Boys Ice Hockey Stat Definitions


GPGames PlayedHow many games the player has participated in during the season.
Player Stats
GGoalA shot on goal that hits the back of the net, or crosses the goal line.
AAssistAn assist is an intentional pass giving a teammate a positional advantage which contributes directly to a goal. Any one direct pass by a player to a teammate who then scores a goal without having to dodge or evade an opponent, other than the goal keeper who is in the crease, is recorded as an assist. There can be only one assist on any goal scored. (A pass to the shooter, a pass that sets up a goal, a play that helps a teammate in gaining a goal).
Asst/PGAssist Per GameThis is the average number of assists per game during the season. You take the total number of assists during the season to date and divide it by the number of games played. Doing this will give you the assists per game.
PtsPoints A unit of scoring or counting. The total running tally of goals and assists throughout the season.
SHShot on Goal To propel a ball, puck, etc., at a goal, basket, pocket, etc., or in a specific direction. Shots account for the amount of times one player hits the puck toward the goal.
STLStealAn act of gaining possession of the ball from an opponent. Steals count for the amount of times one player takes possession away from an opponent without causing a infraction of some sort.
PPCPower Play ConversionA situation in which one team has a temporary numerical advantage because an opposing player or players are in the penalty box, and hence has an opportunity for a concerted, swarming attack on the opponent's goal. PP tells of the amount one team gets such an advantage.
PPSPower Play ScoringThe amount of times a team scores a goal while they a power play opportunity.
Keeper Stats
MINMinutes PlayedNumber of minutes the goal keeper plays. Generally, this number is rounded to the nearest whole minute. High school regulation time normally amounts for 45 minutes.
GAGoals AllowedNumber of goals scored against the team while the goal keeper is playing in the goal.
GAAGoals Against AverageGoals allowed divided minutes played. Some games last 45 minutes while others go for 51 minutes, use the time period that relates to you.
SaSaveofficial name for when a goal keeper stops a shot on goal. A save is recorded any time a ball is stopped or deflected by the goal keeper's body, stick, or glove in such a manner that had the ball not been stopped or deflected, it would have entered the goal. (To stop a shot on goal).
SOShut OutA goal keeper receives credit for a shut out only by playing the entire contest and not allowing any goals. If both goal keepers play the entire game to a final score of 0-0, both goal keepers should be credited with a shut out.
WWinA victory that is credited to the goal keeper. If the final score is 3-1 then the team with 3 is the winning team and the victory goes in the win column of the goal keeper.
SHShootoutA means of resolving a tie after overtime, in which five players from each side alternately take individual shots on a goal defended by a goalie.
FTForfeitThe act of losing or surrendering something as a penalty for a mistake or fault or failure to perform. A forfeit usually occurs when one of the teams is unable to attend the game with the required amount of players needed to begin.
Save %Save PercentageThe percentage of shots on goal a goaltender stops. Save percentage is calculated by dividing the number of saves by the total number of shots on goal.