Top 25 winningest high school football coaches of all-time

Staff Report | Thursday, September 21, 2017 9:00pm

Over half of the most successful coaches in high school football history are still active.

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Active legends John Curtis, Mike Smith and Robert Hyland make the list.

In 2004, Steven A. Floyd set out to investigate where local high school football coaching legend Phil Danaher of Calallen (Corpus Christi, Texas) ranked on the national wins list.

Disappointed with the information available, Floyd's research took on a wider scope. It resulted in the most comprehensive database of 300-game winners in high school football available.

A bank officer and vice president of the Calallen Wildcat Touchdown Booster Club, Floyd hopes to feature his research online at some point. Until then, MaxPreps is proud to showcase his work.

Read on for Floyd's list of the Top 25 winningest high school football coaches of all-time. Career records and win totals were taken from the start of the 2017 season.
1. John McKissick
School: Summerville (S.C.)
Seasons: 63, 1952-2014
Record: 620-156-13
State championships: 10

2. John T. Curtis
School: John Curtis Christian (River Ridge, La.)
Seasons: 48, 1969-Present
Record: 558-62-6
State championships: 26

3. Larry Campbell
School: Lincoln County (Lincolnton, Ga.)
Seasons: 42, 1972-2013
Record: 477-85-3
State championships: 11

4. Mike Smith
School: Hampton (Va.)
Seasons: 46, 1971-Present
Record: 476-82-2
State championships: 12

5. Charles "Corky" Rogers
Schools: Lee (Jacksonville, Fla.), Bolles (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Seasons: 45, 1972-2016
Record: 471-84-1
State championships: 10

6. George Curry
Schools: Lake-Lehman (Lehman, Pa.), Berwick (Pa.), Wyoming Valley West (Plymouth, Pa.)
Seasons: 46, 1967-2008 / 2012-2015
Record: 454-108-4
State championships: 6

7. Robert Hyland
School: St. Mary's Springs (Fond du Lac, Wis.)
Seasons: 46, 1971-Present
Record: 437-105-2
State championships: 14

T8. Phil Danaher
Schools: Dilley (Texas), Hamshire-Fannett (Hamshire, Texas), Calallen (Corpus Christi, Texas)
Seasons: 43, 1974-Present
Record: 432-108-4
State championships: 0

T8. Dick Tighe
Schools: Cathedral Boys (Ontario, Canada), St. Edmond (Fort Dodge, Iowa), Kuemper (Carroll, Iowa), Webster City (Iowa), Iowa Falls (Iowa)
Seasons: 63, 1954-2016
Record: 432-168-8
State championships: 0

10. Al Fracassa
Schools: Shrine Catholic (Royal Oak, Mich.), Brother Rice (Bloomfield Hills, Mich.)
Seasons: 54, 1960-2013
Record: 430-117-7
State championships: 9

11. G.A. Moore
Schools: Pilot Point (Texas), Celina (Texas), Sherman (Texas), Aubrey (Texas)
Seasons: 44, 1963-1970 / 1972-2004 / 2009-2011
Record: 426-92-9
State championships: 8

12. John Herrington
School: Harrison (Farmington Hills, Mich.)
Seasons: 47, 1970-Present
Record: 422-104-1
State championships: 13

13. Jack Henzes
Schools: Wyoming Area (Exeter, Pa.), Dunmore (Pa.)
Seasons: 50, 1966-1969 / 1971-Present
Record: 421-159-8
State championships: 1

14. Phillip Haywood
School: Prestonsburg (Ky.), Belfry (Ky.)
Seasons: 42, 1975-Present
Record: 417-130-0
State championships: 6

15. Bill Castle
School: Lakeland (Fla.)
Seasons: 41, 1976-Present
Record: 408-89-0
State championships: 6

T16. Bob Milloy
Schools: Whitman (Bethesda, Md.), Springbrook (Silver Spring, Md.), Sherwood (Sandy Spring, Md.), Our Lady of Good Counsel (Olney, Md.)
Seasons: 47, 1970-2016
Record: 405-124-1
State championships: 12

T16. Pete Adkins
Schools: Centralia (Mo.), Jefferson City (Mo.)
Seasons: 44, 1951-1994
Record: 405-60-4
State championships: 9

18. Robert Paroli
Schools: Benson (N.C.), Jacksonville (N.C.), New York Military Academy (Cornwall-on-Hudson, N.Y.), Fike (Wilson, N.C.), Cummings (Burlington, N.C.), Douglas Byrd (Fayetteville, N.C.), Seventy-First (Fayetteville, N.C.)
Seasons: 55, 1958-2012
Record: 404-204-12
State championships: 1

19. Jerry Pezzetti
Schools: Murray (Iowa), Melcher-Dallas (Melcher, Iowa), Ankeny (Iowa), Ankeny Centennial (Ankeny, Iowa)
Seasons: 56, 1961-Present
Record: 403-159-1
State championships: 2

20. Larry "Bud" Wright
Schools: Mt. Ayr (Iowa), Sheridan (Ind.)
Seasons: 52, 1965-Present
Record: 401-189-2
State championships: 8

T21. C.J. Hamilton
School: Silver Lake (Kan.)
Seasons: 42, 1973-1976 / 1979-Present
Record: 400-89-0
State championships: 8

T21. Jack Holley
Schools: Tabor City (N.C.), Wallace-Rose Hill (Teachey, N.C.), South Columbus (Tabor City, N.C.), Harrells Christian Academy (Harrells, N.C.)
Seasons: 43, 1964-1991 / 1993-1996 / 1999-2006 / 2008-2010
Record: 400-106-9
State championships: 0

23. Bob Ladouceur
School: De La Salle (Concord, Calif.)
Seasons: 34, 1979-2012
Record: 399-25-3
State championships: 28

T24. Curt Bladt
School: Harlan (Iowa)
Seasons: 39, 1978-Present
Record: 397-58-0
State championships: 11

T24. Gary Rankin
School: Smith County (Carthage, Tenn.), Riverdale (Murfreesboro, Tenn.), Alcoa (Tenn.)
Seasons: 35, 1982-Present
Record: 397-73-0
State championships: 12