Football Game Recap: Prattville vs. Lee

Staff Report | Friday, September 22, 2017

Recap: Prattville vs. Lee

Lee was able to grind out a solid victory over Prattville, winning 51 - 37.

Lee's offense came in ready to rumble, picking up 27 points in the first half. That put it at a 27 - 24 advantage. Its success only continued in the second half, where it racked up an additional 24 points.

The defeat dropped Prattville's record to 2-3. The win got Lee up to 3-1.

Both teams are aiming to improve upon those records in their upcoming games. Lee will square off against Carver this Thursday at 7:00 PM. The team will be hoping to continue its now three-game trend of scoring more points each week than the last. As for Prattville, it will look to defend its home turf against Smiths Station this Friday at 8:00 PM.

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