Multi Teams @ Little Rock Central High Back/Fly/Breast (LITTLE ROCK, AR)

Boys Varsity Swimming Winter 18-19 · 11/15/2018 7:00 PM
NamePts by EventForfeitDive TotalTotalPlace
North Little Rock343
Lisa Academy
Pulaski Academy

Best Times by Event

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PlaceNameSchoolRoundDODTotal Points
1stBrian SimmonsLisa Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final1.6107.40
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100 Fly

1stCarson TraylorCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final00:53.31
2ndYoussef BahgatCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final00:55.54
3rdPhillip StanleyNorth Little Rock (AR)Final00:55.68
4thVincent JaworskiCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final00:55.74
5thNicholas HeyeCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final00:57.88
6thElliot LaBeauCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final00:58.25
7thJohn PeytonCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final00:58.47
8thNathan BrightCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final00:59.45
9thJack ForrestCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final00:59.49
10thLawson AshleyCatholic (Little Rock, AR)Final01:01.79
11thJoel ChungCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:02.11
12thChristopher TsaiCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:02.41
13thVal ChiuCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:02.94
14thMax KronenbergerCatholic (Little Rock, AR)Final01:03.38
15thNick BromleyCatholic (Little Rock, AR)Final01:05.51
16thReece ForrestCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:05.91
17thLogan WilsonCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:06.09
18thBratton AshleyCatholic (Little Rock, AR)Final01:06.33
19thDavid OrsiniCatholic (Little Rock, AR)Final01:06.71
20thMichael ZabikoCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:07.12
21stHarper ChambersPulaski Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:07.32
22ndMathew NguyenCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:07.84
23rdTimothee MacGarryPulaski Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:08.06
24thPatrick MarisCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:08.34
25thJaxon DaleCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:17.64
26thEthan WoldCatholic (Little Rock, AR)Final01:23.03
27thJackson HillLisa Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:30.59
28thAlejandro MoralesLisa Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:30.99
29thBrian SimmonsLisa Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:32.85
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100 Back

1stCarson TraylorCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final00:55.34
2ndJoseph PottsNorth Little Rock (AR)Final00:55.53
3rdAiden LivelyCatholic (Little Rock, AR)Final00:58.91
4thCole McCallumCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:00.16
5thMikey HathawayCatholic (Little Rock, AR)Final01:00.27
6thYoussef BahgatCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:01.33
7thMathew NguyenCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:02.96
8thJoel ChungCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:03.42
9thMax KronenbergerCatholic (Little Rock, AR)Final01:03.58
10thLogan WilsonCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:05.22
11thPatrick MarisCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:05.71
12thReece ForrestCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:06.39
13thDavid OrsiniCatholic (Little Rock, AR)Final01:07.06
14thMichael ZabikoCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:09.65
15thJaxon DaleCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:11.58
16thLuke WilkinsNorth Little Rock (AR)Final01:15.73
17thJames McMathCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:17.89
18thJustin OuletteMaumelle (AR)Final01:18.38
19thMatt HaleCatholic (Little Rock, AR)Final01:19.19
20thKenneth Gabe MillerCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:22.71
21stPete NewbernCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:24.95
22ndPaul MoellersCatholic (Little Rock, AR)Final01:26.96
23rdHarrison McCartyPulaski Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:31.88
24thLandon BilleraPulaski Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:44.08
25thMohamed HamwiLisa Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final02:05.35
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100 Breast

1stElliot LaBeauCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:03.15
2ndVal ChiuCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:03.67
3rdNathan BrightCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:04.91
4thAiden LivelyCatholic (Little Rock, AR)Final01:05.27
5thNicholas HeyeCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:06.53
6thLawson AshleyCatholic (Little Rock, AR)Final01:06.68
7thVincent JaworskiCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:07.38
8thJack ForrestCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:08.43
9thBratton AshleyCatholic (Little Rock, AR)Final01:08.74
10thCole McCallumCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:09.25
11thJohn PeytonCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:11.05
12thNick BromleyCatholic (Little Rock, AR)Final01:11.71
13thChristopher TsaiCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:13.06
14thJustin OuletteMaumelle (AR)Final01:19.82
15thPaul MoellersCatholic (Little Rock, AR)Final01:23.48
16thDalen WoodsMaumelle (AR)Final01:24.86
17thCormack ShenkerCatholic (Little Rock, AR)Final01:24.98
18thKenneth Gabe MillerCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:27.30
19thSullivan PetitNorth Little Rock (AR)Final01:27.39
20thJackson HillLisa Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:27.61
21stJames McMathCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:29.41
22ndMatt HaleCatholic (Little Rock, AR)Final01:29.70
23rdDreshaun DoyneMaumelle (AR)Final01:40.21
24thTyler CarruthPulaski Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:40.24
25thAlejandro MoralesLisa Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:46.30
26thPete NewbernCentral (Little Rock, AR)Final01:52.23
27thNathan HollowayLisa Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:55.07
28thMohamed HamwiLisa Academy (Little Rock, AR)Final01:57.20