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Manual Track & Field Athlete Stats

Varsity 2019
Carolina Blue, Red
Alina Acosta
1700 E 28Th Ave, Denver, CO 80205

Best Finishes

Event 1st Place
100 Meter View Times Corey Jones 00:11.28
200 Meter View Times Corey Jones 00:22.87
400 Meter View Times Terrence Toliver 00:54.60
800 Meter View Times Promesse Nkela 02:17.32
1600 Meter View Times Brian Muriithi 05:24.42
4 x 100 Meter View Times Manual Relay Team 00:43.50
Event 1st Place
4 x 200 Meter View Times Manual Relay Team 01:43.32
4 x 400 Meter View Times Manual Relay Team 04:16.34
Long Jump View Times Tybrie Howard-Jones 17' 4.00"
Triple Jump View Times Donovan Jenkins 25' 7.50"
Shot Put View Times Phranklin Gerdine 33' 0.00"

Best Finishes by Event

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100 Meter

Corey Jones5/16/20192019 CHSAA Class 3A State ChampionshipsFinal51.0000:11.28
Ta'yon Burton4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalPreliminary2.9000:11.28
Corey Jones4/20/2019GW Patriot InviteFinal20.1000:11.37
Ta'yon Burton5/3/20193A Metro League ChampionshipsFinal100.8000:11.38
Corey Jones4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalPreliminary2.0000:11.46
Corey Jones5/16/20192019 CHSAA Class 3A State ChampionshipsPreliminary-1.8000:11.46
Corey Jones5/3/20193A Metro League ChampionshipsFinal50.8000:11.53
Tommie Mack5/3/20193A Metro League ChampionshipsFinal0.8000:11.56
Ta'yon Burton4/5/2019Thomas Jefferson Twilight MeetFinal-0.6000:11.63
Corey Jones3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InviteFinal3-1.8000:11.79
Abdul Bonzai5/3/20193A Metro League ChampionshipsFinal10.3000:11.80
Tommie Mack5/11/2019Rangeview Last Chance QualifierFinal-1.5000:11.84
Tommie Mack4/20/2019GW Patriot InviteFinal0.1000:11.85
Corey Jones5/11/2019Rangeview Last Chance QualifierFinal1.5000:11.86
Abdul Bonzai5/11/2019Rangeview Last Chance QualifierFinal-0.8000:11.98
Tommie Mack4/5/2019Thomas Jefferson Twilight MeetFinal-1.5000:12.07
Abdul Bonzai4/20/2019GW Patriot InviteFinal-0.2000:12.12
Abdul Bonzai4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalPreliminary1.1000:12.18
CurShawn Dickey4/5/2019Thomas Jefferson Twilight MeetFinal0.1000:12.92
CurShawn Dickey3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InviteFinal-1.6000:13.66
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200 Meter

Corey Jones5/16/20192019 CHSAA Class 3A State ChampionshipsFinal4-0.4000:22.87
Corey Jones5/3/20193A Metro League ChampionshipsFinal8-1.2000:22.90
Corey Jones4/20/2019GW Patriot InviteFinal5-2.7000:23.10
Corey Jones5/16/20192019 CHSAA Class 3A State ChampionshipsPreliminary-2.1000:23.21
Tommie Mack5/3/20193A Metro League ChampionshipsFinal40.1000:23.55
Corey Jones4/5/2019Thomas Jefferson Twilight MeetFinal1-0.3000:23.71
Ta'yon Burton4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalPreliminary-1.7000:23.74
Corey Jones4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalPreliminary-1.7000:23.84
Ta'yon Burton4/20/2019GW Patriot InviteFinal-1.2000:23.89
Corey Jones3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InviteFinal-1.3000:24.09
Tommie Mack4/20/2019GW Patriot InviteFinal-1.2000:24.16
Tommie Mack4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalPreliminary-1.7000:24.31
Tommie Mack3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InviteFinal-2.3000:25.10
La'renz Smith3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InviteFinal-2.9000:26.16
LaJayzhin Miles4/5/2019Thomas Jefferson Twilight MeetFinal-1.1000:27.02
La'renz Smith4/5/2019Thomas Jefferson Twilight MeetFinal-1.1000:27.33
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400 Meter

Terrence Toliver4/5/2019Thomas Jefferson Twilight MeetFinal00:54.60
Terrence Toliver3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InviteFinal00:57.24
La'renz Smith5/3/20193A Metro League ChampionshipsFinal00:58.22
La'renz Smith4/5/2019Thomas Jefferson Twilight MeetFinal00:59.19
La'renz Smith3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InviteFinal00:59.93
Promesse Nkela3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InviteFinal01:02.21
La'renz Smith4/20/2019GW Patriot InviteFinal01:03.69
La'renz Smith4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalPreliminary01:05.94
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800 Meter

Promesse Nkela5/3/20193A Metro League ChampionshipsFinal02:17.32
Promesse Nkela4/5/2019Thomas Jefferson Twilight MeetFinal02:29.67
Promesse Nkela4/20/2019GW Patriot InviteFinal02:32.66
Brian Muriithi3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InviteFinal02:34.53
La'ronn Smith5/3/20193A Metro League ChampionshipsFinal02:34.63
La'ronn Smith3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InviteFinal02:36.39
Brian Muriithi4/5/2019Thomas Jefferson Twilight MeetFinal02:37.49
Brian Muriithi4/20/2019GW Patriot InviteFinal02:38.11
La'ronn Smith4/20/2019GW Patriot InviteFinal02:50.39
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1600 Meter

Brian Muriithi4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalFinal05:24.42
Brian Muriithi4/20/2019GW Patriot InviteFinal05:26.43
Brian Muriithi5/3/20193A Metro League ChampionshipsFinal05:30.14
Brian Muriithi4/5/2019Thomas Jefferson Twilight MeetFinal05:35.41
Brian Muriithi3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InviteFinal05:38.44
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4 x 100 Meter

Manual Relay Team5/16/20192019 CHSAA Class 3A State ChampionshipsPreliminary00:43.50
Manual Relay Team5/3/20193A Metro League ChampionshipsFinal00:43.57
Manual Relay Team5/16/20192019 CHSAA Class 3A State ChampionshipsFinal00:43.75
Manual Relay Team5/11/2019Rangeview Last Chance QualifierFinal00:43.84
Manual Relay Team4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalFinal00:44.14
Manual Relay Team4/20/2019GW Patriot InviteFinal00:44.34
Manual Relay Team4/5/2019Thomas Jefferson Twilight MeetFinal00:44.83
Manual Relay Team3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InviteFinal00:48.60
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4 x 200 Meter

Manual Relay Team4/5/2019Thomas Jefferson Twilight MeetFinal01:43.32
Manual Relay Team3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InviteFinal01:43.49
Manual Relay Team5/3/20193A Metro League ChampionshipsFinal01:44.39
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4 x 400 Meter

Manual Relay Team4/5/2019Thomas Jefferson Twilight MeetFinal04:16.34
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Long Jump

Tybrie Howard-Jones3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InvitePreliminary-1.3017' 4.00"
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Triple Jump

Donovan Jenkins5/3/20193A Metro League ChampionshipsFinal-0.1025' 7.50"
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Shot Put

Phranklin Gerdine3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InvitePreliminary33' 0.00"
LaJayzhin Miles3/21/2019Denver South Rebel InvitePreliminary23' 3.50"