Football Game Preview: Fitchburg vs. Maynard

Staff Report | Thursday, November 8, 2018 8:16pm

Preview: Fitchburg vs. Maynard

The regular season was a success, but the real challenge begins now, in the postseason. Maynard will challenge Fitchburg on the road at 7:00 PM on Friday. Maynard are expected to win -- but not by much -- so they will need to come into the match prepared for a fight.

After a sunny season, Maynard have been experiencing darker times in their latest games. They had victory within their grasp but couldn't quite capture it last week as the team lost 22-23 to Blackstone-Millville/Hopedale. Maynard's loss came about despite a quality game from senior Tommy Smith, who punched in 1 rushing TD and accumulated 85 passing yards.

Meanwhile, Fitchburg brought a two-game winning streak into their matchup against Algonquin Regional last Friday; they left with a three-game streak. Fitchburg came out on top against Algonquin Regional by a score of 27-17. This was a playoff matchup, so the win was all the more important for Fitchburg (and all the more bitter for Algonquin Regional).

Fitchburg's win lifted them to 5-4 while Maynard's defeat dropped them down to 8-2. We'll see if Fitchburg can repeat their recent success or if Maynard bounce back and reverse their fortune.

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