'Play Like a Girl' podcast with Nikki B: Episode 7

Mitch Stephens | MaxPreps.com Monday, September 24, 2018

Pro golfer Tisha Alyn Abrea offers advice on changing course, networking and self-fulfillment.

Video: "Play like a Girl" podcast with Nikki B - Episode 6
Dads coaching daughters is the topic this week.

Nikki Bondura — AKA Nikki B — has a message.

A lot of them, in fact, all tightly woven around the message of "Play Like a Girl."

The upbeat former collegiate athlete from Northern California wants to build confidence of females who play sports by offering vital life skills and advice in order to enhance their athletic careers, and overall lives.

In her weekly podcasts, Nikki B will bring in expert guests to discuss a plethora of topics, ranging from and dealing with teammate drama to peer pressure to social media to relationships to inappropriate coaches.

In this episode, Nikki B welcomes golf professional Tisha Alyn Abrea who offers advice on changing course, networking and self-fulfillment.

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A winner on the Golf Channel's "Shotmakers," Nikki B is a former captain of the Sacramento State golf team. She is a leader in the fields of blogging, social media, marketing, networking and branding.