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Shining Mountain Track & Field Athlete Stats

Varsity 2019
Maroon, Gold
Michael Hawkes
999 Violet, Boulder, CO 80304

Best Finishes

Event 1st Place
4 x 200 Meter View Times Shining Mountain Relay Team 01:41.04
4 x 800 Meter View Times Shining Mountain Relay Team 09:13.39
Long Jump View Times Reid Hill 16' 7.50"
High Jump View Times Reid Hill 5' 7.00"
Pole Vault View Times Reid Hill 11' 6.00"
Shot Put View Times Ben Carano 33' 9.00"
Discus View Times Reid Hill 112' 7.00"

Best Finishes by Event

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100 Meter

Ethan Pineda4/8/2019Thornton Early Bird InviteFinal5.3000:12.56
Ethan Pineda3/30/2019Lyons InvitationalFinal-0.4000:13.05
Ethan Pineda3/23/2019Broomfield ShootoutFinal-1.0000:13.19
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200 Meter

Ethan Pineda5/3/2019Mile High/Northern/Tri-Valley League ChampionshipsFinal-1.4000:25.55
Ethan Pineda4/8/2019Thornton Early Bird InviteFinal4.8000:25.85
Ethan Pineda3/30/2019Lyons InvitationalFinal-0.5000:26.12
Ethan Pineda3/23/2019Broomfield ShootoutFinal2.0000:26.33
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400 Meter

Justus Hueck3/30/2019Lyons InvitationalFinal00:58.35
Ben Karbassi4/8/2019Thornton Early Bird InviteFinal01:00.37
Justus Hueck3/23/2019Broomfield ShootoutFinal01:00.57
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800 Meter

Max Saliman5/16/20192019 CHSAA Class 1A State ChampionshipsFinal302:03.96
Max Saliman4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalFinal02:05.64
Max Saliman3/30/2019Lyons InvitationalFinal02:09.97
Max Saliman5/3/2019Mile High/Northern/Tri-Valley League ChampionshipsFinal202:11.99
Max Saliman4/20/2019Maxine Erhman Thornton InviteFinal02:12.22
Ben Karbassi4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalFinal02:13.93
Ben Karbassi4/20/2019Maxine Erhman Thornton InviteFinal02:16.72
Ben Karbassi5/3/2019Mile High/Northern/Tri-Valley League ChampionshipsFinal02:16.75
Ben Karbassi4/8/2019Thornton Early Bird InviteFinal102:22.30
Ben Karbassi5/11/2019Rangeview Last Chance QualifierFinal02:23.41
Justus Hueck3/30/2019Lyons InvitationalFinal02:24.35
Marcus Zeender5/3/2019Mile High/Northern/Tri-Valley League ChampionshipsFinal02:25.39
Ben Carano3/23/2019Broomfield ShootoutFinal02:26.83
Marcus Zeender5/11/2019Rangeview Last Chance QualifierFinal02:28.58
Justus Hueck3/23/2019Broomfield ShootoutFinal02:29.96
Marcus Zeender4/20/2019Maxine Erhman Thornton InviteFinal02:47.54
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1600 Meter

Max Saliman5/16/20192019 CHSAA Class 1A State ChampionshipsFinal704:46.74
Max Saliman3/30/2019Lyons InvitationalFinal04:51.52
Ben Karbassi5/11/2019Rangeview Last Chance QualifierFinal05:25.51
Ben Karbassi5/3/2019Mile High/Northern/Tri-Valley League ChampionshipsFinal05:30.10
Marcus Zeender5/3/2019Mile High/Northern/Tri-Valley League ChampionshipsFinal05:32.46
Marcus Zeender4/20/2019Maxine Erhman Thornton InviteFinal05:43.82
Marcus Zeender4/15/2019Greeley Twilight InvitationalFinal06:12.09
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3200 Meter

Max Saliman5/3/2019Mile High/Northern/Tri-Valley League ChampionshipsFinal510:18.01
Max Saliman5/16/20192019 CHSAA Class 1A State ChampionshipsFinal810:21.87
Max Saliman4/20/2019Maxine Erhman Thornton InviteFinal610:29.09
Max Saliman3/23/2019Broomfield ShootoutFinal10:42.25
Marcus Zeender4/15/2019Greeley Twilight InvitationalFinal13:13.40
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110 Meter Hurdles

Reid Hill4/20/2019Maxine Erhman Thornton InviteFinal-2.5000:20.83
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4 x 200 Meter

Shining Mountain Relay Team4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalFinal01:41.04
Shining Mountain Relay Team4/20/2019Maxine Erhman Thornton InviteFinal01:42.35
Shining Mountain Relay Team4/15/2019Greeley Twilight InvitationalFinal01:48.00
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4 x 800 Meter

Shining Mountain Relay Team5/16/20192019 CHSAA Class 1A State ChampionshipsFinal09:13.39
Shining Mountain Relay Team5/11/2019Rangeview Last Chance QualifierFinal09:22.36
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Long Jump

Reid Hill4/8/2019Thornton Early Bird InviteFinal-3.3016' 7.50"
Reid Hill4/20/2019Maxine Erhman Thornton InviteFinal1.7016' 7.00"
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High Jump

Reid Hill4/8/2019Thornton Early Bird InviteFinal35' 7.00"
Reid Hill5/3/2019Mile High/Northern/Tri-Valley League ChampionshipsFinal05' 4.00"
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Pole Vault

Reid Hill4/8/2019Thornton Early Bird InviteFinal1011' 6.00"
Reid Hill5/3/2019Mile High/Northern/Tri-Valley League ChampionshipsFinal1011' 6.00"
Reid Hill4/15/2019Greeley Twilight InvitationalFinal311' 0.00"
Ethan Pineda5/16/20192019 CHSAA Class 1A State ChampionshipsFinal210' 10.00"
Ethan Pineda5/3/2019Mile High/Northern/Tri-Valley League ChampionshipsFinal610' 6.00"
Ethan Pineda3/30/2019Lyons InvitationalFinal10' 2.00"
Ethan Pineda5/11/2019Rangeview Last Chance QualifierFinal10' 1.00"
Ethan Pineda4/15/2019Greeley Twilight InvitationalFinal10' 0.00"
Ethan Pineda3/23/2019Broomfield ShootoutFinal9' 6.00"
Ethan Pineda4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalFinal9' 4.00"
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Shot Put

Ben Carano4/8/2019Thornton Early Bird InviteFinal33' 9.00"
Ben Carano4/15/2019Greeley Twilight InvitationalFinal32' 1.00"
Ben Carano3/30/2019Lyons InvitationalFinal31' 4.00"
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Reid Hill4/15/2019Greeley Twilight InvitationalFinal112' 7.00"
Reid Hill4/20/2019Maxine Erhman Thornton InviteFinal111' 4.00"
Reid Hill5/3/2019Mile High/Northern/Tri-Valley League ChampionshipsFinal5109' 9.00"
Reid Hill4/26/2019Liberty Bell InvitationalFinal108' 10.00"
Reid Hill4/8/2019Thornton Early Bird InviteFinal101' 2.00"