, NE)Final04:25.69
6thRelay TeamLincoln Southwest (Lincoln, NE)Final04:35.50