Multi Teams @ Little Rock Central High Back/Fly/Breast (LITTLE ROCK, AR)

Girls Varsity Swimming Winter 18-19 · 11/15/2018 7:00 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalPlace
North Little Rock1092
Mt. St. Mary Academy683
Lisa Academy95
Central Arkansas Christian76
Pulaski Academy27

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stNicole HalinaCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final1.6153.25
2ndEmma JacksonCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final1.6148.85
3rdMarie SimmonsCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final1.6144.30
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100 Back

1stGabrielle JenkinsCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:00.22
2ndAnna JaworskiCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:00.77
3rdAinsley JenkinsCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:02.81
4thOlivia JohnsonCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:03.43
5thBetsy PonderNorth Little Rock (AR)Final01:05.68
6thEden HamlinMaumelle (AR)Final01:05.88
7thKate GoldtrapMt. St. Mary Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:07.06
8thShelby StanleyNorth Little Rock (AR)Final01:09.91
9thMichele PottsNorth Little Rock (AR)Final01:11.03
10thPierson RichartNorth Little Rock (AR)Final01:11.49
11thVictoria ChanMt. St. Mary Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:13.82
12thOlivia MeurerCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:14.15
13thMia PatellaMt. St. Mary Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:15.52
14thAlexa CoughlanCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:16.00
15thMaisy MatthewsMaumelle (AR)Final01:17.12
16thRylee BolesNorth Little Rock (AR)Final01:18.51
17thMorgan MitchellMaumelle (AR)Final01:18.88
18thMegan TaylorPulaski Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:19.25
19thMaci MillerCentral Arkansas Christian (North Little Rock, AR)Final01:21.24
20thAnnaBeth StuffNorth Little Rock (AR)Final01:21.95
21stMegan HarrisonPulaski Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:22.50
22ndJustice AustinNorth Little Rock (AR)Final01:26.55
23rdMolly DoolittleCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:27.03
24thSarah DurandLisa Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:27.21
25thCiara JenkinsNorth Little Rock (AR)Final01:30.39
26thCaroline ChambersPulaski Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:31.00
27thKatelynn ParkerMt. St. Mary Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:31.81
28thMadison TaschettiMt. St. Mary Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:33.42
29thTyra WalkerMt. St. Mary Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:37.94
30thEmma DurandLisa Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:43.13
31stPeyton StaffordNorth Little Rock (AR)Final01:43.59
32ndMina LaBeauCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:45.67
33rdAlondra MoralesLisa Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:51.49
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100 Fly

1stAinsley JenkinsCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:00.73
2ndOlivia JohnsonCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:00.99
3rdRachel ZhangCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:04.09
4thMia PatellaMt. St. Mary Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:07.31
5thLindsey HamanCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:07.49
6thAvery BallanyNorth Little Rock (AR)Final01:09.99
7thOlivia MeurerCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:10.49
8thPierson RichartNorth Little Rock (AR)Final01:17.77
9thMaisy MatthewsMaumelle (AR)Final01:23.12
10thMaci MillerCentral Arkansas Christian (North Little Rock, AR)Final01:23.76
11thMichelle JonesNorth Little Rock (AR)Final01:41.74
12thEmma DurandLisa Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:54.51
13thAlondra MoralesLisa Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:57.99
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100 Breast

1stRachel ZhangCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:08.55
2ndLindsey HamanCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:10.34
3rdKate GoldtrapMt. St. Mary Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:10.71
4thAnna JaworskiCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:14.33
5thGabrielle JenkinsCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:15.72
6thBetsy PonderNorth Little Rock (AR)Final01:16.30
7thRylee BolesNorth Little Rock (AR)Final01:23.79
8thKate MoellersMt. St. Mary Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:25.71
9thAlexa CoughlanCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:26.70
10thPeyton StaffordNorth Little Rock (AR)Final01:32.98
11thEmma JacksonCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:34.32
12thCecelia RechMt. St. Mary Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:35.25
13thEmma EatonNorth Little Rock (AR)Final01:38.69
14thErin JacksCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:40.30
15thJiya AdamsNorth Little Rock (AR)Final01:47.96
16thAllie SheltonPulaski Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:50.82
17thMolly DoolittleCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:51.08
18thMina LaBeauCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:52.67
19thMichelle JonesNorth Little Rock (AR)Final01:52.94
20thSarah DurandLisa Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:57.26
21stJustice AustinNorth Little Rock (AR)Final01:59.49
22ndAlli TullisPulaski Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final02:05.86