Central Baseball Stat Leaders


Category: Earned Run Average Stat Leaders

  • ‡ Leaders must have played at least 8 games.
  • * Must have at least 17 IP.
1Luke ZimmermanMarple Newtown (Newtown Square)0.71697926526
2Henry Dawes - SrStrath Haven (Wallingford)P, INF1.3431.161012517
3Will WesolowskiGarnet Valley (Glen Mills)1.874512251919
4Anthony Viggiano - SrStrath Haven (Wallingford)INF, P1.9443.1121718620
5Kyle Patlove - SoLower Merion (Ardmore)RHP, 3B2.2028.291713018
6Steve MorrisonMarple Newtown (Newtown Square)2.3024.181710925
7Noah Atsaves - JrStrath Haven (Wallingford)P, INF2.3632.2111814919
8Ryan Buck - SrConestoga (Berwyn)P, OF2.4739.2141916718
9Jacob Marcus - SrConestoga (Berwyn)P, INF2.6447.2182521717
10Sean StandenMarple Newtown (Newtown Square)2.7228.1111212315
11Sam DiLellaRadnor2.7520.181710310
12Alden MathesMarple Newtown (Newtown Square)2.7520.1897926
13Alec Deegan - JrLower Merion (Ardmore)RHP, 3B2.8239.2162318016
14Cameron Marcus - JrConestoga (Berwyn)P, INF2.8424.2101410815
15Colin Eberhardt - SrSpringfield3.1240.1182819112
16Mike Conran - SrSpringfield3.1526.2122013114
17Mason MillerGarnet Valley (Glen Mills)3.50189107517
18Eddie Ronanyne - JrSpringfield3.7833.1183315716
19Casey Murphy - JrLower Merion (Ardmore)RHP, 1B3.8042.1233521217
20Nolan Ward - SrUpper Darby (Drexel Hill)P, RHP5.1534253618516