Football Game Preview: Prattville vs. Smiths Station

Staff Report | Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Preview: Prattville vs. Smiths Station

Prattville (2-3) and Smiths Station (0-5) take on one another this Friday at 7:00 PM on Prattville's home turf. Both teams have had struggles on the defensive side of the ball, with Smiths Station giving up an average of 45 points per game and Prattville allowing an average of 28.

Two weeks ago, Prattville took on Lee. Prattville's defense took a beating in the first half, giving up 27 points. That put it down 27 - 24. The defense unfortunately couldn't turn things around in the second half and allowed another 24 points. The net result was a 51 - 37 defeat.

As for Smiths Station, there's no need to mince words: it lost to Central two weeks ago, and it lost bad. The score wound up at 62 - 7. Even though the blowout was expected (Smiths Station is far behind in the state rankings), the defeat still stung.

We'll find out on Friday which team can get past their defeat and step into the winner's circle.

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