Football Game Recap: Maynard vs. Clinton

Staff Report | Sunday, October 28, 2018 7:53am

Recap: Maynard vs. Clinton

Maynard brought a seven-game winning streak into their game against Clinton on Friday; they left with a eight-game streak. Maynard were the clear victor by a 30-6 margin over Clinton. Followers of Maynard probably expected little less of the team in a season in which they have collected seven blowout victories.

Maynard have yet to lose this season, and the win brought them up to 8-0. Clinton's defeat pushes them down to 3-6.

After their action against one another, the teams are leaving the conference to test themselves against outside opponents. Maynard will take on TBA at home at 7:00 PM next week. Clinton will be staying on the road, facing off against Uxbridge.

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