Football Game Preview: Decatur Central vs. Roncalli

Staff Report | Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Preview: Decatur Central vs. Roncalli

Decatur Central (6-1) and Roncalli (7-0) are set to face off this Friday at 7:00 PM. Decatur Central is coming into the game hot, having won six in a row.

Decatur Central's encounter with Plainfield two weeks ago was a 35-point stomp, but the result last week was anything but. Decatur Central won a game last week that couldn't get any closer, slipping by Greenwood 13 - 12. Decatur Central brought some defensive heat, getting to the quarterback for five sacks.

Meanwhile, Roncalli took its game last week by a score of 28 - 17. Senior Conner Gore was a big part of the win as his strong performance led the charge (he tossed the ball for 191 yards and two TDs).

The last time they met, Roncalli hopped past Decatur Central 43 - 25. Decatur Central was able to move the ball a lot more (334 yards compared to 71 yards), a gap Roncalli will be looking to close this time around. Will Decatur Central avenge its loss? We'll find out soon enough.

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