Girls Water Polo Stat Definitions


GPGames PlayedHow many games the player has participated in during the season.
Non-Regulation Time StatsAny stats during overtime periods are counted. Any stats arising from tie-breaking procedures (ie- penalty kicks) are NOT recorded- no goals or goals allowed should be assigned.
Field Stats
Goals/GGoals ScoredEach goal scored is worth one point. The player who throws the ball across the opponent's goal line is awarded a goal. If the momentum from a deflected shot carries the ball across the goal line, the offensive player should be credited with a goal. An errant pass or deflect by the defense into their own goal is NOT credited to the opposing team- though it is recorded against the goal keeper as a goal allowed.
Shots/ShtsShots TakenA shot is an attempt that is taken with the intent of scoring and is directed toward the goal (a cross or a crossing pass is NOT a shot). The result of a shot is generally either a save or a goal.
AsstAssistsEach assist made is worth one point. An assist is awarded for an offensive pass leading directly to a goal. When a shot is deflected (off the post or a defensive player) and an offensive player immediately knocks the rebound in for a goal, the offensive player who took the first shot should be awarded an assist.
StlsStealsSteals are given when a player forces an opponent turnover and gains possession of the ball. Receiving an errant pass is not a steal.
Keeper Stats
MinMinutes PlayedNumber of minutes the goal keeper plays. Generally, this number is rounded to the nearest whole minute. High school regulation time is 40 minutes per half.
GAGoals AgainstNumber of goals scored against the team while the goal keeper is playing in the goal.
GAAGoals Against AverageGAA = (GA * 90) / Min
SaGoals SavedA save is awarded to a goal keeper only if a shot otherwise would have gone into the goal- regardless of whether the ball is caught or deflected. A save is NOT awarded for intercepting a crossed ball. Saves made by a defensive player other than the goal keeper are "Team Saves" and are not currently tracked by MaxPreps.
SOShut OutA goal keeper receives credit for a shut out only by playing the entire contest and not allowing any goals. If both goal keepers play the entire game to a final score of 0-0, both goal keepers should be credited with a shut out.