Ultimate core exercises to build strength during stay-at-home orders

Michelle Gaudy | MaxPreps.com Monday, April 13, 2020 1:30pm

Certified trainer works to keep us in shape with next video in a series designed for in-home fitness.

Video: Core workout
Follow the 12th exercise session in a series by Katerina Kountouris.

With stay-at-home orders extended Katerina Kountouris changes it up a little this week with a core-focused workout. If you are looking to strengthen up your core then take on this bodyweight only workout. Kountouris aims to continue helping athletes, parents and coaches stay fit in these tough times of social distancing due to coronavirus restrictions.

The 12th workout in the series with Kountouris features six different core exercises with specific reps to complete four times. If there are certain workouts that are more difficult, make sure to get your reps in and modify the exercise to your abilities.

Kountouris, a certified physical trainer, clinical nutritionist and professional host, has teamed with MaxPreps by offering upbeat, challenging, but easy-to-follow, series of workouts.

Workout No. 12
Core training
4 rounds
6 exercises

Exercises — complete 4 rounds
1. Bird dogs — 10 reps each side
2. Straight leg crunch pulse — 20 reps
3. Plank shifts — 15 reps
4. Side plank lift — 10 reps each side
5. Bear shoulder taps — 20 reps total
6. Boat sit ups + 5 sec hold at the top — 10 reps

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