Football Game Recap: Maud vs. Meridian

Staff Report | Saturday, November 18, 2017

Recap: Maud vs. Meridian

Meridian put forth a good scoring effort last week and even improved upon it this week, but that didn't prove quite enough. It ended its game a good deal behind Maud, falling 56 - 41. Since it was a playoff game, the defeat was a particularly difficult one for Meridian.

Meridian's defense took a beating in the first half, giving up 20 points. That put it down 20 - 14. The defense wasn't great in the second half either, allowing another 36 points.

Senior Gage Jones and senior Brooks Minter were the main playmakers for Maud as Jones ran for 222 yards and also punched in three touchdowns and Minter earned three touchdowns and 211 yards rushing the ball.

The win got Maud up to 5-6. Meridian's record fell to 3-8 after the loss.

The season is close to the end, but Maud will look to squeeze in a win in its upcoming game. Maud is set to face off against Iola in a playoff match this Friday at 7:00 PM.

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