Division II Softball Stat Leaders


Category: Batting Average Stat Leaders

  • ‡ Leaders must have played at least 7 games.
  • * Must have at least 26 plate appearances.
1Delaney Schmidt - SrNazarene Christian Academy (Crowley)SS, 2B.721794968310821
2Lauren Cortinas - FrWestlake Academy (Westlake)SS, OF.611412236310
3Jackie Dietrich - 8thWestlake Academy (Westlake)C, OF.588412034110
4Janzen Small - SrWestlake Academy (Westlake)P, 1B.568432137511
5Bryar Rew - FrNazarene Christian Academy (Crowley)1B.5276129554220
6Shelly Suttles - JrWestlake Academy (Westlake)1B, 2B.522281223727
7Natalie Greenwood - 8thWestlake Academy (Westlake)P, 3B.5003816324211
8Abrianna Antillon - JrNewman International Academy (Arlington).48134132729
9Makenna Matthews - FrNazarene Christian Academy (Crowley)OF, 2B.4775621445121
10Brylee Russell - SoNazarene Christian Academy (Crowley)3B, 2B.46667275828119
11Aubrey Jones - SoNazarene Christian Academy (Crowley)RHP, 1B.46259245242219
12Amaya Webb - JrNewman International Academy (Arlington).4583011249
13Jen Black - SrNazarene Christian Academy (Crowley)SS, C.45170235161219
14Katherine Bowen - SrNazarene Christian Academy (Crowley)UTIL.4003712302117
15Holly Perry - JrNazarene Christian Academy (Crowley)C, 3B.3856320524221
16Regan Ward - SrWestlake Academy (Westlake)2B, 3B.37537123229
17Jillian Padilla - SoNazarene Christian Academy (Crowley)2B, 3B.353471234120
18Mikaela Leevy - SoNazarene Christian Academy (Crowley)RHP, 1B.3244112374219
19Kim Santiago - FrNewman International Academy (Arlington).318317229
20Gentry Luckett - 8thWestlake Academy (Westlake).2922972410
21Alex Grimm - JrNewman International Academy (Arlington).261296239
22Chelsea Hardy - JrNewman International Academy (Arlington).240326259
23Landri Rasberry - JrNewman International Academy (Arlington).150293209
24Skye McCall - JrNewman International Academy (Arlington).143302149
25Yaileny Castro - FrNewman International Academy (Arlington).133282159