MaxPreps Features

  • Provide Live Scoring

    Going to a game? Provide live score updates for other fans!

  • Coaching Jobs

    Looking for a coaching job? Take a look through our listings for coaches, athletic directors, statisticians and more.

  • Camp Listings

    Want to attend a camp? Browse through our camp listings.

  • Go Mobile

    MaxPreps on your mobile phone: Player Leaderboards, Team Rankings, Team Standings, Submit Scores

  • College Assistance

    Should I go to college? Which college is right for me? How can I pay for college? Is joining the Army National Guard my best option? Find the answers to these questions and get access to helpful resources right now at the MaxPreps College Assistance Center.

  • Stat Partners

    MaxPreps allows coaches to import their stats with their favorite stat collection technology. Learn more about becoming a stat import supplier.

  • Widgets

    Add MaxPreps schedules, standings, and stats to your website in three easy steps.