Arkansas football team uses bounce pass, cartwheel to pull off the 'Cap'n Crunch'

Mitch Stephens | Thursday, October 5, 2017

Monticello (Ark.) middle school team executes uniquely-designed play to perfection.

Video: Cap'n Crunch trick play
Watch the middle school team from Arkansas bounce a lateral and then complete a TD pass.

Split the line of scrimmage. The man in motion does a cartwheel. The split end drops straight to the ground. The quarterback skips a backward pass to the wingback, who fires a perfect strike for a 27-yard touchdown pass.

Why not?

A junior high school team from Monticello (Ark.) pulled off the play it calls "Cap'n Crunch" to perfection in a game Thursday with Dollarway.

The quarterback: Stran Smith. The cartwheeler: Savion Jackson. The dropper: K.J. Wells. The passer: Zackez Whitmore. The touchdown receiver: Doerian Allen.

Despite the creative touchdown, Dollarway prevailed 34-22.

We've seen a lot of crazy plays over the years. This one might take the cake. Or the cereal.