Football Game Preview: Wilkinson County vs. Port Gibson

Staff Report | Thursday, October 18, 2018 12:56pm

Preview: Wilkinson County vs. Port Gibson

Wilkinson County will take on Port Gibson at home at 7:00 PM on Friday. Wilkinson County have seen their point totals decreasing over the past three games, a vulnerability Port Gibson are surely hoping to exploit.

Wilkinson County might be getting used to good results now that the team has four wins in a row. They got past Hazlehurst with less than a touchdown to spare, ending up at 26-20. The team accrued the bulk of their points in the first half (20) and coasted on those for the victory.

Meanwhile, it's always hard to lose, and it's even harder to lose by a single point. Just ask Port Gibson, the unfortunate recipient of a 6-7 loss at the hands of Franklin County last Friday. This makes it the second loss in a row for Port Gibson.

It was close but no cigar for Wilkinson County as they fell 16-18 to Port Gibson the last time the two teams met. Maybe Wilkinson County will have more luck at home instead of on the road? Check back on MaxPreps for all the details.

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