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William Pine

945 Galleries | New York

A freelance photographer out of Kingston, NY, I have been taking photos for as long as I can remember. From grade-school field trips to family vacations, I have had a camera in my hands. In 2008, a friend asked me to shoot a community college baseball team he coached and I was hooked. I loved the challenge of getting that split-second action shot and capturing a heated competition. Ever since, I have been providing high-quality action photos - and preserving memories for athletes and their parents.

I am happy to take game requests, as my schedule permits. When making a request, please include the name of the school, the sport and the date and time of the event. You may also contact me directly for Senior posters, full-game snd season discs at reduced costs or any other photo need.

To purchase prints of game images or to view my other photography, including bald eagles and fireworks displays, visit my website www.BillPinePhoto.com.

Follow me on Twitter: @bill_pine
E-mail me at: Bill@BillPinePhoto.com

*MaxPreps photographers are not paid to cover any game for any school. Photo sales are our only source of income. (I do not take requests for photos in exchange for credit only)