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Adams City Girls Track & Field Athlete Stats

Varsity 2019
Orange, Green
Nick Wilkens
7200 Quebec Parkway, Commerce City, CO 80022

Best Finishes

Event 1st Place
4 x 100 Meter View Times Adams City Relay Team 00:57.91
4 x 200 Meter View Times Adams City Relay Team 02:03.81
Shot Put View Times Jenny Hernandez 24' 3.00"
Discus View Times Karla Martinez-semet 73' 0.00"

Best Finishes by Event

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100 Meter

Jazmyn Moten4/13/2019Mountain Range Mustang InviteFinal1.4000:14.14
Jazmyn Moten4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalPreliminary-0.1000:14.26
Jazmyn Moten5/2/2019EMAC League ChampionshipsPreliminary-1.3000:14.30
Linda Carbajal4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalPreliminary0.7000:15.14
Jahaira Bueno4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalPreliminary1.2000:15.33
Linda Carbajal5/2/2019EMAC League ChampionshipsPreliminary-1.3000:15.46
Jahaira Bueno5/2/2019EMAC League ChampionshipsPreliminary-0.5000:15.48
Linda Carbajal4/13/2019Mountain Range Mustang InviteFinal0.4000:15.61
Jahaira Bueno4/6/2019D'Evelyn InviteFinal1.4000:15.69
Amia Medina3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InviteFinal-2.6000:15.94
Jahaira Bueno3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InviteFinal-0.5000:16.69
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200 Meter

Jazmyn Moten5/2/2019EMAC League ChampionshipsPreliminary1.2000:29.42
Jazmyn Moten4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalPreliminary00:29.54
Linda Carbajal5/2/2019EMAC League ChampionshipsPreliminary1.2000:31.90
Linda Carbajal4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalPreliminary-1.7000:32.56
Amia Medina3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InviteFinal00:33.19
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400 Meter

Jazmyn Moten3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InviteFinal01:27.43
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800 Meter

Jennessy Aragon-dennis3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InviteFinal03:11.63
Rebecca Jimenez3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InviteFinal03:13.43
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4 x 100 Meter

Adams City Relay Team4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalFinal00:57.91
Adams City Relay Team4/13/2019Mountain Range Mustang InviteFinal00:57.99
Adams City Relay Team5/2/2019EMAC League ChampionshipsFinal00:58.67
Adams City Relay Team3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InviteFinal00:59.38
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4 x 200 Meter

Adams City Relay Team4/13/2019Mountain Range Mustang InviteFinal02:03.81
Adams City Relay Team5/2/2019EMAC League ChampionshipsFinal02:05.90
Adams City Relay Team3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InviteFinal02:07.38
Adams City Relay Team4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalFinal02:09.15
Adams City Relay Team4/6/2019D'Evelyn InviteFinal02:23.50
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Shot Put

Jenny Hernandez4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalFinal24' 3.00"
Jenny Hernandez5/2/2019EMAC League ChampionshipsFinal23' 8.00"
Jenny Hernandez4/6/2019D'Evelyn InviteFinal23' 3.75"
Jenny Hernandez4/13/2019Mountain Range Mustang InviteFinal23' 2.00"
Liliana Pineda5/2/2019EMAC League ChampionshipsFinal19' 11.50"
Liliana Pineda4/13/2019Mountain Range Mustang InviteFinal19' 10.00"
Karla Martinez-semet4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalFinal18' 11.00"
Karla Martinez-semet4/13/2019Mountain Range Mustang InviteFinal18' 10.00"
Karla Martinez-semet5/2/2019EMAC League ChampionshipsFinal18' 0.00"
Liliana Pineda4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalFinal17' 4.00"
Karla Martinez-semet3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InvitePreliminary16' 8.00"
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Karla Martinez-semet4/13/2019Mountain Range Mustang InviteFinal73' 0.00"
Karla Martinez-semet5/2/2019EMAC League ChampionshipsFinal66' 8.00"
Jenny Hernandez5/2/2019EMAC League ChampionshipsFinal52' 4.00"
Karla Martinez-semet4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalFinal50' 5.00"
Liliana Pineda5/2/2019EMAC League ChampionshipsFinal50' 4.00"
Jenny Hernandez4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalFinal48' 5.00"
Karla Martinez-semet3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InvitePreliminary45' 7.00"
Liliana Pineda4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalFinal44' 10.00"
Jenny Hernandez3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InvitePreliminary44' 6.00"
Jenny Hernandez4/13/2019Mountain Range Mustang InviteFinal39' 0.00"
Liliana Pineda4/13/2019Mountain Range Mustang InviteFinal38' 0.00"