Smoky Hill @ Overland

Girls Varsity Swimming Winter 18-19 · 1/10/2019 5:00 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalResult
Smoky Hill236W

Athletes of the Meet

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stJaclyn SantiagoSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final263.50
2ndElizabeth RussoSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final210.55
3rdMilan RichmanOverland (Aurora, CO)Final203.35
4thAnna KraeskiOverland (Aurora, CO)Final128.75
5thAajanae HenryOverland (Aurora, CO)Final116.95
6thKadidiatou MampoyaOverland (Aurora, CO)Final79.90
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50 Free

1stJessiy SelbySmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:32.81
2ndAnnabel FuinaSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:34.05
3rdTsomo O'BrienSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:34.36
4thEden WordenOverland (Aurora, CO)Final00:35.30
5thSydney MillerSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:35.74
6thVictoria MarshallOverland (Aurora, CO)Final00:43.77
7thNatasha TurciosSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:44.06
8thMelissa GonzalezOverland (Aurora, CO)Final00:44.17
9thSarah McMahonSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final00:44.38
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100 Free

1stChloe NarroOverland (Aurora, CO)Final01:12.90
2ndJessiy SelbySmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:13.28
3rdMaya VazquezSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:17.85
4thEden WordenOverland (Aurora, CO)Final01:18.74
5thTsomo O'BrienSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:19.72
6thDonna DerningOverland (Aurora, CO)Final01:20.95
7thMarina SandovalSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:24.41
8thYasab SalvatierraSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:25.53
9thMaria MartinezOverland (Aurora, CO)Final01:31.76
10thKaren GuardadoOverland (Aurora, CO)Final01:35.74
11thKaitlynn WrightSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:37.61
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100 Back

1stCassie ScottSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:24.38
2ndGrace JonesSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:25.11
3rdKatelyn VannSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:26.61
4thIzzy MelvilleSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:38.72
5thKaelani MillerOverland (Aurora, CO)Final01:41.67
6thDonna DerningOverland (Aurora, CO)Final01:41.82
7thIsabella DeedsSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:52.29
8thMarina SandovalSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:55.30
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100 Breast

1stKorin MoglerSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:26.46
2ndPiper NeelySmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:40.02
3rdSydney MillerSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:43.89
4thChloe NarroOverland (Aurora, CO)Final01:45.99
5thCaiyan BassOverland (Aurora, CO)Final01:46.54
6thKailea SkinnerSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:55.84
7thOlivia DeVineSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:00.30
8thKayleah PetreeSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:07.92
9thMaddison WebbOverland (Aurora, CO)Final02:10.52
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100 Fly

1stKaylee EmickOverland (Aurora, CO)Final01:28.47
2ndAnnabel FuinaSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:31.67
3rdAlexandra GurevichSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:34.30
4thIzzy MelvilleSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:44.17
5thPayton OuimetteSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:45.89
6thAnastasia MarkovichOverland (Aurora, CO)Final01:46.95
7thMcKenna McElhineySmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final01:47.90
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200 Free

1stKatelyn VannSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:44.02
2ndJordan MitchellSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:45.72
3rdMaya VazquezSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:50.87
4thKaylee EmickOverland (Aurora, CO)Final02:51.85
5thAlexandra GurevichSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final03:02.68
6thJuneau PadillaSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final03:09.89
7thArissa PetreeSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final03:11.00
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200 Individual Medley

1stTatiana CantuOverland (Aurora, CO)Final02:48.43
2ndGrace JonesSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:58.83
3rdKorin MoglerSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:59.28
4thCassie ScottSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final03:12.10
5thAlexa BurnsSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final03:14.19
6thIsabelle KerrSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final03:37.17
7thAnastasia MarkovichOverland (Aurora, CO)Final03:37.22
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200 Medley Relay

1stRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:26.77
2ndRelay TeamOverland (Aurora, CO)Final02:33.11
3rdRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:33.32
4thRelay TeamOverland (Aurora, CO)Final02:47.99
5thRelay TeamOverland (Aurora, CO)Final02:59.59
6thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final03:05.59
7thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final03:09.88
8thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final03:12.56
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200 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamOverland (Aurora, CO)Final02:34.50
2ndRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:36.87
3rdRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:44.53
4thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final02:49.65
5thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final03:12.00
6thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final03:29.52
7thRelay TeamOverland (Aurora, CO)Final03:30.75
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400 Free Relay

1stRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final05:05.93
2ndRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final05:17.89
3rdRelay TeamOverland (Aurora, CO)Final05:36.47
4thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final05:55.50
5thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final06:35.11
6thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final06:41.43
7thRelay TeamSmoky Hill (Aurora, CO)Final06:42.24
8thRelay TeamOverland (Aurora, CO)Final06:42.28
9thRelay TeamOverland (Aurora, CO)Final06:50.83