Division II Softball Stat Leaders


Category: On Base Percentage Stat Leaders

  • ‡ Leaders must have played at least 7 games.
  • * Must have at least 20 plate appearances.
1Delaney Schmidt - SrNazarene Christian Academy (Crowley)SS, 2B.7597949685621
2McKenna King - SoWylie Prep Academy (Wylie).6822211184008
3Leslie Peterson - JrNazarene Christian Academy (Crowley)CF.667261523118
4Jackie Dietrich - 8thWestlake Academy (Westlake)C, OF.6594120346110
5Faith Steffen - SoWylie Prep Academy (Wylie).650204119008
6Abi Shaw - FrWylie Prep Academy (Wylie).650203107037
7Lauren Cortinas - FrWestlake Academy (Westlake)SS, OF.6254122363110
8Skye McCall - JrNewman International Academy (Arlington).60030214169
9Lindey Coontz - SrNazarene Christian Academy (Crowley)OF.600258184315
10Shelby McClellan - JrWestlake Academy (Westlake)OF.60020101827
11Abrianna Antillon - JrNewman International Academy (Arlington).58834132779
12Makenna Matthews - FrNazarene Christian Academy (Crowley)OF, 2B.5825621441121
13Janzen Small - SrWestlake Academy (Westlake)P, 1B.5814321374211
14Amaya Webb - JrNewman International Academy (Arlington).56730112469
15Jen Black - SrNazarene Christian Academy (Crowley)SS, C.561702351131119
16Shelly Suttles - JrWestlake Academy (Westlake)1B, 2B.56028122327
17Bryar Rew - FrNazarene Christian Academy (Crowley)1B.5596129552220
18Natalie Greenwood - 8thWestlake Academy (Westlake)P, 3B.5563816323111
19Yaileny Castro - FrNewman International Academy (Arlington).53628215139
20Jillian Padilla - SoNazarene Christian Academy (Crowley)2B, 3B.52247123411120
21Aubrey Jones - SoNazarene Christian Academy (Crowley)RHP, 1B.5175924524219
22Kim Santiago - FrNewman International Academy (Arlington).5163172299
23Brylee Russell - SoNazarene Christian Academy (Crowley)3B, 2B.50867275831319
24Holly Perry - JrNazarene Christian Academy (Crowley)C, 3B.4926320521121
25Katherine Bowen - SrNazarene Christian Academy (Crowley)UTIL.4713712301317
26Regan Ward - SrWestlake Academy (Westlake)2B, 3B.459371232419
27Alex Grimm - JrNewman International Academy (Arlington).4142962369
28Landri Rasberry - JrNewman International Academy (Arlington).4142932099
29Jordan Volk - 8thWylie Prep Academy (Wylie).409222157008
30Gentry Luckett - 8thWestlake Academy (Westlake).39329724410
31Mikaela Leevy - SoNazarene Christian Academy (Crowley)RHP, 1B.3904112372219
32Chelsea Hardy - JrNewman International Academy (Arlington).3873262569
33Hunter Barnard - SoWestlake Academy (Westlake)OF.2732231938
34Elizabeth Garabedian - SrWestlake Academy (Westlake)OF, 3B.24025322128