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Brophy College Prep Track & Field Stats by Player

Varsity 2019
Red, White
Bill Kalkman
4701 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012
First Place
Second Place
Third Place

Best Finishes

Event 1st Place
100 Meter View Times Elisha Brooks 00:11.00
200 Meter View Times Elisha Brooks 00:21.93
400 Meter View Times Elisha Brooks 00:49.29
800 Meter View Times Anekin Hetman 01:58.00
1600 Meter View Times Anekin Hetman 04:20.72
3200 Meter View Times Anekin Hetman 09:37.63
110 Meter Hurdles View Times Regis Velez 00:15.99
300 Meter Hurdles View Times Elisha Brooks 00:38.05
4 x 100 Meter View Times Brophy College Prep Relay Team 00:43.20
4 x 200 Meter View Times Brophy College Prep Relay Team 01:34.31
Event 1st Place
4 x 400 Meter View Times Brophy College Prep Relay Team 03:33.82
4 x 800 Meter View Times Brophy College Prep Relay Team 08:10.36
800 Sprint Medley View Times Brophy College Prep Relay Team 01:41.63
Long Jump View Times Emeka Ogbonna 20' 11.50"
Triple Jump View Times Atllas Hopkins 41' 3.00"
High Jump View Times Kenneth Roe 6' 4.00"
Pole Vault View Times Nicholas Park 11' 6.00"
Shot Put View Times Lake Etsitty 49' 5.00"
Discus View Times Max Allen 156' 5.00"
Javelin View Times Lake Etsitty 151' 8.00"

Best Finishes by Event

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100 Meter

Elisha Brooks3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal0.1000:11.00
Andrew Cooper3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal80.1000:11.37
Harrison Titzck3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal3.6000:11.58
Harrison Chung4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsPreliminary-0.5000:11.60
Harrison Titzck3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal0.3000:11.62
Harrison Chung3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal20.1000:11.64
Emeka Ogbonna3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal1.4000:11.66
Aidan Dale3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal0.4000:11.66
Emeka Ogbonna3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal10.1000:11.67
Andrew Cooper4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsPreliminary-0.3000:11.67
Emeka Ogbonna3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal0.5000:11.68
Harrison Chung4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal-2.3000:11.74
Harrison Titzck3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal-1.4000:11.74
Emeka Ogbonna3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal-1.4000:11.74
Harrison Titzck4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsPreliminary-1.1000:11.78
Emeka Ogbonna4/4/201940th Sun Angel InvitePreliminary-2.1000:11.78
Harrison Chung3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal0.5000:11.78
Harrison Chung3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal0.9000:11.81
Harrison Chung3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal1.9000:11.83
Emeka Ogbonna3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final1.0000:11.86
Elijah Toelle3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal-0.4000:11.88
Elijah Toelle4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsPreliminary-1.1000:11.88
Andrew Cooper4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal-2.3000:11.88
Elijah Toelle4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final-0.1000:11.89
Andre Eden3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal0.3000:11.91
Aidan Dale4/4/201940th Sun Angel InvitePreliminary-2.5000:11.93
Emeka Ogbonna3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal1.9000:11.93
Aidan Dale4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final-3.1000:11.94
Elijah Toelle3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal-1.3000:11.95
Harrison Chung3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final1.0000:11.95
Carter Niebling3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal1.8000:11.99
Benjamin Morrison3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final1.0000:11.99
Carty Shoen3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal1.3000:12.14
Trevor Klein3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final1.0000:12.16
Harrison Cohen4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final-1.8000:12.36
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200 Meter

Elisha Brooks3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal0.6000:21.93
Elisha Brooks3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal81.3000:22.07
Andrew Cooper3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal60.1000:23.01
Harrison Titzck4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final2.4000:23.06
Andrew Cooper4/4/201940th Sun Angel InvitePreliminary1.1000:23.12
Charlie Sigmund4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final2.0000:23.29
Andrew Cooper4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsPreliminary0.3000:23.34
Harrison Titzck4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsPreliminary-0.2000:23.47
Andrew Cooper4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal-1.6000:23.54
Harrison Titzck3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal0.8000:23.71
Harrison Titzck3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal00:23.80
Harrison Titzck3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal1.8000:23.90
Regis Velez3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal-0.4000:23.94
Greyson Taylor3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal0.1000:23.94
Harrison Titzck4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal-1.6000:23.97
Greyson Taylor3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal1.7000:24.04
Andrew Cooper3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final0.4000:24.07
Harrison Chung3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal10.0000:24.08
Benjamin Morrison3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal10.6000:24.13
Regis Velez4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsPreliminary0.3000:24.14
Harrison Chung3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal00:24.18
Greyson Taylor3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal0.1000:24.19
Greyson Taylor4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsPreliminary0.2000:24.19
Benjamin Morrison3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal0.1000:24.24
Andre Eden3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final-0.1000:24.48
Greyson Taylor3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final0.0000:24.55
Elijah Toelle3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal0.1000:24.57
Carter Niebling3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal0.9000:24.90
Darian Benitez3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal0.0000:24.99
Harrison Titzck3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal0.1000:25.29
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400 Meter

Elisha Brooks3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal00:49.29
Andrew Duque4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final00:52.73
Andrew Duque3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal00:52.74
Kenny Fitzgerald3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal00:52.76
Andrew Duque4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal00:52.92
Jay Cruz3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal800:53.01
Andrew Duque4/4/201940th Sun Angel InvitePreliminary00:53.18
Andrew Duque4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsPreliminary00:53.55
Andrew Duque3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal00:53.65
Andrew Duque3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal00:53.76
Kenny Fitzgerald4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsPreliminary00:54.00
Darian Benitez4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final00:54.04
Kenny Fitzgerald3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal00:54.20
Andrew Duque3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal00:54.21
Kenny Fitzgerald3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal00:54.34
Kenny Fitzgerald3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal00:54.63
Benjamin Morrison3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal400:54.78
Darian Benitez4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsPreliminary00:54.78
Kenny Fitzgerald3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final00:54.94
Benjamin Morrison3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal100:55.15
Andrew Duque3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final00:55.19
William Bastman3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final00:55.71
Dylan Krinetz3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal200:55.93
Darian Benitez3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal00:56.10
Dylan Krinetz4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final00:56.16
Dylan Krinetz3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal00:56.64
Blake Burke3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal00:57.37
Carlos Dominguez3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal00:57.67
Taj Hughes3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal00:58.71
Carlos Dominguez3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal01:00.54
Reymundo Perez3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal01:02.31
Albert Piotrowski3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal01:04.96
Dylan Krinetz3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final01:07.18
Blake Burke4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsPreliminary01:07.60
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800 Meter

Anekin Hetman4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal401:58.00
Brady O'Gara4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal301:58.44
Zack Beall4/4/201940th Sun Angel InviteFinal401:58.90
Anekin Hetman4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final201:58.95
Zack Beall3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal01:59.73
Zack Beall4/4/201940th Sun Angel InvitePreliminary02:00.86
Zack Beall4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final02:00.88
Brady O'Gara4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final02:01.21
Brady O'Gara3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal02:01.33
Zack Beall4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal02:01.85
Brady O'Gara3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal402:03.07
Ethan Ripple3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal02:04.17
Marcos Gonzalez3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal202:04.73
Ethan Ripple3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal02:05.04
Charlie Fallon3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal02:06.39
Xander Black3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal802:06.80
Xander Black3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal02:07.37
Max Valencia3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal02:08.89
Jose Acuna4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal02:09.84
Max Valencia3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal302:12.38
Ty Monson3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final02:15.63
Brody Haar3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final02:17.43
Andrew Duque3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal02:18.02
Anderson Baker3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal02:19.12
Jessie Salinas3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal02:19.32
Will Warner3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal02:25.02
Michael Klonoski3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal02:27.49
Jack Gallagher3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal02:45.38
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1600 Meter

Anekin Hetman4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal1004:20.72
Anekin Hetman3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal04:22.29
Anekin Hetman3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal04:24.41
Jose Acuna4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal504:30.19
Jose Acuna4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final404:31.16
Ethan Ripple4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final304:31.91
Ethan Ripple4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal304:32.43
Marcos Gonzalez3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal04:32.46
Marcos Gonzalez4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final04:32.73
Ethan Ripple3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal04:35.52
Marcos Gonzalez4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal04:36.39
Jose Acuna3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal04:38.01
Xander Black4/24/2019Last Chance Desert VistaFinal04:38.04
Ethan Ripple3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final204:39.39
Brady O'Gara3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal04:39.71
Brady O'Gara3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final04:40.81
Charlie Fallon3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final04:41.38
Xander Black3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal804:41.75
Jose Acuna3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal04:42.01
Charlie Fallon3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal604:42.32
Jose Acuna3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal304:42.35
Max Valencia3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal404:44.65
Charlie Fallon4/24/2019Last Chance Desert VistaFinal04:45.82
Charlie Fallon3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal04:45.83
Charlie Fallon4/4/201940th Sun Angel InvitePreliminary04:46.29
Max Valencia4/4/201940th Sun Angel InvitePreliminary04:46.93
Max Valencia4/24/2019Last Chance Desert VistaFinal04:47.34
Xander Black3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal04:48.73
Max Valencia3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final04:50.67
Max Valencia3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal04:58.26
Brody Haar3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal05:10.65
Ty Monson3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal05:11.23
Jessie Salinas3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal05:13.97
Brody Haar3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal05:17.71
Anderson Baker3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal05:17.94
Jessie Salinas3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal05:17.96
Aidan Parr3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal05:36.86
Michael Klonoski3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal05:39.16
William Meaney3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal05:42.79
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3200 Meter

Anekin Hetman4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal809:37.63
Anekin Hetman3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final609:41.05
Anekin Hetman3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal609:41.50
Marcos Gonzalez4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal509:44.94
Jose Acuna4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal409:50.20
Marcos Gonzalez3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal09:54.21
Xander Black4/4/201940th Sun Angel InviteFinal309:55.98
Xander Black4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal09:57.70
Marcos Gonzalez3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final09:58.83
Jose Acuna3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal09:59.50
Xander Black3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal10:06.09
Ethan Ripple3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal10:14.10
Jose Acuna3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal10:15.94
Ethan Ripple4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final10:16.98
Max Valencia4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final10:17.25
Charlie Fallon4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final10:17.52
Charlie Fallon3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal10:18.26
Max Valencia3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal410:24.32
Charlie Fallon3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal310:26.36
Aidan Parr3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal11:29.80
William Meaney3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal11:53.99
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110 Meter Hurdles

Regis Velez3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal1.9000:15.99
William Bastman3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal80.1000:16.02
William Bastman3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal0.7000:16.31
William Bastman4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal1-1.2000:16.49
William Bastman4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsPreliminary-1.3000:16.60
William Bastman3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal-0.6000:16.67
Regis Velez4/4/201940th Sun Angel InvitePreliminary-2.3000:16.72
Regis Velez4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsPreliminary-2.5000:16.77
Regis Velez4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal-1.2000:16.81
Jackson Camarata4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsPreliminary-1.3000:16.85
Jackson Camarata4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal-1.2000:16.85
William Bastman3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal0.7000:16.86
Jackson Camarata3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal0.3000:17.07
Regis Velez3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal-1.1000:17.13
Regis Velez3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal0.4000:17.37
Regis Velez3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal-0.6000:17.54
Jackson Camarata3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal60.6000:17.63
William Bastman4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final-3.0000:17.68
Jackson Camarata3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal2-0.1000:17.80
William Bastman3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final-0.8000:17.92
Jackson Camarata4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final-2.3000:18.10
Jackson Camarata4/4/201940th Sun Angel InvitePreliminary-1.4000:18.19
Jackson Camarata3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final-0.8000:18.25
Jackson Camarata3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal0.1000:18.50
Jackson Camarata3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal-0.6000:18.88
Regis Velez3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final-0.9000:18.89
Declan Groesbeck3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final-1.1000:19.69
Declan Groesbeck4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsPreliminary-2.0000:21.02
Declan Groesbeck3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal1.5000:22.15
Declan Groesbeck4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final0.0000:22.18
Declan Groesbeck3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal-0.1000:26.08
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300 Meter Hurdles

Elisha Brooks3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal00:38.05
Elisha Brooks3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal1000:38.81
Regis Velez4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal600:41.39
Regis Velez4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsPreliminary00:41.88
Jackson Camarata4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal300:41.93
Regis Velez4/4/201940th Sun Angel InviteFinal00:42.24
Jay Cruz4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal00:42.78
Jackson Camarata4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsPreliminary00:42.99
Regis Velez3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal00:43.08
Jay Cruz4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final00:43.08
Regis Velez3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal00:43.18
Regis Velez3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal00:43.36
Regis Velez3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal00:43.68
Jay Cruz4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsPreliminary00:43.99
Jay Cruz3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal00:44.39
Jackson Camarata4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final00:44.67
Jackson Camarata3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal00:44.70
Jackson Camarata3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final00:44.88
Jay Cruz3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final00:44.91
Regis Velez3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final00:45.42
Jackson Camarata3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal200:46.16
Jackson Camarata4/4/201940th Sun Angel InviteFinal00:46.25
Jackson Camarata3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal00:46.58
Jackson Camarata3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal300:46.73
Declan Groesbeck4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsPreliminary00:47.94
Adrian Munguia3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal00:48.42
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4 x 100 Meter

Brophy College Prep Relay Team4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final00:43.20
Brophy College Prep Relay Team3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal00:43.70
Brophy College Prep Relay Team4/4/201940th Sun Angel InvitePreliminary00:43.94
Brophy College Prep Relay Team3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal00:44.20
Brophy College Prep Relay Team3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal00:44.39
Brophy College Prep Relay Team3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal00:44.58
Brophy College Prep Relay Team3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final00:44.70
Brophy College Prep Relay Team3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal00:45.25
Brophy College Prep Relay Team3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal00:45.64
Brophy College Prep Relay Team3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal00:48.06
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4 x 200 Meter

Brophy College Prep Relay Team3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal01:34.31
Brophy College Prep Relay Team4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final01:35.63
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4 x 400 Meter

Brophy College Prep Relay Team4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsPreliminary03:33.82
Brophy College Prep Relay Team3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal03:34.86
Brophy College Prep Relay Team3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal03:36.15
Brophy College Prep Relay Team4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final03:37.46
Brophy College Prep Relay Team3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal03:45.17
Brophy College Prep Relay Team3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal03:48.29
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4 x 800 Meter

Brophy College Prep Relay Team4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal08:10.36
Brophy College Prep Relay Team4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final08:58.86
Brophy College Prep Relay Team3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal09:11.72
Brophy College Prep Relay Team3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal10:40.61
Brophy College Prep Relay Team3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal11:32.25
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800 Sprint Medley

Brophy College Prep Relay Team3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal01:41.63
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Long Jump

Emeka Ogbonna3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal8-1.3020' 11.50"
Atllas Hopkins3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final51.1020' 8.00"
Trevor Klein3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal-0.2020' 2.25"
William Bastman3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final1.0020' 1.50"
William Bastman3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal0.0019' 10.00"
Atllas Hopkins3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal0.0019' 6.50"
Trevor Klein3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final1.0019' 4.75"
William Bastman3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal-2.4019' 3.50"
Atllas Hopkins3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal-1.0019' 3.00"
Atllas Hopkins3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal0.0019' 2.00"
Trevor Klein4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal-0.8019' 1.50"
Emeka Ogbonna3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal22.4018' 11.00"
Emeka Ogbonna3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal-0.5018' 11.00"
Harrison Cohen3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final0.6018' 10.00"
Harrison Cohen3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal0.3018' 7.00"
Declan Groesbeck3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal1.5018' 5.00"
Declan Groesbeck4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal1.3018' 4.50"
Zacarias Valencia3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal2.5018' 1.00"
Declan Groesbeck3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal31.2017' 10.00"
Zacarias Valencia4/4/201940th Sun Angel InviteFinal0.9017' 9.25"
Carty Shoen3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal21.7017' 8.50"
Harrison Cohen4/4/201940th Sun Angel InviteFinal0.0017' 2.50"
Elijah Toelle3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal2.6017' 1.00"
Emeka Ogbonna4/4/201940th Sun Angel InviteFinal1.3016' 1.75"
Jacob Mulligan3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal0.5014' 4.00"
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Triple Jump

Atllas Hopkins3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal50.0041' 3.00"
Andrew Onyepunuka3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal0.0041' 2.50"
Trevor Klein3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal1.2040' 2.00"
Andrew Onyepunuka3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal0.0039' 11.75"
Andrew Onyepunuka4/4/201940th Sun Angel InviteFinal0.0039' 8.75"
Trevor Klein3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal0.0039' 2.00"
Atllas Hopkins3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal1.0039' 0.50"
Atllas Hopkins3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final00.2038' 10.00"
Andrew Onyepunuka3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal1.0038' 8.25"
Timothy Le3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal82.1038' 7.25"
Harrison Cohen4/4/201940th Sun Angel InviteFinal0.0038' 2.50"
Atllas Hopkins3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal0.5037' 9.00"
Trevor Klein3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal1.2037' 7.00"
Harrison Cohen4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal1.5037' 4.00"
Trevor Klein3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final0.0037' 0.50"
Trevor Klein4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal1.2037' 0.00"
Atllas Hopkins4/4/201940th Sun Angel InviteFinal0.0036' 8.50"
Timothy Le3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal1.3035' 8.00"
Casey Rich3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal1.3032' 11.25"
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High Jump

Kenneth Roe4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal106' 4.00"
Kenneth Roe4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final26' 2.00"
Kenneth Roe3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal6' 0.00"
Kenneth Roe3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final45' 10.00"
Timothy Le4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final5' 10.00"
Kenneth Roe4/4/201940th Sun Angel InviteFinal05' 10.00"
Timothy Le3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal5' 10.00"
Kenneth Roe3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal5' 10.00"
Timothy Le3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal85' 10.00"
Timothy Le3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal5' 10.00"
Zach Williams3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal5' 10.00"
Timothy Le3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal85' 10.00"
Timothy Le4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal5' 10.00"
Zach Williams3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal5' 8.00"
Timothy Le3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal105' 8.00"
Andy Salome3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal85' 8.00"
Timothy Le3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final5' 8.00"
Zach Williams4/4/201940th Sun Angel InviteFinal5' 7.00"
Emiliano Torres-Lopez3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal5' 0.00"
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Pole Vault

Nicholas Park4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final11' 6.00"
Sean Mullen4/4/201940th Sun Angel InviteFinal11' 6.00"
Nicholas Park3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final111' 0.00"
Nicholas Park4/4/201940th Sun Angel InviteFinal11' 0.00"
Sean Mullen3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal11' 0.00"
Sean Mullen4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final10' 9.00"
Nicholas Park3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal10' 9.00"
Nicholas Park4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal10' 6.00"
Ryan Middlemist4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal10' 6.00"
Ryan Middlemist3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final10' 6.00"
Nicholas Park3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal310' 6.00"
Nicholas Park3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal10' 6.00"
Ryan Middlemist4/4/201940th Sun Angel InviteFinal10' 6.00"
Nicholas Park3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal10' 0.00"
Ryan Middlemist3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal10' 0.00"
Sean Mullen3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal10' 0.00"
Sean Mullen4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal10' 0.00"
Benn Budnick3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final10' 0.00"
Benn Budnick3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal9' 9.00"
Ryan Middlemist3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal9' 6.00"
Benn Budnick3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal69' 6.00"
Sean Mullen3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal9' 6.00"
Benn Budnick4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal9' 6.00"
Sean Mullen3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal9' 0.00"
Mateo Aguirre3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final9' 0.00"
Ryan Middlemist3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal9' 0.00"
Nicholas Park3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal9' 0.00"
Micheal Mansour3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal18' 0.00"
Patrick Cheke3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal8' 0.00"
Patrick Cheke3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal8' 0.00"
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Shot Put

Lake Etsitty3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal49' 5.00"
Lake Etsitty4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal547' 2.00"
Lake Etsitty3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal46' 10.50"
Lake Etsitty3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final446' 10.00"
Lake Etsitty4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final46' 7.50"
Lake Etsitty3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal546' 2.50"
Lake Etsitty3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal45' 10.25"
Lake Etsitty4/4/201940th Sun Angel InviteFinal44' 7.25"
Max Allen4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final43' 3.00"
Max Allen3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final40' 8.00"
William Bastman3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal40' 4.00"
William Bastman3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final39' 4.00"
William Bastman4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal39' 3.00"
William Bastman3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal538' 5.00"
William Bastman3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal37' 1.50"
Teague Carlson3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal837' 0.00"
Ethan Broer4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final37' 0.00"
Ethan Broer3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal35' 7.00"
Jose Villegas3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal635' 6.50"
Ethan Broer3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final35' 2.00"
Teague Carlson3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal34' 0.00"
Ethan Broer3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal33' 11.00"
Ethan Broer3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal33' 6.00"
Colson DiNucci3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal32' 7.00"
Jack Olsen3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal232' 4.00"
William Bastman3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal31' 2.00"
Jack Olsen3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal30' 4.00"
Jose Villegas3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal29' 5.00"
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Max Allen4/4/201940th Sun Angel InviteFinal4156' 5.00"
Max Allen3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal154' 10.00"
Max Allen4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final148' 1.00"
Max Allen3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final5145' 7.00"
Max Allen3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal144' 11.00"
Colson DiNucci4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final127' 5.00"
Colson DiNucci4/4/201940th Sun Angel InviteFinal124' 4.00"
Colson DiNucci4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal121' 6.00"
Colson DiNucci3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal118' 5.00"
Colson DiNucci3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal118' 5.00"
Teague Carlson4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal114' 3.00"
Colson DiNucci3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final110' 6.25"
Teague Carlson3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal109' 1.00"
Lake Etsitty3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal108' 1.00"
Lake Etsitty3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal107' 0.00"
Teague Carlson3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal107' 0.00"
Colson DiNucci3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal106' 6.00"
Lake Etsitty3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final105' 10.50"
Teague Carlson3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal10105' 3.00"
Lake Etsitty3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal98' 5.00"
Jose Villegas3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal698' 0.00"
Jose Villegas3/7/2019Brophy Prep AMDG InvitationalFinal92' 6.00"
Trevor Ulrich3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal292' 1.00"
Jose Villegas3/8/2019Becky Matthews Frosh/Soph & Open MeetFinal188' 10.00"
Jose Villegas3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final88' 5.50"
Jack Olsen3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal83' 4.00"
Teague Carlson4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final79' 10.00"
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Lake Etsitty3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal6151' 8.00"
Lake Etsitty4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal4149' 4.00"
Lake Etsitty4/4/201940th Sun Angel InviteFinal3147' 5.00"
Lake Etsitty3/28/2019Brophy Fr. Olivier InviteFinal143' 9.00"
Lake Etsitty4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final138' 7.00"
Lake Etsitty3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal138' 2.00"
Lake Etsitty3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final4138' 1.00"
Colson DiNucci3/23/201979th Nike Chandler Rotary InvitationalFinal120' 7.00"
Colson DiNucci3/2/2019Aztec Invite Final112' 8.00"
William Bastman4/22/2019North East Valley ChampionshipsFinal111' 6.00"
Colson DiNucci3/16/2019Rattler Booster InviteFinal110' 0.00"
William Bastman4/12/201916th Annual Hohokam Invitational Final79' 8.00"