7-A Softball Stat Leaders


Category: On Base Percentage Stat Leaders

  • ‡ Leaders must have played at least 10 games.
  • * Must have at least 30 plate appearances.
1Ahnila Owens - SrWilkinson County (Irwinton)SS, P.7113817281017
2Quinesia Williams - SoWilkinson County (Irwinton).62540112612216
3Destiny Goodin - SrWilkinson County (Irwinton).595421633917
4Shyann Moore - SrWilkinson County (Irwinton)CF, LF.5563613267316
5Lizzy Mitchell - SoAcademy for Classical Education (Macon)C, SS.5501094089160432
6Kaitlyn Hallman - SoTattnall Square Academy (Macon)2B, SS.543933778121125
7Mary Katherine LawrenceGeorgia Military College (Milledgeville).538107469372431
8Lindsey Paul - FrTattnall Square Academy (Macon)RHP, 1B.538802661162123
9Whitney Underwood - SrWilkinson County (Irwinton).5383913317114
10Ambreanna Stokes - JrWilkinson County (Irwinton).533307218116
11Mary Elaine MitchellStratford Academy (Macon).53197469150027
12Allison HammackFirst Presbyterian Day (Macon).530662354120021
13Whitley WardGeorgia Military College (Milledgeville).5281084393131131
14Taylor JusticeStratford Academy (Macon).515973077180229
15Jordyn PartainMount de Sales Academy (Macon).505105439392129
16Makenna TalcottGeorgia Military College (Milledgeville).4951114094121231
17Rachel Jordan - JrLincoln County (Lincolnton).484621648110318
18Jordyn Deason - JrLincoln County (Lincolnton).483601849100118
19Sarah HatcherMount de Sales Academy (Macon).480100409250329
20Jaelyn Darley - SrTattnall Square Academy (Macon)SS, 2B.479943078121325
21Nadia ReeseStratford Academy (Macon).479722056131123
22Akhiya Chatman - SrWilkinson County (Irwinton)SS, 2B.4754011327116
23Dixiana Sims - FrAcademy for Classical Education (Macon).4681113691143132
24Makalynn Bowling - SoLincoln County (Lincolnton).466591344100417
25Courtney Ball - SrTattnall Square Academy (Macon)C, 3B.46189338061225
26Abbey SurlesFirst Presbyterian Day (Macon).459611548110221
27Shelby BandtStratford Academy (Macon).4481052886180129
28Regan Foster - SoAcademy for Classical Education (Macon).44371185770632
29Mallory WattsGeorgia Military College (Milledgeville).44194308191231
30Mary Elizabeth Ballard - JrAcademy for Classical Education (Macon).440101409541029
31Kenna McElmurrayStratford Academy (Macon).435872068160126
32Mollie Molton - JrAcademy for Classical Education (Macon).43483226871729
33Henderson HurdleMount de Sales Academy (Macon).427118329990929
34Olivia ParkerFirst Presbyterian Day (Macon).42654174751120
35Kenna Epps - SrTattnall Square Academy (Macon)LHP, OF.42283297651124
36Taylor Anne Martin - JrAcademy for Classical Education (Macon).41583267341432
37Destiny Barksdale - SoLincoln County (Lincolnton).40754164830317
38Kyra DoblerGeorgia Military College (Milledgeville).40448134160026
39Sara Winters - SrAcademy for Classical Education (Macon).396102349451129
40Tamara McAvoy - JrWashington-Wilkes (Washington).3935616505114
41Logan Oller - SrTattnall Square Academy (Macon)OF, C.38080186483425
42Julia Bridgeman - SrTattnall Square Academy (Macon)1B.379581044112123
43Paige GrayStratford Academy (Macon).37892237891229
44Brooklyn Mcgreggor - SoAcademy for Classical Education (Macon).37054124581029
45Kara Gammon - JrWashington-Wilkes (Washington).3679028854127
46Jordyn Welborn - SoWashington-Wilkes (Washington).3639330882127
47Kaci Paul - SoTattnall Square Academy (Macon)1B, 3B.36271186270023
48Riley BarsbyGeorgia Military College (Milledgeville).36078237120225
49Megan Rowe - SrLincoln County (Lincolnton).3553162640113
50Destiny Lucas - FrAcademy for Classical Education (Macon).35197278753232