Football Game Preview: Broad Street vs. Brooks

Staff Report | Wednesday, November 1, 2017 5:02pm

Preview: Broad Street vs. Brooks

Brooks squares off against Broad Street this Friday at 7:00 PM. Brooks has made scoring difficult for its opponents by holding them to an average of only ten points per game, a benchmark Broad Street will no doubt hope to clear.

After flying high the game before (50 points), Brooks faltered in its previous match. It couldn't find its way onto the scoreboard last week and was given a 32 - 0 defeat at the hands of Simmons. That was its first loss at home this season.

As for Broad Street, it has added another blowout to its collection (now totaling four) after its most recent game. It blew past Coffeeville last week 38 - 6. 38 seems to be a good number for Broad Street as the team scooped up a win with the same point total the game before.

Brooks's defeat dropped it to 6-2-1 while Broad Street's victory brought it to 4-4-2. Broad Street is looking to hand Brooks its first back-to-back losses of the season. We'll find out if Brooks can avoid giving it that satisfaction.

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