Football Game Preview: Christian Brothers vs. De Smet Jesuit

Staff Report | Wednesday, November 6, 2019 12:00pm

Preview: Christian Brothers vs. De Smet Jesuit

Christian Brothers has been a homebody their last two games, but they are heading out on Friday. They will take on De Smet Jesuit at 6 p.m. ET. Since neither squad is a stranger to landslide victories this season, you'd better bet it will be hard-fought showdown.

Last week, the Cadets had a touchdown and change to spare in a 27-14 win over St. Louis University.

Meanwhile, if there were any doubts about the heavy odds in favor of De Smet Jesuit coming into their matchup against Pattonville last Friday, the squad laid those doubts to rest. De Smet Jesuit was fully in charge, breezing past Pattonville 49-7. The team ran away with 42 points in the first half and mostly just sat on those in the second to pick up the victory.

Christian Brothers suffered a grim 42-14 defeat to De Smet Jesuit the last time the two teams met in September. Whatever the outcome in this rematch, the game is bound to be a fierce one since these are two of the top teams in the state.

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